Zachary Quinn Jones (born February 12th, 1990) is an actor and a professional wrestler currently wrestling under the ring name of Zack Jones. Jones is currently working for HELL (where he is the current Velocity champion in his first reign), Hard Knox Wrestling (as part of Team DLC and the Defiance brand) and Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance (where he is the current World champion in his first reign), but has previously worked for Philadelphia Wrestling Entertainment, Platinum Dynasty Wrestling, and Insurgency Wrestling Federation.

Zachary Jones
Ring Name(s): Zack Jones
Height: 5'10
Weight: 194
Born: February 12th, 1990
Resides: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Billed From: 22px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg.png Philadelphia, PA
Federation(s): HELL, HKW, SSWA
Previous Federation(s): AIR, PWE, PDW, IWF
Alignment: Face
Theme Song: "Earthquake" by Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah
Finisher(s): Tilt-A-Whirl (Spinning sitout shoulder jawbreaker), Sober Up
Manager: N/A
Debut: April 30th, 2009
Trained By: Paul "Pain" Jones

Early Life

Zack was born on February 22nd, 1990 to a former US army soldier for a father and a chef for a mother. He was born as the second of two fraternal twins, his brother Blake being born first. Zack pretty much lived in a middle class family during his entire pre-adult life. He would play high school football all four years of his high school career as a running back, even getting a scholarship from Pitt University before the scholarship offer was pulled for unknown reasons.

Zack would ditch any plans of college after he graduated from high school and would instead go to his grandfather's wrestling school in early November after a few months off. He would graduate in mid-April and would make his debut soon after.

Pro Wrestling Career

United States Indy Wrestling Scene (2009-2011):

A lot of things are unknown about the three years Zack spent in the US indy scene. He would never really sign with a company and would spend most of his time just competing in lower card matches or wrestling in battle royals, where he would usually find himself as one of the first people eliminated. His only title shot during this period would come during one new company's show, but would lose the match after one of the other three men in the match would win. His last match not under a full time contract would be on December 15th, 2011.

Philadelphia Wrestling Entertainment (2012):

Zack's first full time contract would come on January 12th, 2012 when he and his fraternal twin brother, Blake Jones, would defeat another local team for the contracts. On January 19th, they would defeat the Commonwealth Dragons. On January 26th, they would defeat the Welsh Warriors. The Jones brothers would continue their win streak by defeating the PWE tag team champions in a standard tag team match on February 2nd. Two weeks later, the Jones brothers would defeat the Outlaws for the PWE Tag Team championships, making it Zack's first ever wrestling title. On February 23rd, Zack and Blake would retain against the former champions.

On March 1st, Zack and Blake would defeat the Poisonous Roses. On March 15th, the Jones Bros would defeat the Destroyers to retain their tag titles. On March 22nd, the Jones Bros would be stripped of their tag titles due to Zack's issue with management. On March 25th, Blake would be released from his contract, allowing Zack to make a go in singles competition.

On March 29th, Zack Jones would win a dark match against two locals. On April 5th, Zack Jones would win a handicap match against the Poisonous Roses. On April 12th, Jones would be given a shot at the Hardcore championship, only to be attacked by the Hardcore champion, Ryan Orten, beforehand. Zack Jones would defeat the Hardcore champion, despite management doing whatever it could to screw him out of the title, on April 19th. On April 26th, he would retain his title and would defeat the International champion for the title as well.

On May 10th, Jones would lose the Hardcore championship in a fatal four way match, the other three working for management. On May 24th, Jones would defeat Gwayne Blackwell. On May 31st, Jones would drop the International title after wrestling a falls count anywhere match against the Heavyweight champion, which he lost. Chris Hammer would come out and pin him after his falls count anywhere match, preying on a weak Jones. Zack would then be fired on that night.

Return to US Indy Scene (2012-2013):

Zack would return to the indy scene in July after taking a one month break. For the most part, Jones would only wrestle 1-2 times a month and would wrestle mostly singles matches and they'd usually be opening or lower card matches. He would receive only one title shot and would fail to win it in a fair fought match. Fortunately, Jones would win most of his matches during his tenure here and would even gain a pretty solid following, catching the attention of bigger companies.

Platinum Dynasty Wrestling (2013-2014):

Zack would sign a contract with PDW on February 9th, 2013 and would make his debut at Reckless Endangerment II, where he would defeat Lyle Risky and Nick Cruz by pinning Lyle Risky. He would continue winning by defeating D-Dawg at the following Disclosure. A week later, Jones would suffer his first loss when he would be defeated by former Cyber champion Diana Valentine. On March 18th, on Disclosure, Zack would defeat Brytain Montgomery in a parking lot brawl match after he didn't notice that Brytain was blinded by the lights of one of the cars, winning the Cyber title in the process. At Blind Fury, on March 31st, Jones would successfully defend the title against Nick Cruz.

On April 10th, on Ascension, Jones would drop the title to Arkia Fisk, thus ending his first PDW title reign. On the following Disclosure, Jones would defeat Silas Romero, then make the statement that he would be exercising his rematch clause. On the next Disclosure, Arkia Fisk would successfully defend against Zack Jones. At Aversion Therapy, Zack would appear in an eight man elimination tag match, teaming with captain and good friend Aaron Weston, Heather Halliwell, and Marcus Enderton to take on Arkia Fisk, Zero McHannon, Dom Harter, and captain Brandon Banks. Jones would be the second to last remaining member of his team alongside Weston as Heather Halliwell and Marcus Enderton would both get eliminated first and second. Jones would pin Zero McHannon, lowering the odds to 3-to-2 before getting eliminated by Dom Harter and eventually watching Weston getting eliminated and his team losing.

On the next Ascension, Jones would defeat Xavier Zurcher. Zurcher would try and attack Jones after the match, but former Platinum champion Inferno would come to Zack's aid. The two would team together on the following DIsclosure and would take on Cordy Stevenson and Cindy Parker, Sex Sells, the PDW Tag Team champions, and would defeat them. On Disclosure, Jones and Inferno (now known as Team DLC) would team with Zack's good friend and then number one contender to the Platinum title, to take on Sex Sells and then Platinum champion, Tj Jones. Zack would get pinned by Cindy in the match. On the next Disclosure, Team DLC would defeat the Jacksons in a standard tag team match. At Legendary, PDW's biggest PPV, Team DLC would win the tag team titles against Sex Sells in a TLC match.

Two weeks later, on Disclosure, Jones would try and stop Cindy Parker from leaving PDW, only to be attacked by Cindy and have his title stolen by here. A few days later, on Ascension, Zack would be defeated by former NBT champion, Yun Goeun. Two weeks after that, Jones would defeat Tank in a singles match, only to be laid out by Cindy afterwards as she kept both tag titles that she stole. On the following Disclosure, Cordy Stevenson would return the tag team belts to Zack and Inferno, making her relationship with Cindy a bit more stressed. On Ascension, Zack would be defeated by Romeo Price. At Urban Warfare, Sex Sells would regain the PDW Tag Team titles in a Platinum X match.

After a company break, Zack and Inferno would team up once more on Parental Advisory 3 to face off their friend, Aaron Weston, in a handicap match. Inferno would get pinned by Aaron Weston. Zack's losing streak would continue on the next Disclosure, where he would lose to then Platinum champion and current best friend, Sebastian Grey. He would finally snap his losing streak by defeating then NBT champion Heather Halliwell in a singles match two weeks later, at Ascension. Julian Dark, Ascension GM, and Angel Deveraux, VP of Talent Relations, both decided that Zack should get a title shot for the NBT championship for his victory. In the special episode, Discension, Zack and Inferno would defeat Shane Sanders (who was also a contender to the NBT title) and Charlie Luzon in a tag team match. After finding out that Heather would be stripped of her NBT title, the match for the PPV became Zack vs Shane. At the Ascension before the PPV, Reckless Endangerment 3, Zack would be defeated by Platinum title contender, V. At Reckless Endangerment 3, Zack would face Jakob Alexander for the NBT title after Shane pulled out and Jakob won a triple threat match. Jones would tie his hand behind his back for the first few minutes of the match before getting his arm untied and winning the match and the NBT title.

At the next Disclosure, Jones would challenge Shane Sanders to a match for the NBT title at the next PPV, Blind Fury. She would accept. A few days later, Jones was supposed to wrestle Kucci Mane Kuwop, only for Rikichet to come out and be his replacement in the match. Jones would defeat Rikichet. On the March 11th episode of Subversion, Zack Jones would defeat Neon. On the March 25th episode of Subversion, Jones and Sanders would defeat then Platinum title contender Kucci Mane Kuwop, Jones getting the pin for his team. On the April 8th edition of Subversion, Jones, alongside Noelle Smith and Prince Wadjethotep, would defeat the trio of Shane Sanders, Ethan Cage, and Masque, Jones pinning Masque for the win. At Blind Fury, Jones would successfully defend his title against Shane Sanders.

PDW would close down a few days later.

Insurgency Wrestling Federation (2014):

Zack, Erin, Amy Ngoudje, Yun Goeun, and Sebastian Grey would all sign contracts with IWF on May 21st, 2014. On Battlegrounds 100, June 4th, Zack and Erin would team together in a dark match against Amy and Yun. Erin would get the pinfall for her team when she would pin Amy, giving Zack his first win in IWF. In his first televised match, Zack faced former Undisputed championship number one contender, Blyss Lockhart, in a Beat The Clock Undisputed Championship Scramble qualifier. He would be unsuccessful in his attempt to qualify, but would give Blyss the worst time, the match ending in almost 23 minutes. Jones would then go on to lose to Harker two weeks later, the show before Heroes Also Die. At Heroes Also Die, Jones would go to a double countout draw with Molly Reid for the High Impact championship.

Two weeks later, Jones would defeat Erik Damasus in a singles match. Earlier that night, Jones was given a rematch against Molly Reid for the title at From The Ashes. At the following show, Zack would face his wife, Erin, in a match that ended in a no contest after Tyson Geroux would attack them both, Zack Lifer making the save. Two weeks later, Jones would lose to Dexter Jacobs in a singles match. Two weeks following that, in Zack's hometown, he was defeated in a six man tag match (teaming with West McFadden and Shiloh Chapman) after getting pinned by Dexter Jacobs (who teamed with Molly Reid and Masset). At From The Ashes, Jones lost to Molly Reid in a no disqualification, no countouts match.

Phoenix Wrestling (2014):

Jones signed up for Phoenix Wrestling's Iron King in early May and was paired up with former Iron King winner, Ja Gi Kyung-Moon, for the first round. He would end up losing the matchup against JGKM, but would be given an opportunity to get back in by competing in a second chance battle royal with seven others, including his fiance at the time, Erin Daniels. Jones would win the submission battle royal, eliminating a total of three people to get himself back into the Iron King tournament. In the quarterfinals, Jones would compete in a three round no holds barred gauntlet against Donovan Davenport and Chie Todonori, losing to Donovan Davenport when two judges would decide the match in his favor while one would decide the match in Zack's favor.

Guest Appearances in Other Companies (2014-Present):

Zack would defeat his brother Blake in his PWP debut on July 29th to become the PWP Heavyweight champion, winning his first major title. He would defend it on August 30th, defeating Shawn Roberts and Sylar Drake in a triple threat match. On September 11th, at #HKWvsTheWorld, Zack Jones would defeat Drew Thornton. In late September, Zack dropped the title to Sister Liliana.

Zack made his wrestling return on April 15th, 2015, having been cleared to go after his ACL injury, defeating Shane Hartford in Hard Knox Wrestling. On June 1st, Zack Jones defeated John Hanley in Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance.

HKW: AIR Lucha Libre (2015-2016):

Jones signed his first full contract on June 29th, 2015 with HKW: AIR. In his debut for the company, Jones fought CruZe to a draw on the show's first main event, earning himself a spot in the Lucky 7's match for the Champion of Champions championship. Two weeks later, Zack would accept a challenge from Shouta Kurosawa (who was also in the Lucky 7's match) and two weeks after that, he'd win via DQ. After getting a no DQ match against Kurosawa the following show, Jones defeated him via pinfall. At Campeones (Night 2) Jones would place in 3rd in the Lucky 7s match, getting pinned by El Cabron Malo.

Two weeks later, Zack would enter a tag team tournament to crown the first ever AIR Tag Team champions (Ultimo Parejas) with his wife, Erin. The two would defeat Adam Adonis and Kraven in their first match. They would defeat CruZe and Aurora Master in their second. And they would defeat the Super Mario Wrestling Bros in their 3rd, sweeping their block and advancing to the next round. They would defeat the SMWB after interference from Kraven and Adonis, locking in a spot in the finals. Zack and his wife, however, would fall in the finals to Huracan Rojo and El Vainillo.

After that, Jones won a triple threat match to find himself in another triple threat match with the winner becoming the #1 contender to AIR's top title. Jones would lose this match, getting pinned by Flame. After that, Jones set his sights on the Velocity championship, challenging Bloody Mary (Huracan Rojo also challenging her). Rojo and Jones wrestled to a draw the following show, Bloody Mary interfering and attacking them both. The show before San Antonio Salvajismo, Selena King would announce that both Jones and Rojo would get a shot at the title. Jones would defeat Mary and Rojo in a triple threat elimination match to win his first AIR title. On the season finale, he was granted the right to defend the title during their offseason.

Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance (2016-Present):

Zack competed in SSWA's Young Guns Cup during the month of January, the tournament taking place from the first Monday of January to January 31st. The YGC had 64 wrestlers that were 25 years old and under, Zack just making the cutoff and being the oldest wrestler in the tournament. In his first match, Zack defeated debuting rookie Bryce Nash, two falls to none. The following round, Jones defeated Donnie Cross, two falls to one. In the round of 16, Zack was able to defeat Luke Wisia two falls to one, but only got the second fall due to Wisia purposefully walking off, getting himself counted out. Jones then faced his cousin-in-law and former trainee, Ashley Sullivan, in the quarterfinals and was able to pick up the 2-1 victory, moving on to the semifinals. It was Sophie El that Zack Jones had to face in the semifinals and he was able to defeat her two falls to one as well. Finals came on January 31st, Zack's opponent being Jackie Fowler. The two fought for over an hour in a three out of five falls match, but Jones managed to win the match 3 falls to 2, becoming the first ever winner of the Young Guns Cup.

Jones called in for his shot on Episode #047, but was stopped by Izzy Anders, who wanted a shot at Danielle Vasquez's title as well. Vasquez then accepted the challenge of both competitors, making it a triple threat match. Throughout the weeks, Izzy would attack one of the other members of the match with the third coming in for the save. At Shootout #4, Izzy would get the upper hand and lay both Zack and Danielle out. At Supercard #13, Zack would pin Izzy to capture the SSWA Heavyweight championship.

Vasquez would bring up her rematch clause at Episode #050, making a title match between them official at Episode #051. That match would go to a draw, leading to a rematch for the Supercard, where Jones would win cleanly. He would then defend his title against Holly Chainsaw, then against Misha LeCavalier for the following two supercards.

Hard Knox Wrestling (2016-Present)

Zack would officially sign with HKW after he and Inferno would try to answer an open challenge from current champions Sine Mora, only to be attacked by RIP.


Year Show/Movie Role
2015 Bank Heist (Movie) Phantom/Trevor Hayes

Personal Life

Jones is a big fan of sports. He's a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia Flyers, and Chelsea.

Zack Jones began dating Erin Daniels on July 20th, 2013, a few days after the two would meet backstage and strike up a conversation after Legendary. The couple got engaged on Erin's 27th birthday, March 27th, 2014. They wed on July 20th, 2014. The couple has two dogs together, Artie and Pumpkin, and reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On October 21st, Erin broke the news that she was pregnant with twins. They had the twins (one boy and one girl) on June 4th, 2015.

Zack is the fraternal twin brother of wrestler Blake Jones and the older cousin of wrestler Jaxon Queen.

Jones tore his left ACL during a charity soccer game after his brother's slide tackle on him went wrong on October 21st. He was out of action until early April 2015.

In Wrestling


  • Tilt-A-Whirl (spinning sitout shoulder jawbreaker)
  • Sober Up (Ricochet's Benadryller)

Signature Moves:

  • Spinning Philadelphian (Tornillo)
  • Sharpshooter
  • Platinum Kick (Yakuza Kick)
  • Zacknado (Tornado Enzuigiri)
  • Superkick

Common Moves:

  • Hurricanrana (all variations)
  • Dropkick (regular or missile)
  • Pele kick
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Shoot kick
  • High knee
  • Suicide dive
  • Tope Con Giro
  • Tope Con Hilo
  • Spinning heel kick
  • Plancha
  • Spinning knee
  • Crossbody (regular or diving)
  • Frankensteiner
  • Leg lariat

Championships & Accomplishments

  • HKW: AIR Lucha Libre/HELL
    • Ultimo Parejas Tournament
      • 2015: Finalist w/Erin Jones (4-1)
    • Velocidad Champion (1x; current)- HELL
    • AIR Awards (1)
      • 2015/16: Tecnico of the Season
  • Philadelphia Wrestling Entertainment
    • Tag Team Champion (1x) [w/Blake Jones]
    • Hardcore Champion (1x)
    • International Champion (1x)
  • Phoenix Wrestling
    • Iron King Tournament
      • 2014: Quarterfinalist (1-2; L vs JGKM, W in battle royal, L vs D. Davenport)
  • Platinum Dynasty Wrestling
    • Cyber Champion (1x)
    • Tag Team Champion (1x) [w/Inferno]
    • Next Big Thing Champion (1x)
      • Title officially becomes defunct with PDW's closing (04/26/14)
  • Pro Wrestling Project
    • Heavyweight Champion (1x)
    • Best Matches of 2014
      • #4: Zack Jones vs Blake Jones- 2/3 Falls Match
  • Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance
    • 2016 Young Guns Cup Tournament Winner
    • World Champion (1x; current)
      • First ever
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