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[[Image:|px|Image of Y2J]]
Billing information
Ring name(s) Legenda Jednego Ladder Matchu
Height 183 cm
Hometown Flag of Poland.png Lublin, Poland
Theme music "I will battle for the sun" by Placebo
Federation(s) Extreme Wrestling Federation
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Previous federations
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style
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Professional career
Debut 2001,
Polish Championship Wrestling
Record 11-0-7
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Y2J is a professional wrestler, currently working for Extreme Wrestling Federation in Poland.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Love Letter (Codebreaker)
    • Contra Code (aka Sliced Bread #2, The Kendrick)
    • German Suplex with a Bridge
    • Back Suplex
    • Backbreaker
    • Spinning Heel Kick
    • Roundhouse Kick

Championships and accomplishments

Match History (11-0-7)

Result Opponent(s) Event Notes
zLoss 13 other opponents EWF Wrestlepalooza I Battle Royal for the EWF World Championship
zWin Kid Romeo EWF Wrestlepalooza I Single Match
zWin Kid Romeo EWF Wrestlepalooza II EWF TV Championship Tournament
zLoss Szakal EWF Kwietniowa Anarchia I EWF TV Championship Tournament
zWin Szakal EWF Wrestlepalooza III The Legendary Ladder Match for the EWF TV Championship
zLoss Szakal and Johny No Name EWF Wrestlepalooza IV EWF TV Championship Match
zWin Smoke and Tugboat EWF Wrestlepalooza XVI Dark Match
zLoss Smoke and El Matador EWF Wrestlepalooza XVII Dark Match
zLoss Marco EWF Wrestlepalooza XVIII Last Man Standing Match
zWin Randy Moon and @ EWF Wrestlepalooza XCVII Dark Match
zWin Izzy Nilsen EWF Kwietniowa Anarchia IV Single Match
zWin Jimmy Hendrixon EWF Wrestlepalooza XCVIII Single Match
zWin Vaclav & Izzy Nilsen EWF Wrestlepalooza XCVIII teaming with Nas Jazzowski in EWF Tag Team Championship Match
zLoss Scotty Whiped EWF Wrestlepalooza XCIX Burning Table Ladder Match for EWF Evolution Championship
zWin Izzy Nilsen EWF HD Aborcja EWF Evolution Championship
zWin Psycho & Mind Mower EWF HD Eutanazja teaming with Nas Jazzowski in EWF Tag Team Championship Match
zWin Izzy Nilsen and Mind Mower EWF HD Ekskomunika EWF Evolution Championship Match
zLoss SR-Crazy and Izzy Nilsen and Mind Mower EWF Wrestlepalooza 100 EWF FTW Championship & EWF Evolution Championship Match