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Xtreme Wrestling Federation
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Acronym XWF
Industry Professional eWrestling
Headquarters Flag of the United States.png Atlanta, Georgia
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Website XWF Forums
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Founder(s) MVP
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Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XWF) is an professionally operated e-federation that was founded in late 2009. XWF features a show called Collision, which features a number of active wrestlers. Pay-per-views are held several times a year. XWF is based on the WXWrestling forums, and is managed one member of the staff.


In the mere end of 2009, the WXWrestling forums created an e-federation known as the Xtreme Wrestling Federation.

The current creative staff consists of WXWrestling members MVP, and David Hart. Currently, episodes of Collision are produced, with pay-per-views being held several times a year. There are many different types off ppv's and titles to be won so you have a good chance to be a champ. they then shut the shit hole down in mid 2010 due to mvp losing his mind


Two people or more are put into the match and each will post one paragraph at a time and the person with the better posts in the match, wins. Cutting a promo before your match or after will also help the GM decide who wins, Not much but if it's a tie in the GM's opinion, Then the person who cuts a good promo wins.If the Gm is really happy with some of their matches he will put them into a title or a no1 contender.If the wrestler does not show on the fed for a while he could get fired sos he must show up.


Xtreme Wrestling Federation holds a number of pay-per-views a year.


Championship Current Champion(s) Event Note(s)
XWF World Heavyweight Championship VACANT Collision 5 Vacated due to release to Steve Storme
XWF Intercontinental Championship Hitman Alex Collision 6 Defeated Leon Lonewolf
XWF Tag Team Championship Leon Lonewolf & Rocky Ali Collision 6 Defeated TJ Tilli & Steve Storme
XWF Hardcore Championship Continually changing N/A Not recognized as an official champion
XWF European Championship Rocky Ali Collision 7 Introduced title, crowned self as Champion


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Wrestler Championships/
Awesome Cobain
Hitman Alex Intercontinental Champion
Leon Lonewolf Tag Team Champion
MC Steel
Rocky Ali Tag Team Champion, XWF European Championship|European Champion, Collision General Manager
Ted Anderson
Zack Blaze
Brittney Knox
Mel Ouellet
Talia Madison
Torrie Wilson

Tag Teams

Tag Team Name Members
The Honorable Ones Leon Lonewolf & Rock Ali
Ultraviolent Connection MC Steel & TJ Tilli

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