Xexx Demone
[[Image:Xexx-Plate|250pxpx|Image of Xexx Demone]]
Real name Xexx Demone
Ring Names "The Demon" "The Demon Lord" "The Deathcore Sensation"
Height 6'0
Weight 230
Date of birth 28 Dec 1987
Place of birth Pineville, Louisiana
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides New Orleans, Louisiana
Billed from New Orleans, Louisiana
Trainer Visual training
Lotus Rave Wresting[President]
World Entertainment Wrestling, World Maniac Wrestling, War of Wrestling[Owner], OVW-RPG, Dark Wrestling Entertainment, Wrestler Unstoppable.
Handled by Rammknat aka Kerry Abercrombie
Win/Loss Record N/A
Debut September 2004
Retired N/A


Before Wrestling Xexx Spent a lot of time in a local gym, testing what he watched wrestlers on TV do, always analyzing the moves for safety before he would perform them, with him was always his friends. At Age 14, Xexx Orchestrated the takeover of his father's Company by proving the man incapable of even thinking for himself, Soon Demone, INC. profits began rising at a steady rate, Xexx Became a professional wrestler at age 16. And has assisted his friends in their own business ventures.

World Maniac Wrestling

Xexx Demone Got his start in one of the biggest Wrestling Promotions on Yahoo!. World Entertainment Wrestling was controlling the wrestling world, but was soon over taken by a formerly closed powerhouse known as World Maniac Wrestling, which was going into year eight very strongly. Xexx quickly Earned his way through the ranks of Mike 'Cage' Maxwell's Promotion, holding the WMW World title multiple times in his first year with the company, as well the last defense of the WEW World title in an off camera Match.

Xexx will always call WMW Home Becuase his greatest matches are there, his first Hell In a Cell match against a man named Tallas which saw him feeding his face with cement after he spear tallas from the Cell Roof into the third row of the audience. And Three Classic Matches with Dark Angel (Cage's Brother) 2 for the semi-retired WMW Gothic Title, and 1 simply to show he could beat Angel, all three attempts failures but showed an excelent attempt and each proved his own improvements in the ring.

English Extreme Wrestling

A Short stint in a fed run by the former owner of WEW, Xexx earned a Gothic title shot in his first week, went to the Pay-Per-View the following week and narrowly pulled out a victory over the 7ft 300lbs Power Man to win the Gothic Title from an indomitable Champion. The following week Both men were impressed with the other to the extent that they each proposed a tag team to the other, only for PowerMan to be released the week of their debut team match. EEW fell a few weeks later.

War of Wrestling

War of Wrestling was Opened by a freind and collegue known to the world as Baby Boy. Xexx's first introduction was Baby Boy wanting to sell it. Xexx was quick to buy it, Baby boy Faded for a few months as the world was introduced to WoW's new Owner. Mr. Demone began running High profile shows with surprise Concerts and Fan interaction that had never been seen before. Rumors of the former Owners return put the staff in a frenzy and cuased a few mistakes in the Pay-Roll. Superstars weren't getting paid and were walking out. and War of Wrestling Fell.

Dark Wrestling Entertainment

DWE is a fed Designed by K-Ba, Xexx's Cousin. K-Ba came to Xexx for the Start up Money for the Project. DWE Never formed it's own roster, but held events as an interpromotional Meeting ground for federations including World Maniac Wrestling, War of Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Non-Stop Action.

Ohio Valley Wrestling

In Febuary 2006, Xexx Demone Debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling, a Big Time Promotion owned and Controled by Matt Cappotelli. IN his first match, Xexx landed a nunber one contender for WildLife's National Xtreme Championship at the next Pay-Per View, World's Collide 2. Three Week's away, and the NAtional Xtreme Champion made sure to turn up the heat, sending a series of his freinds to assualt the number one contender, Xexx stood tall, but not without his wounds, going into the Title match, Xexx was undefeated in OVW, but drained enough that he failed. World's Collide 2 was merely a stepping stone for the man, who two months later found himself in the first of three OVW title MAtches. Xexx failed Time and Time again, but never back down for the challenge.

Xexx Parted ways with OVW for a few months to heal from his injuries of his career, his final match being at Saturday Night Showdown against OVW Champion Josh Parker for the title.

Ohio Valley Wrestling 2

After a few months gone healing, Xexx returned under a veil of silence, a strange man behind a hood and mask allowed to watch and wander the backstage area of OVW's Wildlife brand from time to time leading in from Redemption to World's Collide 3. He was Supposed to challenge the Undefeated World Champion, Meggan Slays at the Super Bowl of Wrestling, after spending time messing with her matches, sometimes in her favor sometimes not, but a contractual blow up from the Wildlife General Manager Brian White left a lot of work to be done ot hold Ohio Vally Wrestling together, as in his leaving, he convinced several members of both rosters, including Meggan herself to walk away from OVW, following him. His purpose no longer necessary, he walked around aimlessly in the back stage until approached by a colleague, Johnny Nitro, who was primed to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match on that fateful night. Johnny has recently suffered injury and would not be allowed to compete, but was allowed choose his replacement. Xexx began working on a whole new style in the two weeks leading into Worlds Collide, Sending the crowd and the opponents into a state 'awe' when new music played, leaving them to wonder who Johnny had chosen...'Bitch Slap Master' (OVW Remix) filled the arena and the spotlight fell on the kneeling man in the hoodie. The hoodie fell away to the stringy red, black and white hair in his face, but none in the building wanted to believe the Demon would return, the hair flew back and he barreled down the ramp sliding into the ring, those familiar 'wings' outstretched and that dark face paint with piercing black eyes looking around the ring and the arena, no one could deny him. He lost that night, but left a lasting impression that sent him after the Vacated National Xtreme Championship against a Big Red Monster, Kane. Leading up to the event, Kane and Xexx had a number of run ins, Kane and his brother's, Glen and Morbid trying to play mind games, involving an innocent girl Xexx happened to be speaking with during a house show, his reason for speaking to her...she was dating his Cousin K-Ba. A number of Backstage battles that night, fueled a passionate and well fought No Holds barred match the saw the Demon Standing tall against a man that read his eulogy in the ring a few nights earlier. Xexx reigned as the National Xtreme Champion until things found OVW required to close it's doors for a number of months.

WWE: The Hardcore Sensation

Xexx Demone Entered WWE:THS about the same time he returned to OVW. Successful in unveiling the full extent of his Superheel change, Xexx managed to push Trixter well, and cuase a lot of strife before business became more important than pleasure.

Ultimate Chaos Wrestling

Steve Borden Opened UCW with several allies of Xexx Demone, in the spirit of Competition, when Mike 'Cage' Maxwell was Made Executive Head of Crisis, he orchstrated some WMW and ECW matches at the pay per veiw, Starting Point. Xexx made his appearence representing World Maniac Wrestling, though the match didn't go as planned, as his two opponents, and his parnter were just the first to fall victim to the short handled sledge hammer and the lead pipe kept in his trench coat sleeves.

Later in the same night, While His Half Brother, Sarver Arin Anthony DeMore(De-mor-rei), was bad mouthing WMW, Several WMW stars on the UCW roster and others in the building made their oppinions of Sarver 'painfully' clear, Xexx was the last one to show his face, Announcing that if Sarver wanted to talk big and continue to claim himself as the War of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, that he was going to have to defend it like a real Champion, then stated that Steve and Cage had full control over the selection of the opponents to meet Sarver the selected match.

Ohio Valley Wrestling Reborn

After a 4 month Hiatus, OVW returned to Television, With Jack Kidd as the Wildlife General Manager, with a ground Breaking announcement, and 8 person tournament to determine the new OVW World Champion. several no shows in the tournament left Xexx Demone and Triple X, who were both gunning for the last spot in the tournament, Competing for the title when Owner Matt Cappotelli fired GM Kidd, and canceled the tournament. Week two of OVW's return saw Xexx Demone, the Returning OVW World Champion. The Following Week, Triple X and Naples Knight faught to determine the no. 1 contender, while Xexx took a lot of frustration out on Stone Cold Steve Austin, A man whom he has openly shown complete and utter disdain for, on the grounds that he used to beat his ex-Wife, Debra. A Claim Austin admitted to and said he didn't give a damn. Naples Knight Meets the OVW Champion at Main Dent.

Xexx Lost at Main Dent, and was scheduled to face off in his rematch at world War Three, but had to take a Leave of Absence for the sake of his company, Demone Inc.

In the midst of his time Gone, Jack Parker joined OVW, a name claiming to be the 'Demon'. The Demon Lord Didn't take Kindly to this, and has since sent his cousin's K-Ba, CrushZ, and Prince Venus, otherwise known as Echoside to torment him until Xexx is Able to return

Jack Parker seemed to fade away after Redemption, And Xexx's focus turned to preperaing for both his return and the return of his National Xtreme Championship at Worlds Collide 4. But for one night on the first on March none of that mattered as his Cousin Iron Beast and Beast freind Damien Maxwell inducted him into OVW's Hall of Fame.

Xexx made his way into World's Collide with a not focus, Return the NAtional Xtreme Championship to active duty as himself(champion as OVW closed it's doors) stepped into a suspended cage with 3 men of his own choosing that showed themselves to have great promise, of theses included 'Lionheart'(Winner by strange circumstances), Mr. Mingers (U.S. Champion upon closeing, also putting title on the line, for winner to choose active mid-card title), and Johnny Nitro, a man that went 6 months undefeated reign of the NatX until he was injured and forced to relinqish it. Xexx was supposed to face Lionheart for the title at the following payperveiw, but interest in OVW just seem to fade away as many of the starts seems to run to other fed's paying bigger bucks, or just lost passion...that match never happened.


Xexx Signed a contract with Moba Wrestling Coalition in it's Infancy, Run by 'NightStalker', Xexx was soon offered a position as Vice President after VP Doomsledge screwed the Company to take a position of power in Moba Wrestling Entertainment. NightStalker seem to vanish but left Xexx with no way to make the Roster grow. Being the Shrewed Business man that Xexx is, with in the week MWC was traded publically on the Mobaland Stock Exchange, Then bought the Company out from under NightStalker. MWC saw daily growth for about 2 weeks then a platue as Xexx's Vice President of Media relations was sharing internal secrets with Moba Wrestling Entertainment, and a publicity war was put on my MWE, MWC paid no mind to that, but couldn't turn a blind eye to MWE management blatently screwing mutual roster members for their involvement with MWC, Vice President of Creativity and Executive Head of Trauma, Rhee King was murdered on MWE Television, without assistance from her Husband and MWE World Champion 'Sofa King' Xexx Proceeded to try to make MWC work despite the Mogul had talent afraid to compete on MWC. Xexx Finally Sold MWC to Kayla Knight, The Vice President that took Rhee's Position. The name was changed to MCW and an all out war was waged on MWE. After months of epic matches, the MCW folded and conceded defeat. Xexx had one inglorious match in the MWE, with the "The Submission Monster" Black. It was a one sided match, as Black stole the show, and left Xexx humiliated. Xexx tried a suicide angle (Kayfabe), but the fans were apaulled and bombarded William "The Prince of Pain" (MWE CEO) with angry letters and e-mails. The bad publicity could reasonably be argued as one of the final blows that put the MWE dynasty out of business. However, til this day, the MWE is remembered as the big leagues of E-Wrestling, for reaching a wider audience, and hitting higher pinnicals than any other federation.

Wrestler: Unstoppable

Entering into Unstoppable

A new land where The Demon's name had never been uttered, the bottom of the barrel. A place Xexx had lond since forgotten about, but was in no hurry to leave. This was a new land, with new faces to make bow, best to feel them out.

Widows Web

Stables in Unstoppable have their own Company, and Xexx Quickly fell in with 'Widows Web' Run by Shelly Shell. This was a strong Stable getting better every day. After some time there, Xexx took a Leave of Absence to train and focus on solo carreer once more.

Wet Pus sy Wrestling / World Power Wrestling

Xexx Joined the WPW, and found himseld low ranking in all qualifying division, but has spent several weeks working his way up. WPW's Saturday Night Madness 18 September 2010, Xexx's number was drawn to face the WPW World Heavyweight Champion, Sifu, Xexx Lost but gained much noteriety from his performance in the match.

Hell's Hatchet House Wrestling

Xexx Joined 3HW becuase it is a Juggalo Run Promotion. He hasn't done a lot in 3HW, but they aren't running regular shows either. Xexx is waiting it out to see how things go before making a final decision

Dark Wrestling Alliance

DWA is a Corperation that Xexx bought. A slow start, but that's to be expect with any company.

Unstopable: Personal Life.

Xexx has made several business associates he keeps up with their personal lives as well, Top of that list is Mike Steel Jr. and his un requited love for the loveley and amazingly talented, MiniFee.

26 September 2010: Xexx was matched up to compete against the lovelet and talented 'Kinky Minx'

28 September 2010: Xexx began dating Kinky Minx after making it Known that ReBeka has been in prison due to alcohol related vehicular mansluaghter since Late April 2010.

Through out October things were rocky, The relationship with Kinky Minx ending when she became engaged with a man that left his wife to propose to Minx.


In Wrestling

Kerry Abercrombie (K-Ba) - Cousin
Venos Tricon(Prince Venus) - Cousin
Bryan Gripzz(CrushZ) - Cousin
Erick Grippz(Iron Beast) - Cousin
ReBeka Tricon - Cousin/ Ex-Girlfreind (Was orphaned when Johnny and Pamela Rella died in a Train Accident and adopted by Venos' Mother and Father AFTER the two of them began dating...They Broke up April 2010, after ReBeka went to prison for an Negligent Homicide caused by Driving While Intoxicated)&nbsp
Sarver Arin Anthony DeMore - Half Brother

Out of Wrestling

Zequis Demone(Deceased) - Father
Zelda Demone - Mother

Roberta and Kenneth Abercrombie (K-Ba's Parents)
Amy and Nigel Tricon (Prince Venus's Parents)
Erica Tricon(Venos Older Sister)
Jessie and Jamie Grippz (CrushZ's Parents)
Larry(Deceased) and Norma Grippz(Deceased) (Iron Beast's Parents)

Entrance Music

Papa Roach: Last Resort[Original]

Papa Roach: Blood Brothers (W/ Chaotic Crows)

Papa Roach: Dead Cell [Established Competitor]

Papa Roach: Getting Away With Murder [Exit Theme Music]

ICP: 'Mad House' (With Demonic Possessions)

ICP: Bitch Slap Master [The Juggalo returns to Ohio Valy Wrestling]

A7x: The Beast and The Harlot[The Super Heel 'Demon Lord']


Face (2004-2007) SuperHeel(2007-Present)


Sting (Face/Champion) Freddy Krueger (Super Heel)


The Voice[of Abyss] as Oblivion Anarchist and Demonic Possessions

Rasputin [Late in OVW Reborn]

K-Ba [Unstoppable]

Move Set


Fallen Headstone(Elevated missle tombstone)
Throne of hell(facing legs of a face-up downed opponent, pull legs back and lock behind back, grab hands hold in tight, stand and do as please)
Xexxecution(Running bulldog up the ropes, Backflip into a guillotine LEgdrop across the ropes)


Astral Sualt(Lionsualt from top rope to standing opponent)
Demon's grip(Tongan Death Grip)
Electric Chair/Ball buster Combo(Lift the person up into and electric chair then drop to your knees crushing their nuts between there body and your neck)
Snake eyes/Spear Combo(Similar to Undertaker's Snake eye/Big Boot Combo)
Demon Dive (Close range shooting star headbutt-Lay opponent down near the corner go up top, shooting star flip, fall straight down driving head into opponent)

Typical Moves

Running power slam
Thesz Press
Standing Moonsualt Kick(Pele Kick)
Inverted Atomic Drop
Scooping Military Press
Straight Jacket Overhead release Suplex
Bite of the Dragon[when ref is down or NO DQ]
Collar and Elbow into a Side headlock and knee to the face
Brimstone Ash(Diamond Dust)
Inverted Impaler DDT

Fed information

Fave Match types: Suspended Cage
Most Hated types: gimmick shit
Weapons: Oak or Cedar Axehandle

Championships and accomplishments



WEW World Champion(1x)

WMW World Champion(5x)


EEW Gothic Champion


OVW Hardcore Champion (1x)
OVW National Xtreme Champion (1x)
OVW Hall of Fame 2008

Game Consoles


Game Titles

WWE World Champion
ECW World Champion

Custom Titles

Gothic Title [3x]


Game Titles

WWE Intercontinental Champion(reigning)

Custom Titles

Lotus Title