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Xavier “X” Williams
[[Image:|px|Image of Xavier “X” Williams]]
Real name
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Height 6'5"
Weight 255 lbs.
Date of birth February 20, 1980
Place of birth Atlanta, GA
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Atlanta, GA
Billed from Atlanta, GA
Trainer Akira "The Dragon" Mishima
OUW (One Up Wrestling), nCw
WFC (World Federation of Champions)
Handled by
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Debut April 5, 2000
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Xavier “X” Wiliiams is a wrestler currently under the OUW.

Personal Info

  • Age: 26
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair: Black, braided in cornrows, which goes down to his shoulder.
  • Blood Type: AB(-)
  • Skin Type: Brown (African American)

X's life is just as hetic outside of OUW than it is. He is a trainer at Akira's Underground Gym in Atlanta, he teaches technical skills. And as off 2006, he became a part-owner, along with his cousin Bishop, of the Gym. He also owns a tatoo parlor in Kennesaw, named "E.L.X". The letters represents members of X's family. Eric, Lisa, and of course X. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Lisa. And he has one son, Eric who is 7 years old. X has a black belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, a blue belt in Judo, and he is training in the art of Muay Thai boxing. Also, unknown to some, he follows the Straight Edge lifestyle, therefore no drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. He made this desision when he was young, when a friend of his was killed by a drunk driver.

Non Wrestling History

Xavier was born in Atlanta, GA on February 20, 1980. he is 26 years of age. Born in Atlanta Xavier had gone through many tough times, his Father walked out on him and his mother had gone through tough times. They grew up mostly poor, relying on Government checks and lucky breaks to get by. When Xavier was 10 e really started to show a passion for sports, he joined the Football Team were he played Wide Receiver due to his speed. He set many records for the young team. After the season ended he tried at Basketball playing a Small Forward, dominated at it. People soon realized his knack for sports and using his strengths to his advantage, when he was 15 he moved out of town to Savanna, GA. He went to Savanna High where he lettered 2 years straight in football, playing Wide Out. This is around the time he met his high school sweetheart, Lisa. Due to his ability he scholarship and he went to the University of Georgia. As he started his school year he stated to show a passion for Wrestling, from Backyard, to pro, to Olympic, it didn’t matter he loved it. He wrestled for his College and won the State Champion Ship and made it to the Semi's for the Nationals. But he shined in football, as his time in football started to die down, he really pursued wrestling, even turning down going to the Pros.

Major Wrestling History

WFC (World Federation of Champions)

This is where is debuted at the age of 18; he wrestled under the ring name, Shadow. He wrestled here for 3 years until its untimely demise in 2003. He captured 3 titles in the WFC, winning the WFC Intercontinental Championship, the Tag Team Titles with tag partner, Bishop, and finally was able to capture the WFC World Championship from long time rival, Ryan Cannon. He also was the lead of a stable called, The Syndicate. The members were: Nightmare, Akira, The Arabian Knight, “The Poster Child” Ryan Payne, and his valet, “The Harlot” Amanda. The Syndicate dominated the WFC but eventually broke down because of deception, which lead to Akira vs. Shadow Ladder match for the WFC World Championship, after receiving a brutal Dragon’s Rage (Unprettier) off the ladder he failed to recapture the title. After the Syndicate he feuded with then GM of the WFC, Jigen. Their feud culminated in a Texas Deathmatch, which he won. During the Final show for the WFC titled, WFC: Unleashed he had a final match with Ryan Cannon long time rival in a Last Man Standing which ended in a draw. After the ref made the double 10 Count, soon after the rose to their feet, weary of the battle they looked at each other and they shook hand and embraced before a clapping audience.

OUW (One Up Wrestling)

Soon after the finale he was did a few indy appearances before then OUW GM, Snake offered a contract, soon, he was writing his name on a brand new OUW Contract. And when he arrived OUW knew Shadow has come. He has taken part in memorable matches, Parking lot Brawls, 3-Stages of Hell, Hardcore Submission, and memorable matches w/ Dylan "Gamr" Scott and Michael "Plat" King. now has risen up the ranks of OUW to become the OUW Heavyweight Champion. During this title reign he ran into Gamr, and as in a very personal battle, due to Gamr involving Shadow's family which culminated in OUW's first ever Monster's Clockwork. He lost this bloody battle, but has earned respect from many. After returning from his injury, he returned with major impact. after Gamr's match vs. ATHF, Shadow emerged from no where and while he had Gamr corner, and Shadow in possession with the sledgehammer...he attack fellow superstar DG! And now at the January 29th PPV Ascension for the OUW Intercontinental Championship X def. DG after DG had a brutal tag match w/ Gamr/Plat. But he lost the title to uWa's beast Psyclone (Eleventh Hour) and failed to recapture the title at Paramount. During a build-up for a fatal four way, he went under a streak of no-show, due to personal issues. But after resolving them he returned to enter the 2nd EVER Elimination Chamber match. He was the first entrant in and made it to the final two w/ Crow. But lost after Crow nailed a cross body to X causing him to land on the steel grating. Soon after he feuded with Micheal “Bigg Daddy” Sweet in one match never happened, due to a pre-attack and a 2nd which BDS was able to gain victory and retain the United States championship. But due to some doing the OUW had to close the doors and out of a show of respect, BDS and X ended as Co-US Champions.

OUW (Second Run)


X’s first match in the new OUW as vs a long time rival, BDS in which again they left as Co-US Champions. And now at Culmination X and BDS will face off in a Six Sides of Steel cage match to find the Undisputed US Champion. Because of personal problems, BDS was forced to retire but as one last wish the Six Sides was waived and X and BDS participated in a normal match. X was victorious and was crowned the Undisputed US Champion. X would later lose the title to Jace in a match on an ep of Sunday Night Storm. X, after this would take time away to go back and train with his former mentor, Akira Mishima. He had done this becuase he felt the fire die inside of him and felt the need to refocus himself. On the season premire of Monday Night Storm X made a surprise return in front of his Hometown crowd in Atlanta, in a handicap match with RLD vs Coz. During the match X laid out his own partner viz an XKO, and got the pin on Coz by nailing the XKO II. X faced Coz again in a match, in which he was a mystery opp. and now he is salted to join Team Gamr for the Turmoil tag match for the OUW PPV: Turmoil, at the PPV, X lasted to the final two for Team Gamr, X after Pinning Stephen Steele he was dominated and quickly eliminated by Coz. After pinning Steele, X felt that he had rightful claim to the number one contender spot, so on the Storm before Retribution, X and Steele faced each other, after X pinned Steele after an XKO, X was crowned the number one contender. At Retribution X faced off against Sonic, after a long hard faught match, Sonic caught X with a quick roll-up and pinned X and retaining his championship.


After winning the number 17 spot in the Mountain, X was riding high. But after making it to the final two he was eliminated by Scorpion This pissed X off, he asked Scorpion for a shot at his number one spot, but Scorpion kept declining him. So during a face off, X went to the back and pulled out Scorpion's wife, Rachel Watts and threatened to do the XKO to her on the stage, Scorpion broke down and gave X his match. Eventhough X got what he wanted, he still locked Rachel in a standing guillitine choke. Now scheduled for Eleventh Hour, it will be X vs Scorpion in a "Tokyo Street Fight". X and Scorpion met in the street of Tokyo in which the faught in the Tokyo Arena, then the streets and even faught in the temple, but X after a sly roll-up on Scorpion won the match and won the rights to the Main Event at Paramount. The Storm after 11th Hour, X came out after Ethan Starr defeated Sonic and X was ready to make the match X vs Sonic for the OUW Title at Paramount. But Scorpion came out and rained on X's parade. Due to X's prior actions toward Scropion's wife, Rachel, Scorpion was automatically added to the match X choose no matter what, so at Paramount it was X vs Sonic vs Scorpion. At Paramount, Scropion won the title, after nailing the Flipside to X to the outside and hitting Sonic with the Flipside for the pinfall. After Paramount X recently said he would be starting fresh, since in his mind, he felt the fire was gone. After beat DG via an XKO III, X went to Regression to face Michael Xavier in a ladder match for the number one contender's spot for the Intercontinental Championship. After a lot of brawling, Micheal Xavier recovered from a XKO off the ladder and took X out with a Angel Wings and claimed his prize at the top fo the ladder. During an ep. of Storm, Ben Stevens was seen in an interview calling out X. Ben had challenge X to a United States title match at Massacre. And X accepted. And later Rachel Watts changed the match to a Tables match. After a hard fought battle X was able to hit the XKO to Ben sending him crashing through the table.

2007 (One Man Crusade begins)

After defeating Ben, X states that he was tired of the United States Championship not getting the respect it deserves, since it carries the most history. This angered him as it was seen as a title to be passed around and the legacy was tainted. He decided the he would single handedly turn the title into something great, restoring it to its orginal glory, and the One man Crusade began. X was told he would be facing Devon Poole at the next PPV. But on a ep. of Storm he was in another match with Ben, and if Ben was to win he would be added to the match, he didnt and it remained one on one. After a hard fought battle, X emerged the winner. After his match he was told the he would be facing OUW rookie, Robert "Blackjack" Garcia for the United States Title. The match ended in a double count out and a rematch was made for Syndication. After defeating Blackjack and RLD on episodes of Monday Night Storm, X won at Syndication by rolling up Blackjack after a failed Northern Lights attempt. OUW's New General Manager, Alexander Kraven , announced at Aftermath, it will be a triple threat, Jaime Styles, Robert L. Davis, and X for the OUW United States Championship. RLD pinned Sytles, and since it was a triple threat, he was crowned new champ. After defeating RLD in a match on Storm, he confronted Kraven about the recently vacated Intercontinental Title. X is slated to face, Michael "Plat" King, Terry "Sonic" Pierce, and long time rival Chris “Coz” Zernskie in OUW newest match, Mayhem Chamber. He was elminated by King, after taking a Proven Fact off the platform through a table. At Malevolence, he was unsucessful at retaining the IC Title, in a TLC match. And after destroying Death on an ep. of Storm, X's team wont he Turmoil Tag, but he was defeated by Ben Stevens costing him the number one contendership for the OUW Championship.


  • Fall of Man/Mason Dixon Driver (Barry White Driver or Gory Bomb into Piledriver)
  • Greetings From Valhalla: 2nd Edition (Rear Naked Choke)
  • BLKOUT (Modified Muta Lock) (nCw Only)
  • Georgia Scorcher (Go Home Driver)

Signature Moves

  • S.O.L Combo (Brings opp. to knees and hits a stiff chop, followed by a stiff kick, followed by rapid sucession chops)
  • Straight Edge Party (Super Dragon's Violence Party; Chop / forearm strike combination in the corner, continued with headbutts, football kicks, knee strikes, Kawada kicks, and ending with a Lariat)
  • Ode to Dragon (Curb Stomp)
  • Moonsault
  • Busaiku Knee Kick
  • Stiff Kicks, Chops, Punches
  • Uranage Backbreaker
  • Tribute to Eddie (Three Amigos)
  • Various Springboard Moves (DDTs, Lariats, Dropkicks, etc.)
  • Snap Suplex
  • Knee lift into neckbreaker
  • Indian Deathlock
  • Running Liger Bomb (rare, if opp. is in the right posistion)
  • Triple Jump Moonsault (FTR Matches only)

Career Highlights

  • Wrestling Federation of Champions World Champion (1)
  • Wrestling Federation of Champions Intercontinental Champion (3)
  • Wrestling Federation of Champions Tag Team Champion (1)
  • OUW United States Champion (5)
  • OUW Intercontinental Champion (1)
  • OUW Heavyweight Champion (1)
  • Participated in OUW's First
    • Monster's Clockwork
    • Mayhem Chamber
    • Intergender Table Match
    • Buried Alive Match
    • Three Stages of Hell
    • Hardcore Submission Match
  • OUW's Longest Reigning United States Champion (91 Days)
  • OUW First Triple Crown Champion (OUW Hheavyweight, United States, and Intercontinental Champion)
    • The Tag Titles were not created at the time, this was achieved
  • nCw X-Division Champion Current

Championship Succession

OUW Heavyweight Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
OUW United States Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
OUW United States Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
OUW Intercontinental Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

Pay-Per-View Record

Pay Per View Records

Year Opponent Result Match Type
Current Pay Per Views
2007 Scorpion Loss Mountain Match (Rumble)
2006 Devon Poole Win OUW Intercontinental Championship Match
Eleventh Hour
2006 Psyclone Loss Regular match (IC Title)
2007 Samuel Hessingstock Win Tokyo Street Fight (#1 Contendership)
2007 Samuel Hessingstock,Sonic Loss Triple Threat for OUW Championship
2006 Psyclone Loss Submission Match for the US Title
2005 Coz (Final Elimination) Win Rookie Battle Royal
2007 Micheal Xavier Loss Ladder Match for #1 Contendership for IC Title
2006 Devon Poole, Coz, Scopion Loss Battle Royal
2005 Chris Zernskie Loss Hardcore Submission Match for US Title
2007 Ben Stevens Win Table Match for US Title
2005 Tank Win Regular Match
2007 Devon Poole Win US Title Match
2006 Ben Stevens, Chris Zernskie, Scorpion, Calypso, Sonic Loss Elimination Chamber Match for the IC Title
2005 Chris Zernskie Win Hardcore Submission for the US Title
2007 Blackjack Win US Title Match
2005 Chris Zernskie Win 3 Stages of Hell Match for the US Title
2007 Robert L. Davis, Jaime Stevens Loss Triple Threat for the US Title
2006 Micheal Sweet Loss US Title match
2005 Longshot Loss US Title Match
2007 Chris Zernskie, Terry Pierce, Michael King Loss Intercontinental Title Mayhem Chamber Match
2006 Micheal Sweet Win Undisputed US Title Match
2005 Wolf, Devon Poole Win Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Match
2005 Michael King Win Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match
2007 Michael King, Chris Stern Loss Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the IC TItle
2006 Stephen Steele, Michael King, Chris Zernskie, Sonic Loss Turmoil Tag Team Elimination Match
2005 Sonic Win Buried Alive Match for the Heavyweight Championship
2006 Sonic Loss OUW Championship Match
2005 Dylan Scott Loss Monster's Clockwork Match for the Heavyweight Title
Former Pay Per Views
2005 Chris Zernskie Win US Title Match
2005 Dylan Scott Win Heavyweight Title Match
One Time Micheal Sweet Draw US Title Match
15 Wins 15 Losses


Entrance music

All theese are past entrance music used by X:

  • OUW Entrance Theme: LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out"
  • nCw Entrance ThemeL Eminem's "The Way I Am"

Ring Attire

All these is the ring attire worn by OUW star X

  • In Ring (for Storm)Black shorts, with a white stripe going down the sides with black "X"s going down the sides. His fists are wrapped in white tape, with black "X"s painted on the backs of the fists. Also he has his right knee tapped up and wears a black knee pad over his right leg (for his past leg injury, similar to HHH's knee after his surgery) and black ring boots with black kick gaurds over them.
  • In Ring (for PPVs)White shorts with a black stripe going down the sides with "One Man" written in red tribal letters on the right leg and "Crusade" in white tribal letters with black borders, going down the left side. His fists are wrapped in black tape with white "X"s painted on the backs of the fists. Also still wears the black knee pad/tape and his black ring boots he wears black kick gaurds over his boots.
  • In Ring(For Paramount): X wears Silver shorts, with a black dragon design going down the left leg, and "Xavier" written in pseudo japanese letters on the right leg. He fist are tapped in black tape, and he writes the name of his opponent on the backs of the fist and crosses them out with an X.
  • Entrance Attire (Storm): X comes out in an all black hoodie, with Rebel written in white tribal design on the back, with a silluette of X in the background, and a tribal design on the arms of the hoodie.
  • Entrance Attire (PPV): A Black hoodie, with "Xavier" in japanese lettering and picture of the cross wrapped in barbed wire on the hood part of the hoodie.
  • Entrance Attire (Paramount)" White hoodie, with a black dragon wrapped around it and black barbed wire design going down the arms.


X's Cousin Bishop is a wrestler currently under the WrestleView Wrestling Federation wrestling brand. These two trained together at Akira Mishima's Underground, these 2 are also part owners and part-time trainers at the Underground. These two have faced off in the WFC, but since the closing, they have yet to face each other, but they have been known to keep in touch with each other.


  • Back
  • A skull with a cross through it. And a Japanese symbol on the back of his neck which means "War"
  • On his rib cage area, he has a cross wrapped in barbed wire.
  • Arms
  • He has a tribal design on his left forearm and he has a Barbed wire like design on his right biscep.
  • He also has a falcon with a ring of razor wire in its talons on his right forearm.
  • He also has a ying-yang with a dragon wrapped around it on his left upper biscep
  • Chest
  • He has "Rebel Warrior" tattoo'd on his stomach in Kanji-esque letters