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World Wrestling Entertainment
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Company Profile
Acronym WWE
Company Slogan The World Is Watching
Founder Vince J. McMahon
Owners United Wrestling Federation
Founded January 1, 1963 (First Run)
October 30, 2006 (Second Run)
Dissolved June 30, 2006 (First Run)
December 31, 2008 (Second Run)
Formerly Capital Wrestling Corporation (CWC)(1963 - 1972)
World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF)(1972 - 1982)
World Wrestling Federation (WWF)(1982 - 2002)
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)(2002 - 2009)
HeadQuarters Stanford, CT, USA
Area Served World Wide
Industry Sports Entertainment
Genre Wrestling
Style Entertainment
Key People Chae McMahon
Vince McMahon
Maximillion Pegasus
Jerry Seltzer
Ted Turner
Parent United Wrestling Federation
Brands RAW
Sister Companies
Homepage WWE Application

After suffering major blows, World Wrestling Entertainment, has come back to the linelight to promote Sports Entertainment. With the unexpected departure of Vince McMahon and family, the WWE was runned by Paul E. Haymen and Ted Turner. Turner sought out his own fortunes by creating World Championship Wrestling and leaving Paul E. to run the business. By June of 2006, the fans left the WWE and the company filled for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Chae McMahon, Vince McMahons' nephew and 4th generation wrestler turn promoter, bought what was left of WWE. Chae lured top stars from local promotions and openning the doors on October 30, 2006 to masses.

Rise To Fame

Capital Wrestling Corporation

Capital Wrestling Corporartion was runned by Roderick "Jess" McMahon. The C.W.C. had a following in northeast of United States MiniUnitedStatesFlag.jpg around the New York, Maine, and other surrounding states. However, CWC was home in the Madison Square Garden in New York City. The formula was simple: entertain the costumer through an entertaing sporting event. Hundreds of thousands of people came to see the outrageous performance by the stars of Capital Wrestling Corporation.

Corporate Change

World Wide Wrestling Federatiion

Roderick became unable to promote the business. His son Vince J. McMahon to take over the business. After a dispute on a title change with CWC and a parent company, CWC reformed and become the World Wide Wrestling Federation. The WWWF was runned like its' forefather, entertain people through sports entertainment. The WWWF became a household name with Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino. The glory days were here.

Top of the World

World Wrestling Federation

By the early 1980's, Vince McMahon, Sr. and his son Vince K. McMahon, Jr. had a meeting in Stamford, CT. to see the changes of the WWWF. At this time Vince Jr. bought the very company from his father and renaming it the World Wrestling Federation. The marquee names to the WWF were Bob Backlund, The Iron Sheik, and Hulk Hogan. The 1990's came and we saw changes to the company; marquee names were Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, The Undertaker, and Mick Foley.

DownFall from the Heavons

World Wildlife Fund verses World Wrestling Federation

By 2000, the World Wildlife Fund sued the WWF for illegal use of the trademarked initials; WWF. The War went on for little more than a year, World Wrestling Federation had to change or else. Thus having the sudden name change to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The End

By the end of 2005, the McMahons sold their company to Paul E. Haymen and Ted Turner. Noone know way the sudden departure from the business, the McMahons left no trace to be found. By early 2006, Ted Turner sold his shares to Paul E. Haymen to manage the World Championship Wrestling. By the end of June, WWE foreclosed and filled for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

New Beginnings

In October of 2006, Chae McMahon bought out all World Wrestling Entertainment stock, images, trademarks, and film. By the 30th day of October, WWE was back in action.


In November of 2007, the World Wrestling Entertainment started a web-pay-per-view events and it was a successful deal. By mid-December, WWE and Christian Championship Wrestling started to talk to make a deal that could send them a huge beneficial raise in ratings and revenue.


On April 28, 2008, WWE and Christian Championship Wrestling for joint adventures to see if both companies can withhold each others' needs. On May 31, 2008, World Wrestling Entertainment lost an elimination match against Christian Championship Wrestling.