World Wrestling All-Stars

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World Wrestling All-Stars
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Company Profile
Acronym WWA
Company Slogan We are wrestling greatness
Founder Maximillion Pegasus
Owners Maximillion Pegasus Omnimedia Inc. (January 11, 2007 - May 31, 2008)
Christian Championship Wrestling (May 31, 2008 - Current)
Founded January 11, 2007
Dissolved May 31, 2008
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HeadQuarters New York City, New York, US MiniUnitedStatesFlag.jpg
Area Served World Wide
Industry Sports Entertainment
Genre Wrestling
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Key People Maximillion Pegasus
Christian Championship Wrestling
Parent Christian Championship Wrestling
Sister Companies {{{sister}}}

Locally owned by Christian Championship Wrestling and now being on the shelf for the time being. It was formally owned by Maximillion Pegasus from January 11, 2007 to May 31, 2008.


The World Wrestling All-Stars was an wrestling organization that promotes international wrestling. With a world-wide audience watching on a weekly basis, the World Wrestling All-Stars became the first wrestling governing body by NATO.

Title Belts

  1. WWA World Heavyweight Championship
  2. WWA North American Heavyweight Championship
  3. WWA South American Heavyweight Championship
  4. WWA European Heavyweight Championship
  5. WWA African Heavyweight Championship
  6. WWA Asian Heavyweight Championship
  7. WWA World Tag Team Championship


  1. Greed (January)
  2. Barely Legal (February)
  3. When Worlds Collide (March)
  4. BattleBowl (April)
  5. Eruption (May)
  6. Beach Brawl (June)
  7. Heatwave (July)
  8. Against All Odds (August)
  9. The Reckoning (September)
  10. Hog Wild (October)
  11. November to Remember (November)
  12. Heros In Wrestling (December)
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