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R.B. was a self-made multi-millionaire from New York was a life long fan of professional wrestling who spent hundreds of millions of his fortune in creating a wrestling promotion called the World Global Wrestling Federation. Due to RB’s wealth, the WGWF was able to compete on a global scale from its outset and was able to recruit already established stars to aid its rise to the top of the wrestling world. The first card was in late October 1998 and was called Tuesday Night Brawl, and show which would become the standard bearer for professional wrestling during the WGWF’s short stay at the forefront of the industry. The WGWF World Heavyweight title became the most sought-after championship in wrestling and was hotly contested throughout the WGWF’s existence. The WGWF staged some fantastic PPVs in 1999 most notably the Spring Slugfest and Winter Wars extravaganzas, which were the talk of the wrestling world at that particular point in time.

In January 2000 things turned sour quickly for the WGWF. RB had been under fire from the government towards the end of 1999 after allegations of fraud were made against him. RB was found guilty and was sent to prison for six years. RB’s reputation was destroyed and unable to survive without him, the WGWF closed its doors after an incredible fifteen months.

Then in July 2005 the WGWF made an unlikely comeback. Two of the federation’s biggest stars united to bring the WGWF back. Matt Hopkins and Adam Barker put their money together to re-launch the promotion at a regional level. The WGWF declared California it's new home with the headquarters in Los Angeles. WGWF's flagship show, Brawl, began airing again from the Grand Olympic Auditorium in downtown L.A. and monthly pay-per-views took place in larger arenas around California. Unfortunately Hopkins and Barker did not have the wealth of RB and the WGWF's comeback was short lived. They were unable to sign the big names to contracts and most of the stars were attracted to rival companies for large amounts of money. It ultimately meant that the WGWF had to close it's doors for business for a second time.

In September 2006, an unknown British born billionaire started talks with Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Barker about once again making the WGWF global. This was the opportunity Hopkins and Barker were waiting for and set the wheels in motion. The WGWF made it's return officially in January 2007. Hopkins and Barker were keen to keep the WGWF's roots firmly in California but with a very healthy financial backing, the company have been able to start to reach out to a wider market as they did once before. The World Global Wrestling Federation is back and with the desire to be better than ever.