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Nick Crush is a professional wrestler, by the name of Warrior. Crush is from Cleveland,OH, a current resident his entire life. He is currently serving in UWE, alongside his Valet for his 15 year career, Valentina. [thumb | ]

Breaking In

Crush broke into the business with the help of the Grand Wizard. Crush would go to Kentucky(Without his parents knowledge) during the weekends, and wrestle for independent shows that the Grand Wizard set up for him, only to drive 8 hours back to his home, hoping his parents wouldn't be up by the time he got home. Crush claimed he never had a real job growing up, and that all he wanted to do was "Win the big one".

 Warrior eventually made noise to the ears of former Japanease professional wrestler, Mashiro Chono (the then New Japan Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion). Chono invited Crush to an NJPW taping, and depending on his attitude towards NJPW and Japan all together, Crush would sign on for the New Japan Project.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Crush debuted with NJPW on November 5th 1986, and stayed until he recieved a call from Tod Gordon to sign on with Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1993. Crush debuted what would be his most recognizable character to date, Warrior.

 Warrior was a "Blatant rip-off of "The Ultimate Warrior" claims Crush. Crush would go  around, sporting either face-paint, or a mask with face-paint. Warrior, however, wouldn't wrestle too much in New Japan Pro Wrestling, due to a knee injury he suffered at the hands of Kejii Mutoh. Crush was seemingly put on the back-burner of the company, and because of that, Crush felt his style wasn't being used up to par, and decided to take his pink slip on January 2nd, 1992.
 Crush would continue to wrestle on the indy circuit on and off, until Tod Gordon gave him a call to come wrestle for the up and come Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW).


Crush would debut in ECW against Stevie Richards on April 24th, 1993. Crush, being accepted highly from the ECW crowd, would always get "Mastermind", or "Anarchy" chants throughout the early days of his ECW career. However, Warrior was a heel, and had begun to insult the crowd. One notable event occurred on September 12th, 1993, to where a fan had heckled Crush so bad that he went by the fan, and told him to "Keep his mouth shut", thus escalating a confrontation to where the fan would jump the guardrail, only to be punch by Crush. Crush, feeling bad for the man, decided to send him a get well soon card, attached with two front row tickets for an upcoming live event.

 Crush would eventually get his very first title opportunity in his career against Sabu on August 9th, 1995, at ECW Hostile City Showdown, for the TV Championship. Warrior, always mocking Sabu, and calling him a "Bad version of a Terrorist", would eventually lose to Sabu. Sabu, however, would get the worse of Crush, as Sabu needed 10 stitches on his right bicep. Crush always joked towards Sabu about it, however Sabu would rub the title win back in his face.
 Crush was told by Paul Heyman (Tod Gordan's replacement), that Crush would need to do something different to his character, just to distinct himself from all the other masked wrestlers in ECW at that time (Rey Mysterio Jr, Pyschosis, Juventud Guerra) in order to keep his job. Heyman, however was joking, but Crush took it seriously, and thats when he brought in his new valet, Valentina(Lizzy Borden)
 Borden and Crush were ECW's "Match made in extreme", however, Crush felt in real life, that Valentina was only wearing his character down. 
 The next piece of history for Crush would be the Mass Transit Incident. Crush, who was running later to an ECW taping in Revere, Massachusetts, called Paul and told him to replace him. Crush's replacement was a fan by the name of Eric Kulas, who was impersonating a wrestler. Kulas got beat up badly by a wrestler named New Jack, so bad to where the kid had blood dripping everywhere, and the Kulas needed medical attention as soon as the match was done with. Crush noted that on the DVD "The Rise and Fall of ECW"(produced by WWE) he was "1000% responsible for this incident", However Heyman told him he did the right thing.
The company was heading towards a close in 2001, and while ECW was trying to stay alive, Crush became the second-to-last ECW Champion. Crush would lose the title January 1st, 2001 to Rhyno.


Crush would not be heard of for quite some time, however that was only because he would be producing shows, such as "Hardcore Homecoming", and wrestling DVD's, such as "The Rise and Fall of ECW". Crush would later join XWA in the summer of 2007.


XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Association) informed Crush of their product. Crush went to their location the next week (Palatka, Florida) and visited backstage. Crush, impressed by XWA, would sign a contract through 2009. However, it came to a short close when Crush asked for released exactly one month later (February 4th,2007). Crush, once again, would not be heard of until May 1st, 2008, when he signed with UWE(Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment)


Crush would show up to the UWE Souled Out PPV, to make his debut against fellow UWE debuter, Dime. Crush, however would lose the match. The following week, on UWE Showdown, Crush would have his first match, only to lose once again.

In Media

The Rise and Fall of ECW-DVD ECW Hardcore Revolution-Video Game ECW Anarchy Rulz-Video Game Masermind Matches-Straight-to-DVD release ECW Magazine-Cover of ECW Magazine January 1999 Edition

Nicknames "The Leader of the Anarchy"-ECW/UWE "The Anarchist"-NJPW/Early ECW "The Mastermind"-All Promotions

Signature Moves Train Wreck(Irish whip into clothesline) Big Boot Downfall(Reverse Twist of Fate) SideJacker(Stomp on Ribs)-ECW Twisted Version(Hard Swinging Neckbreaker)-NJPW

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