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The WFW North American Championship was the second-tier championship in World's Finest Wrestling. The championship was decided in a Triple threat match where the surviving challenger became the first ever WFW World Heavyweight champion and the man who placed second received the North American Championship. At the first ever WFW Vox Hiberionacum from Wonderland Racetrack in Revere, Massachusetts, Michael Manson became the inaugural North American champion.

Final Champion

Dan Ryan was the final WFW North American champion after Larry Tact pinning "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds in a fatal fourway match held at WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III held in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Although he pinned Edmunds, El Arco Iris was the actual champion; however the rules stated that the champion did not have to be the competitor pinned to lose the championship.

Retirement and Reinstatement

While the world awaited the rest of Superbowl of Wrestling III to be shown on the airs, Dan Ryan retired from active competition. When World's Finest Wrestling merged with New ERA of Wrestling on June 1, 2009 to create the WFW:NE, officials decided to retire the championship instead of crowning a new champion solely for the purpose of a unification match later. When WFW:NE closed after WFW left the organization, it was announced that the championship would be reinstated at a later date as part of NGEN.

Title History

Wrestler(s): Reign #: Date: Location of match: Notes:
Michael Manson 1 March 31, 2003 Revere, Massachusetts Manson placed second in the triple threat match and was awarded the North American championship; Doc Silver was award the WFW World Heavyweight championship at WFW Vox Hiberionacum.
Scotty Michaels 1 August 19, 2003 Orlando, Florida Michaels defeated Manson in a cage match at WFW The Spirit of NGEN.
Richard Gideon 1 November 18, 2003 Chicago, Illinois
Psycho 1 April 26, 2004 Foxboro, Massachusetts Psycho defeated Gideon in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Count Anywhere match at Superbowl of Wrestling II.
El Arco Iris 1 April 5, 2005 Boston, Massachusetts
Dan Ryan 1 May 6, 2007 Foxboro, Massachusetts Ryan pinned Sean Edmunds in a Fatal Fourway, although Iris was champion at Superbowl of Wrestling III.
Dan Ryan 1 June 1, 2009 Boston, Massachusetts Championship becomes officially defunct after the merger between WFW and New ERA of Wrestling.

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