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WFW:NE Unplugged
Show Name Unplugged
Federation WFW: the New ERA
Frequency No Set Schedule
Network onDEMAND!
First Aired August 27, 2009
Last Aired December 31, 2009
No. of Episodes 02
Opening Theme "Heartless" by Kanye West
Announcers Natalie Newman
Dean Julius
Website (Federation) Click here

WFW:NE Unplugged was the third semi-television show of WFW: the New ERA. It featured 4 matches per show. Due to the fact that Unplugged ran its results onDEMAND! and was only run once between WFW:NE pay per views, it did not have a set schedule. While Unplugged was scheduled to run after the first rotation of WFW:NE RAUCOUS and WFW:NE Almost Live and after the third rotation of the two television shows, the organization decided to cut the number of Unplugged's down to one per cycle. This was made in an effort to decrease the amount of time between pay per views. There were four rotations of the RAUCOUS and Almost Live television shows between pay per views, and the company felt that adding two more cycles (of Unplugged) would have caused unnecessary delays. Unplugged was supposed to take its spot in between the 2nd and 3rd cycles of RAUCOUS / Almost Live, and was to become effective starting the new television cycle after WFW:NE's Destrucity II pay per view.

Due to the merger between New ERA of Wrestling and World's Finest Wrestling, Unplugged took New ERA: LIVE from...'s place as the promotion's "live" television show. The first Unplugged was held in Birmingham, Alabama. It's main event featured the unification match of the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship between the two New ERA World Heavyweight champions, Larry Tact and Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD. On the inaugural Unplugged, Shawn Hart defeated Larry Tact to become the sole New ERA World Heavyweight champion, and would have headed into WFW:NE Destrucity II to face WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red in a unification match to crown the first ever WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion.

Differences from New ERA LIVE from...

New ERA's LIVE from... program was initially going to be New ERA's only television show which was broadcasted as the action happened (RAUCOUS and New ERA RAPTURE were taped and then shown onDEMAND!). However, WFW:NE officials stated that this was no longer the case with Unplugged. In an effort to save money, the action was "tweeted" as it happens by former RAPTURE commentator Jason Tripp. Fans could follow his tweeting of the event on WFW:NE's official Twitter. After the event was taped and processed, the results were shown onDEMAND! just as RAUCOUS and Almost Live had been.

Closure of WFW:NE and Cancellation of Unplugged

WFW:NE announced on January 20, 2010 that the league would officially end operations as WFW had pulled out of the merger only days away from the "unification" pay per view. New ERA President Marcus LaRoque announced that while the WFW:NE had ceased to exist, New ERA of Wrestling was fully operational and thus would carry on the ongoing storylines. In the process he cancelled both WFW:NE Almost Live and Unplugged, replacing them with New ERA RAPTURE and New ERA Cyberstrike. Cyberstrike was, for all intents and purposes, the same program under a new name.

When New ERA returned to action in January 2011 after a brief closure, the idea of a "live tweeted" event was put to rest as non-premier events are not televised. Cyberstrike airs as webisodes on the New ERA website.

Cities Selected For Unplugged

During the time that the WFW:NE was in operations, it ran Unplugged from the following locations:

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