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WFW:NE Almost Live
Show Name Almost Live
Federation WFW: the New ERA
Frequency No Set Schedule
Network onDEMAND!
First Aired June 26, 2009
Last Aired November 30, 2009
No. of Episodes 03
Opening Theme "Pluto" by Björk
Announcers Brandon Jacobs
Jonathan Marx
"NOT" Vic Waters
Website (Federation) Click here

WFW:NE Almost Live was the secondary television show of WFW: the New ERA. It featured 5 matches per show. Due to the fact that Almost Live ran on non-cable television channels, it did not have a set weekly schedule, nor a set runtime. Almost Live ran on three out of four of the same cycles with WFW:NE RAUCOUS.

Due to the merger between New ERA of Wrestling and World's Finest Wrestling, Almost Live took New ERA RAPTURE's place as the promotion's secondary television show.

However, with the closure of WFW:NE after WFW's departure on January 20, 2010, the show was officially retired and replaced with the newly reincarnated New ERA RAPTURE.

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