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Name Manie
Nickname The Bossman
Theme Song “Slayer” by War Ensemble
Height 6'7
Weight 265
Finisher Last Nights (RKO)
Solitary Confinement
DOB November 03
Federations WWEF
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Started Wrestling At The Age Of 13 But Was Banned From Ever Wrestling Again In FL. So Manic Traveled Around The Country Fighting People To make Money. One Day After Beating An Old Man For His Land He Decided To Turn The Old Barn Into A Wrestling Training Facility, Which Is Where He Still Trains Young Up And Coming Stars To This Day

From Rags To Riches

His Addion of Wrestling Was So Major. That He Invested In A Wrestling School That Later Became A Nation - Wide Promotion Called World Federation of Wrestling. Based In Manic's Hometown of North Carolina, The Promotion Has Set Records By Selling Out At Most Of Its Live Events. Its Still A Work, A Successfull Work, In Progress.

Creation: The PrisonYard Lockdown

Two Competitors Are In A Prison At Random Intervals 4 Cells Open Containing Weapons. Once All 4 have Been Opened A Final Cell Opens That Has An Electric Chair In It. The Objective is That They Must Put Their Opponent In The Chair, Then Flip The Power Switch.