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"Harlequin of Hardcore" Ambrosia (born April 22nd, 1991) is an American professional wrestler known mostly for her violent in-ring style and extra-curricular activities, especially those on the wrong side of the law. Despite making her professional wrestling debut at the age of 18, Ambrosia made a massive impact from the very beginning, her most iconic moments happening in Motor City Wrestling alongside her (now former) tag team partner, Vitriol.

Image of Ambrosia
Real name Amber Manning
Ring Names "Harlequin of Hardcore" "Mistress of Mayhem" "Daddy's Little Sequel"
Height 5'9
Weight 135lbs
Date of birth April 22nd, 1991
Place of birth Dixmont State Hospital, Emsworth, PA
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Resides N/A
Billed from Lexington, KY
Trainer Saul Manning
Xtreme Fighting Federation
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Win/Loss Record n/a
Debut MCW, October 19th, 2009
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Early Life

Amber Manning was born on April 22nd, 1991 to a psychiatric nurse known only as R. Her father was notorious psychopath Saul Manning, a man who had spent most of his life from the age of 8 locked up in various institutions due to him locking his parents and others inside a church and setting fire to it under the delusion that he could cleanse them of their sins. Thanks to a corrupt doctor at one particular high security facility, Saul was allowed to compete in underground fights and for professional wrestling promotions under the name Zolomon and nicknaming himself "Absolution".

It was during one of these times when he roamed the corridors of Dixmont State Hospital as his doctor counted the night's winnings that Saul sexually assaulted one of the nurses, Amber the result. Her mother died during childbirth and Saul absconded shortly after, killing the nurse's family and eradicating any other claim to custody of the child, forcing Amber to become raised by doctors, nurses and guards at the hospital.

Initially schooled inside the hospital, Amber was sent to a regular kindergarten during the 3rd grade but was quickly removed when another child who was bullying Amber was pushed off a balcony and died. The state paid the parents and quickly moved both Saul and Amber to Kentucky in order to keep the two away from protesters outside the facility (as well as due in part to Saul brutally attacking one of the guards).

Amber showed some of the psychological traits her father displayed, though conflicting notes argued both that she had shown early signs of psychological issues as well as potentially copying her father in order to make people assume she were exactly the same. Despite the difference in professional opinion, Amber was a model student who only ever talked about violent and deviant activity rather than acting it out. At the age of 16, Saul escaped and took Amber with him. Not much is known during this time.

Wrestling Career

Motor City Wrestling

Ambrosia made her pro wrestling debut for Motor City Wrestling on October 19th 2009 at the All Hallows Annihilation PPV event in a dark match against Wicked Clown, dominating him in just under 2 minutes. She appeared later that night during the Buried Alive match between Vitriol and Priest, appearing as a robed figure wearing a Vitriol mask that attacked Vitriol's original manager Michelle Richards then beat her with a chair. Vitriol attacked Ambrosia, hitting a powerbomb from the ring apron to the floor directly onto a pile of thumbtacks that Ambrosia herself had laid out. A little later in the match, Ambrosia assaulted the EMTs that were pushing Michelle backstage on a stretcher, kidnapping Michelle and inadvertently causing a distraction that led to Vitriol's loss.

On the November 2nd edition of the Mayhem television show, Ambrosia appeared as an EMT, injecting Michelle Richards with a sedative and shocking her with paddles as if her heart had stopped before kissing and kidnapping her a second time while she was tied up in a straitjacket and strapped to a stretcher. She then competed later in the night in a victory against the veteran, Aerik Walker.

On November 16th, Ambrosia walked out to the ring in front of the Mayhem crowd and confirmed her alliance with Vitriol, bringing him out as the masked monster carried his former manager Michelle Richards to the stage area tied to a cross, Ambrosia finding a sledgehammer under the ring and walking towards Michelle with nails in her hand. As the two were about to crucify Michelle live on TV, security rushed the area to stop them, Vitriol and Ambrosia fighting them off until Priest made the save, Vitriol causing fire to surround Michelle as she remained tied to the cross after Ambrosia announced that Vitriol will fight Priest in the fifth Highway To Hell match in December. The diabolical pair later beat "Golden Eagle" Eric Sailes and Segador in tag team competition.

On the November 30th edition of Mayhem, Ambrosia pretended to be an innocent woman trapped under debris backstage, luring Segador into helping before shocking him with a tazer, taking the steel briefcase he earned at All Hallow's Annihilation for a shot at any championship of his choosing and vowing to give it to Vitriol to cash in. She decided to try and remove the luchador's mask but was stopped in the process by Aerik Walker connecting with a big boot to the back of her head, Ambrosia trying to fight back but failing and deciding to threaten Aerik's daughter Isis before running away. Later that night, Aerik Walker and the team of Erik Cade and Priest - Last Rites - rushed to find Isis after a tip-off from a stage hand, finding Vitriol waiting for them with a blonde woman on the ground nearby.

Walker checked on his "daughter", only to find that it was Ambrosia wearing a wig, shocking him with a tazer before helping Vitriol assault Last Rites, being taken down by Priest's elbow by complete accident and allowing Vitriol to strike Priest in the chest before taking Ambrosia by the ankle and dragging her down the corridor away from danger, Ambrosia laughing at them and promising to see them later. Ambrosia did just that as she and Vitriol won a battle royal match against nine other teams - Last Rites, Green Order (Barney Green and Ryou Bakari Itemri), Seek And Destroy (Kevin Justice and Aerik Walker), SkaFace (Matt Davis and Richard Fairplay), The Hit Squad (Roman Steeler and Vash The Stampede), Lethal Coalition (Lethal Weapon and Scott Gray-Harris), Team Excellence (Jeffry Alexander Starxxx and Randal Williams) and the champions, Southern Blood (Jay and Lance Williams) - to become the new MCW Tag Team champions.

Despite winning the match and the titles, both Ambrosia and Vitriol were leveled by Lethal Weapon but were able to escape a possible sledgehammer assault when Weapon's own son, Scott Gray-Harris, stopped him. To add further insult, the arena lights went out, returning to show new MCW signing Savior and the returning Dante, Ambrosia knocked down by a superkick from Savior while Dante chokeslammed Vitriol over the ropes to the floor.

At the Nightmare Before Christmas PPV event on December 16th, Ambrosia competed in a Bloodlust title match against Roman Steeler, "Golden Eagle" Eric Sailes and her own MCW Tag Team championship partner Vitriol, Ambrosia winning to become the first ever MCW Bloodlust champion after striking Sailes with a cement brick. Later in the night, Ambrosia walked to ringside during Highway To Hell V between Vitriol and Priest carrying a Super Soaker, squirting it through the flames as the liquid inside ignited and turned the toy into a flamethrower, accidentally setting Vitriol on fire.

She left the ringside area but appeared again from the rafters, cutting a hole in the top of the cell with a pair of bolt cutters then dangling a rope down to the ring, intending it to be used by Vitriol but instead finding Priest climbing it, Ambrosia rushing him but getting caught by the throat and sent flying from the structure with a chokeslam that caused her to crash through the announce table. She was placed onto a stretcher by EMTs while Vitriol won the match before the monster climbed down into the ring and out through the cage door, shoving the EMTs aside and pushing the stretcher to the backstage area himself. Ambrosia was next seen before the main event, going back and forth with "Messiah Of Metal" Dazz as the two insulted each other. That night, both Ambrosia and Vitriol were drafted by Jacob Laymon, remaining a part of the Mayhem brand during a roster split that saw the creation of a second show, Livewire, run by Angelica Jones.

Ambrosia next appeared at Mayhem on January 18th 2010 alongside her father Saul Manning, who had debuted at Nightmare Before Christmas to attack Segador when he attempted to cash in his title shot against Dazz, who had just become the new MCW World champion moments before. Ambrosia watched as Nick Cagero insulted her father then later, helped her father to move Abigail - daughter of Lilith Evans - from her seat in the backstage catering area, causing Lilith to panic and rush backstage to try and find her. Ambrosia also competed in a match against Kevin Justice with Vitriol at ringside, pulling off the victory.

February 1st saw Vitriol and Ambrosia compete in a non-title tag team match on Mayhem against Jake Young and Osiris, picking up the win. They walked to the ring later in the show alongside Saul Manning - collectively known as The Trinity - with Saul explaining that he was brought in by Malakai Laymon as a replacement bodyguard after Denile Partis left MCW and claiming that Lilith Evans was a traitor for helping Malakai's brother Jacob retain full ownership of MCW. Ambrosia then taunted Lilith with comments about her daughter Abigail, leading to Lilith rushing to fight with Ambrosia on the entrance ramp, the brawl ending with Lilith connecting with a vertical suplex off the side of the stage with Ambrosia landing directly onto electrical equipment.

Due to the injuries suffered during that brawl, Ambrosia was taken to a local emergency room and on February 10th 2010, was officially released from her MCW contract, Vitriol gaining ownership of Ambrosia's half of the MCW Tag Team championships as Saul Manning also left the company alongside his daughter.

Global Division of Wrestling

Ambrosia debuted for Global Division of Wrestling on April ?th 2010 during the Wrestlecade VII PPV event (more to come, October 30 2010 appeared during Survival Of The Fittest Angelica vs Vitriol Street Fight)

On the September 16th 2011 edition of GDW Fever, an image appeared to promote something happening on October 29th with the slogan "Deal Me In", appearing again on September 30th two more times with a different image and message each time but keeping the same slogan.

On October 28th at Desperate Measures, four people dressed as Vitriol competed in place of The Regime against GDW Tag Team champions Brittany and Dawn Lohan, picking up the win to become new Tag Team champions. They each unmasked, revealing members of The Regime, Adriana Salazar, Cyrus Hale and Seth Donovan. The fourth Vitriol unmasked, revealing herself to be the returning Ambrosia, who revealed she was the leader of the group and showed her displeasure at Hale's lost earlier in the night by attacking him and placing her Vitriol mask upon his face, zapping it with a tazer as a final insult.

On the November 11th edition of Fever, Ambrosia assaulted former Regime member Cyrus Hale with a coffee pot while asking backstage reporter Ben Kramer for an autograph before kissing Ben and walking away laughing. She later replaced Cyrus in a quarter final match of the Eye Of Ares tournament, taking on David Kingsley, Jackson Adams and her own Regime ally Adriana Salazar, failing to advance due to Kingsley pinning Salazar while Ambrosia worked on Adams on the outside.

The November 25th edition of Fever saw Ambrosia once again backstage with Ben Kramer, this time in an interview setting, explaining that she took over as leader of The Regime to mold them in the same way that her father molded her into becoming what she is today, ending the interview by zapping Kramer with her tazer when his Tourettes started to act up before leaving the scene. She fought Alexis Terry in the ring and beat her soundly with the debut of a new move, Absolution Comes Easy before watching The Regime retain the GDW Tag Team titles against Dragon Fury and Nikos in the night's main event.

On December 30th at GDW Resurrection, The Regime suffered two major defeats when Salazar and Donavan lost the GDW Tag Team championships to Neil Newman and Alexis Terry and them Ambrosia failed to defeat Mya Denton in a match for the GDW Fever Television title.

GDW quietly released The Regime on January 3rd 2012.

Japanese Extreme Wrestling

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Global Wrestling Community

On September 7th 2013, Ambrosia made her debut in a GWC ring in a quarter finals match in the annual Queen Of Wrestling tournament representing Japanese Extreme Wrestling against WRESTLE-STAR's Toshiie Yoshida, defeating her and then giving an interview later, claiming that she wouldn't be surprised if she would somehow be denied a chance at becoming the Global Wrestling Community's Undisputed Women's champion.

On September 8th, she opened Night Two of the Queen Of Wrestling event by defeating Extreme Vixens Wrestling champion Faith Diaz after outside interference from Faith's daughter, Cara Raines. Ambrosia found it funny that domestic issues always got in the way of a good match in the wrestling business but warned WRESTLE-STAR's Sylvia Queen to start coming up with excuses to explain why she'll lose to someone from "that trash promotion" in the finals. Ambrosia lost to Sylvia Queen in the main event of the night, just missing out on being crowned the first ever GWC Undisputed Women's champion.

On March 8th 2014, Ambrosia defeated Skye Estado after Estado had challenged her to a match at GWC Global Clash due to the Harlequin of Hardcore's brief appearances for Global Championship Wrestling in prior months. Ambrosia's next GWC appearance was on May 10th during Night One of the annual Tag Team Supremacy event, acting as cheerleader when the Mount Pleasant Psychotherapy Group defeated the Southern Wrestling Conference team of Heavyweight champion Hunter Havok, Television champion Woody Hoyt and Chance Fortune in a six man tag team match.

Global Championship Wrestling

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Ultimate Fighting Association

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On April 8th 2014, Ambrosia joined EXODUS Pro, a promotion based at the University of California in San Diego, California.

Her first official match was scheduled for April 28th against Justin Brooks on the EXODUS Pro TV show, EXPRO On FX #15, managing to win in the opening contest with Absolution Comes Easy, shocking Brooks and the ExPro fans and appearing shortly after in a backstage segment, noting that she'd made her debut successfully and leaving a vague threat towards Angela Jameson.

Her next appearance was as part of a triple threat match on May 12th against the ExPro International champion Lexy Chapel and the debuting Devilkiller at EXPRO On FX #16. She surprised the ExPro fans and locker room by winning the match before later appearing backstage when Chuck Matthews approached her, hinting at a possible alliance and handing her a chess piece.

Two weeks later on May 26th, EXODUS Pro held the iPPV event Absent Are The Saints, Ambrosia featuring in a backstage segment where she talked about her appearance in the night's main event as part of The Crucible, claiming that she will win and become the number one contender to the World title and earn a guaranteed shot at the belt two months later in Japan at the Ascendency event. She competed in The Crucible but was eliminated from the match 14th out of the twenty athletes taking part after first eliminating the debuting Samantha Raine.

On May 27th, EXODUS Pro announced that they had granted Ambrosia's request to be released from her contract.

Xtreme Fighting Federation

On May 20th 2014, the Xtreme Fighting Federation announced that they had signed Ambrosia to their roster. She made her debut on June 12th during XFF's first ever Thursday Night Fury television show dressed in a squirrel outfit after somehow confusing the name of the show as "Thursday Night Furry", then went on to compete against Deacon Thomas, beating the apparently undefeated man in the middle of the 8-sided ring. She appeared again during Thursday Night Fury 002 on June 26th in a pre-recorded video filmed at the Mount Pleasant Psychiatric Hospital, revealing that she couldn't appear at the television taping due to a monthly required psychiatric assessment but assured everyone that she would be in the ring soon to beat somebody else that assumed to be better than her and add a much-needed dose of humor to XFF.

Thursday Night Fury 003 took place on July 10th, Ambrosia trying to crash the show so that she can fight, held back by officials and security while XFF co-owner Jase Davenport and her assistant Taylor Donovan instructed Ambrosia to go and get medically cleared first, the Harlequin of Hardcore being escorted out of the building until then. She was finally cleared to compete for XFF when her doctor at the Mount Pleasant Psychiatric Hospital - Dr April Herbert - was signed to the promotion on July 12th to chaperone Ambrosia on every XFF show moving forward.

On July 24th, Ambrosia appeared alongside Dr Herbert at Thursday Night Fury 004 being escorted into the building surrounded by local law enforcement. XFF co-owner Jase Davenport greeted the pair and checked Dr Herbert's notes while Ambrosia seemed glad to be able to fight again and warned that Jase should prepare a body bag for her opponent. Later in the night, the Harlequin of Hardcore defeated C5 Ion and was placed in the main event of XFF's first pay per view event on August 10th for the Undaunted Xtreme championship.

XFF Live 001 on August 10th saw Ambrosia giving an awkward interview backstage, only responding with one word answers at first before promising to do something undaunted and extreme. She then competed in the main event against C5 Ion, Warren Young and Justin Underwood, showing up for the match late due to her attempts to fight naked being blocked before she could make it to the stage area and becoming the second person eliminated from the match. XFF co-owner Ivan Rockshire then emerged and announced that on the next Fury, Ambrosia would fight Warren Young to crown the first Infinite champion. Not long after the show ended, Ambrosia went ballistic backstage, breaking a few things and making threats before being taken away by Dr Herbert. Ambrosia's time at Mount Pleasant was short-lived in the intervening week due to a mystery benefactor paying the hospital to allow her out more on release, meeting her in the desert but his identity remaining unknown to viewers of Ambrosia's web show Hollyweird.

Thursday Night Fury on August 21st saw Ambrosia pacing in her locker room, promising not to cause property damage like she had after failing to win the Undaunted Xtreme championship, the conversation with Dr April Herbert interrupted by an XFF employee, who read a note he was given to rile Ambrosia up, commenting that she couldn't outlast Warren Young at XFF Live 001 and wouldn't be able to win the Infinite championship against him. She remained strangely calm and made a threat against him. The two then fought in the night's main event, a back and forth match which saw Ambrosia taunt Warren's wife Larissa at ringside but the end came when Young locked Ambrosia in a Kimura Lock, the Harlequin of Hardcore resorting to biting him rather than tapping out, disqualifying herself and in the process, allowing Warren Young to become the first ever XFF Infinite champion.

Ambrosia competed at Thursday Night Fury 006 on September 4th against the debuting Kayley Hale, an associate of another newcomer named Kaden Kessler. Ambrosia won the match quite easily, hitting Absolution Comes Easy for the win and then later confronting Kayley backstage as she tried to leave, asking if the rumours were true about her quitting already and offering to hug her. Kayley remained silent but Ambrosia hugged her anyway, zapping her in the vagina with a tazer as she did so, security rushing to remove the weapon and drag her away while medics tended to Kayley on the floor of the parking lot.

Between Fury 006 and 007, Ambrosia accidentally came face to face with new signing Sydney LaRoux, the two seeming to get along well together but announced as opponents for Thursday Night Fury 007 on September 18th. The two praised each other rather than insulting one another before the match, showing respect and the early signs of a strange friendship. Ambrosia was asked before the match why she and Sydney seemed more respectful of each other, responding that if opponents had no hatred towards each other, why should they insult each other knowing they wouldn't mean it and even getting a little angry over the question. Ambrosia and Sydney fought in the ring, battling hard until Sydney won with Sykopathic Sykness but the two remained on friendly terms, even hugging in the ring, Sydney raising Ambrosia's hand in victory. The two spoke briefly in Ambrosia's locker room after the match, the start of a new friendship between them.

Ambrosia fought Evan Jacobs on October 2nd at Thursday Night Fury 008, defeating him with Absolution Comes Easy.

In Wrestling

Entrance Music

"Wrong Side" by Strapping Young Lad [MCW w/Vitriol]

"???" by Brokencyde [GDW]

"Apex Predator" by Otep [Current-'XFF]

Ring Attire: Coming soon

Entrance Description: Coming soon

Moves Set:


Finishing Moves
 Finisher Name: "S.C.A.R. (Second Chapter of Absolution Reborn)"-- Black Hole Slam
 Finisher Name:  "Absolution Comes Easy" - Tilt-a-whirl DDT.
 Finisher Name:  "Non Compos Mentis" - Top rope Electric Chair Driver

Signature Moves
 Signature Name: "Heavy Sedation"-- Guillotine Choke w/ theatrics/Ambrosia shushing opponent
 Signature Name:  "Daddy's Little Sequel" - Sitout powerbomb.
 Signature Name:  "??" - ??

  •     Coming soon


MCW Tag Team championship (x1 w/Vitriol, undefeated)

MCW Bloodlust championship (x1, inaugural, championship retired)

JEW Television championship (x?)

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