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King Stanley J. Kowalski
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of King Stanley J. Kowalski]]
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Height 6'2"
Weight 258 lbs
Date of birth April 22, 1976
Place of birth Warsaw, Poland
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Resides Warsaw, Poland
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Viking Wrestling Federation
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Debut 1998 (WCWO)
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“King Stanley J. Kowalski, (born April 22, 1976) is a Polish professional wrestler with the Viking Wrestling Federation. He is the current king of Poland. King Stanley J. Kowalski is proud of his Polish heritage, his money, power and stable of virgins, including Head Virgin Gloria. While many have tried to deny his divine right to the throne -- or even the existence thereof -- Stan has stood steadfast by his claim to the kingdom. His training focuses heavily inside The Royal Castle, where his virgins help him train. Many call into question his training, which often includes "mental preparation" that consists of interludes with the supposed virgins and a love for food and Crown Royal. He's often been called Burger King because his weight often makes him appear out of shape; but his thrive to have "the peons bow down and polish the Polish pennyloafers" - and his penchant for being a student of the sport and his opponents -- has made him one of the greats. He often prepares for his opponents inside "The War Room," a secret place within the great walls of the royal palace. And it is there that he bucks all traditions and allows only his personal "scribe," Sordon Golie, to report (with a handy No. 2 pencil and scratch pad) the happenings. King Stan's legacy is one of demoralizing his opponents both inside and outside the ring, while being self-depracating and being honest about his flaws, while trying to hide them behind sharp wit.


King Stanley J. Kowalski has been wrestling since 1999 in the WCWO and then the CWR. In the WCWO, he held numerous titles, including the WCWO world title 11 times on a roster consisting of no less than 30 wrestlers on average. He also wrestled incognito as the Yellow Bastard at one time after a loser-leaves-town match. Stan has published 14 volumes of Smack 101, and he often refers to chapter and page when demoralizing an outwitted foe. Stan's history has often been marked by hatred, yet respect, from opponents. Stan led a band of 1999-2001 WCWO wrestlers during a 2003-2005 invasion of CWR that led to a split roster for more than three years. WCWO then split from CWR in 2005 and ran successfully under Stan's leadership for two years before Stan's retirement led to a change in ownership. Stan has come out of retirement, to once again face his demons: he's been called too fat, not athletic enough, and now too old.

Title History: King Stanley J. Kowalski

  • UCWF/WCWO: Heavyweight Champion (11 times); Tag-team Champion (eight times); TV Champion (14 times). 1998-2000
  • CWR: Heavyweight Champion (2 times); Tag-team Champion (four times); TV Champion (four times). 2001-2007