Caleb Houston
[[Image:CalebHouston|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Caleb Houston]]
Real name Caleb Houston
Ring Names "The Gold Standard"
Height 6'1 (1.85 m)
Weight 217 lbs (98 kg)
Date of birth October 31, 1990 (age 24)
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Place of death
Resides Philadelphia, Pennyslvania
Billed from Philadelphia, Pennyslvania
Trainer Jaycen Hernandez, Phil Behn, David Lynch
Sin City Wrestling
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Win/Loss Record W26-L3-D0
Debut 2008

Caleb Houston (born on October 31, 1990 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American mixed martial arts fighter, and wrestler. He is best known for being a two time Pennsylvania high school state wrestling champion, and winner of the 2007 national Muay Thai competition. He is currently signed to Sin City Wrestling

Early life

Caleb Houston was born at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Six days after his was born Caleb's mother, Stephanie, left him. He has never met her in his life. His father Charles Houston was is electritan who owns his own business. With his mother gone, and his father always working Caleb turned to sports at a very young age to keep himself busy.



By the age of four years old Caleb was already starting his wrestling career. Granted at the age of four years old there isn't much you can do with it except learn the basics. He began training with David Lynch the local high school wrestling coach, also his next door neighbor. Throughout his elementary and middle school years Caleb was working hard in the gym every day on his wrestling skills. By the time he reached high school he was a force to be reckoned with. Finishing second place in the state finals of his freshman year wasn't enough for Caleb he couldn't settle for being second best. Hitting the gym hard in the off season Caleb returned for his sophomore season fifteen pounds heavier, and up two weight classes. He went undefeated the next two seasons winning the State Championship in both his sophomore and junior season. Returning for his senior year Caleb was ranked one of the top in the nation in his weight class, and had already received a scholarship to wrestle at Division I powerhouse Missouri. In the fifth match of his senior year Caleb suffered an injury to his left shoulder that would eventually ended his career. 

Mixed Martial Arts

By the time Caleb was six years old he was in love with combat sports. After much begging and pleading with his father, Charles, he finally agreed to sign the waiver for him to begin taking classes. Everyday Caleb would take the bus after school over to the gym where he met Jaycen Henandez, a local MMA fighter. Even at such a young age Jaycen noticed the potential for greatness Caleb had and took him under his wing. It was then he would learn, and fine tune, his skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga Judo, Sambo, and Muay Thai. Each one of these would in turn aid his success as a high school wrestler. After Caleb spent six months rehabilitating his arm injury he decided he wanted to try his hand at competition professionally in Muay Thai. His skill set, and discipline helped him win the competition in 2007.


When Caleb was twelve years old he began to want more out of fighting. It was then he noticed the “other” side of the gym. He began to catch glimpses of the Boxing program. With his father still too busy with his careers Caleb figured why not spend more time at the gym, and tried his hand at boxing. He then began working with Phil Behn who was a gold glove boxer. The two eventually became sparring partners. Behn and Caleb would spent countless hours working on his stance, and boxing ability.

Professional career

Elite Wrestling Academy (October 6, 2008- December 15, 2008)

On October 6th of 2008 Caleb Houston walked in to the EWA headquarters with one thing on his mind, and that was to become a superstar. After a few hours of conversations and arguments Elizabeth Black and Caleb Houston came to terms on a contract that would keep him signed through the end of the year. As of October 26th 2008 a contract extension is in the works, but nothing is guaranteed at this time.

On October 23rd 2008 Caleb Houston met the beautiful Anya Starkova outside of his hotel in Montreal. The two began a small conversation which would eventually lead to Anya picking Caleb up as a client. This has led to a very different lifestyle from Caleb Houston. One that has completely turned around his wrestling career.

On December 15th 2008 Caleb was released from his EWA contract when the company closed it's doors.

Prominent Wrestling Organization (February 18th, 2009- May 2009)

At 9:15AM February 18th of 2009 Caleb Houston made a public statement in his blog saying he had decided to return to the world of professional wrestling. It was only a few hours later when the world had found out he and Dylan Sanders had a signed a contract to bring Caleb to the PWO. During his time in the PWO Caleb has slowly been working his way up the ranks in hopes of returning to where he was in the EWA. Caleb Houston was released from his PWO contract in early may when the company decided to close it's doors once and for all.

Personal life

In wrestling

  • Current signature moves
    • Fujiwara Arm Bar
    • Ankle Lock
    • Crippler Cross Face
    • Standing Side Kick
    • Enzaguri
    • Float over DDT
    • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Current alignment
  • Nicknames
    • The Gold Standard *
    • The Future
  • Theme music
    • Sharks In Your Mouth by I Killed The Prom Queen (EWA)
    • Be Jealous by Tech N9ne (PWO) 

( * = current )


  • Elite Wrestling Academy
    • October 6th, 2008 - EWA Contract
    • October 27th, 2008 - Up and Comer of the Week
    • November 10, 2008 - RPer of the Week
    • November 10, 2008 - Up and Comer of the Week
    • November 17th 2008 - Match Of The Week (/w Jay Williams; Apocalypse)
    • November 17th 2008 - RPer of the Week (Apocalypse)
    • November 24th 2008 - RPer of the Week (Most Wanted)
    • November 24th 2008 - Match Of The Week (vs. Krazy Konway; Most Wanted)
    • December 8th - RPer of the Week (Most Wanted)
    • December 8th - Wrestler Of The Night (Most Wanted)
    • December 8th - Biggest Surprise (Defeating Keith Daniels; Most Wanted)
  • Prominent Wrestling Organization
    • February 18th, 2008 - PWO Contract
    • Currently ranked #6 on Power Rankings


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