Adam Flash (born Adam James Gilchrest on December 9th, 1981 in Oil City, Pennsylvania) is an American wrestler currently employed by the Intense Championship Wrestling Federation, or ICWF.

Adam James Caesar
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Adam James Caesar]]
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Ring Names Adam Flash, "The Serial Thrilla" Adam Flash, "Awesome" Adam Flash, "The Lost Boy" Vic Impact
Height 6 feet, 1 inches
Weight Ranges from 202lbs to 212lbs.
Date of birth December 9, 1981
Place of birth Oil City, Pennsylvania
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Trainer Alex "Powers" Ryans and Chris "X-Calibur" Cowen
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Debut October, 2002 (Generation X Wrestling)
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Pre-wrestling Life

Adam Flash isn't different than anybody else; his mother and father are happily married, he has a younger brother and an even younger sister. He was born to a "wealthy" middle class family that never seemed to have problems with much of anything. Like every family, there were arguments and "family meetings" but everything worked out for the better.

His father attended a University outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (California University of Pennsylvania to be exact) to gain a teaching degree while his mother starting working out of high school. His family had big dreams for Adam, but he turned his back on them and he decided to coast through two years of college before getting kicked out of college and his house.

During college though, Adam found his one passion. He was never considered an athletic kid...he just dabbled in all the sports his high school offered. But he always LOVED Pro-wrestling.

While attending college, Adam ran across an independant (REALLY small) promotion named Generation X Wrestling...and his life changed. After a couple of years, he became a pseudo-name in the company, without ever wearing a form of gold. Adam rose to fame with his tag partner, Ace Franklin, after their MANY battles with The Renegades, Sean Heart and Nathan Colt.

After being dismissed from ICWF during rehab, Adam was invited to join the IXWA and was placed in contendorship for the TV title. IXWA folded amid rumors of the President being brought back to the now struggling ICWF...leading to Adam losing a steady paycheck. Adam was brought back to the ICWF, but has one goal in mind...revenge against the President and the company that wronged him in the past.

Wrestling Career

Generation X Wrestling (2002-2005)

Adam found the Generation X Wrestling federation through a friend who used to go to the monthly shows. He broke into the GXW at their June PPV, Uprising.

Adam started off as a member of the evil stable known as "The Fallen," but broke away from the group after repeated clashes with their leader, Black Dragon. He officially distanced himself from the Fallen for the remainder of the month of October, but he was jumped by Black Dragon's 'hitmen', Knight Raven and Cye Kautic...putting Adam on the shelf for the remainder of 2002.

Adam came back March 21st, 2003 with a new attitude, highlighted by a new name. He managed to interrupted a celebration held by the current Ironman Champion, Scarab, which led to a bloody feud, culminating in the retirement of Scarab...but Adam was denied the Ironman title, it was retired by Black Dragon who won the ownership of GXW three days prior. He floundered around the promotion for what seemed like an eternity until a new wrestler came along...

Adam went on to team with Ace Franklin and formed the New Resolution...only to target the GXW Tag Titles. This team never won the belts and got sidetracked by a second tag team known as The Renegades, Sean Heart and Nathan Colt. These two teams competed in what many GXW fans consider to be the most violent, graphic and hard hitting matches in the history of the small promotion. The Renegades finally won the war with New Resolution by not only forcing Flash and Franklin to disband...but Sean Heart beat Adam Flash in a "Darkness" match, nearly ending Flash's career. The remainder of 2003 and the first four months of 2004, Adam sat at home trying to recover.

Adam returned to GXW in June, but seemed to only be a shell...slowly regaining his bearings until he left the GXW in mid 2005.

ICWF (2005-2006)

Stables Past and Present

~XLF (Xtreme Liberation Front)

Past Associates

~Black Dragon

~Cye Kautic

~Knight Raven

~Ace Franklin

~Jon Ryker

Current Associates



Finishing Moves

  • Shooting Frog Drop - Shooting Star Press into a Frog Splash. Adam lines his opponent up for a Shooting Star Press and takes to the air...only to quickly switch into a Frog Splash as he completes the rotation.
  • Adam Splitter - Kick to the stomach followed by a second rope Leg Drop.

Signature Moves

  • Flash Fire - Moonsaulting Leg Drop (Only used on a prone opponent.) Adam climbs the ropes and moonsaults towards his downed opponent before shifting his waist and landing with a leg drop.
  • Raging Knee - Shining Wizard (Can be done from almost ANY position. IE: It can be a running knee, used out of a lock-up, as the opponent stands or while the other man is on his knees.)


~ICWF Intense Champion (Defeated Dexter Payne at Birthday Bash XXI)


~Adam is only a third generation American...his Great Grandparents on both his mom's and dad's sides immigrated to America within seven years of each other.

~Adam's last name is Caesar...but before that family line immigrated to the US, the last name was Caesarioni. Immigration officials shortened it because 'Caesar' was easier to say.

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