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United Wrestling Federation (UWF) has a wide range of shows all over the world, including television, online, video on demand and pay-per-views.

Television and webcasts

UWF currently runs with three major shows on television. They are: Betrayal, Deception, and Legacy. UWF also airs recap shows: The UWF Experience, Bottom Line, and Afterburn.

UWF webcasts such as UWF Rollin, UWF Sidesplitters and UWF Uncut can be found in the All Videos section of their website.

United Wrestling Federation (UWF) has had a large Web presence for years. In 2008 it was nominated for a Streaming Media Award and again in 2008 for its online content.

  • The Three Main UWF Programs:
    • Betrayal
    • Deception
    • Legacy
  • Current UWF Recap Shows:
    • The UWF Experience
    • UWF Bottom Line
    • UWF Afterburn

Former programming

For more information, see Former UWF programming

UWF 24/7 Classics

In 2008, UWF announced a new video on demand service for digital cable users, allowing subscribers to the service access to matches in the promotion's extensive video library. The programming is broken into four sections and features classic shows, matches, and features highlighting past wrestlers.


UWF is currently one of the leaders in pay-per-view content for cable and satellite television. Pay-per-views account for approximately 25% of UWF revenues. There are twenty live shows for North America, four for United Kingdom, four for Australia and two for Japan. The pay-per-view events UWF hold currently are:

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