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The United Wrestling Federation (UWF) Brand Extension was a process first used in 2006 by said professional wrestling promotion in Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW) as a means of providing separate brands of wrestling through its two top shows, Retribution and Salvation.


Retribution and Salvation


After acquiring the remains of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), its main competitor throughout the early 2000s, in June 2006, the Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW) sought a way to split itself into two separate promotions, because of the numbers of talent that it had acquired as part of its purchase. On June 11, 2006, Jerry Seltzer announced the "brand extension" in which the company would be split into two distinct brands.

In terms of storyline, Maximillion Pegasus had become fifty percent owner of the CCW following Black Tuesday after Vince McMahon and Ted Turner had sold their stocks to him in order to purchase World Championship Wrestling (WCW), respectively. Jerry Seltzer detested having to share his creation with Pegasus and looked for a way to dissolve their partnership. After entering a feud with Nelson Mandrell and Chae Baggio, Pegasus sought a match with him at the Tuesday Night Titans on June 13, 2006. However, the UWF Board of Directors would only allow the match if Pegasus were to return one hundred percent control to Seltzer. Their decision was to split the entire UWF roster into two separate entities, with Jerry Seltzer in control of the Retribution brand and Maximillion Pegasus in control of the Salvation brand. A draft was held the following week on Retribution. Each owner would get a total of thirty picks. The brand extension officially began on June 22, 2006.

Superstar selections

The 2006 Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW) Brand Extension Draft took place at w:GeorgiaDome in Atlanta, Georgia on June 22, 2006. The first half of the draft was televised live on USA Network for two hours, as part of CCW's flagship program, Wednesday Night Retribution (formally known as CCW Saturday Night Main Event. There were thirty-eight draft picks, with thirty-eight superstars drafted overall by co-owners of the CCW, Maximillion Pegasus and Jerry Seltzer, onto their respective brands, Salvation and Retribution. For the televised half of the draft, ten brand selections were manually made by Pegasus and Seltzer. The remaining superstars were divided randomly in a draft lottery, with each brand receiving a grand total of nineteen superstars.

On the June 22, 2006 episode of Retribution, Jerry Seltzer won a coin toss to determine who would receive the first draft selection.

Pick #
Brand Pick # Superstar Notes
1 Retribution 1 Atlas
2 Salvation 1 Blaze
3 Retribution 2 Brock
4 Salvation 2 Bronco
5 Retribution 3 Glacier
6 Salvation 3 Cyclone
7 Retribution 4 Gold
8 Salvation 4 Dallas
9 Retribution 5 Hawk
10 Salvation 5 Diamond
11 Retribution 6 Hunter
12 Salvation 6 Elektra
13 Retribution 7 Invader
14 Salvation 7 Gemini
15 Retribution 8 Jazz
16 Salvation 8 Houston
17 Retribution 9 Lace
18 Salvation 9 Hunter Jackson
19 Retribution 10 Laser
20 Salvation 10 Ice
21 Retribution 11 Malibu
22 Salvation 11 Panther
23 Retribution 12 Nitro
24 Salvation 12 Rage
25 Retribution 13 Rebel
26 Salvation 13 Siren
27 Retribution 14 Sabre
28 Salvation 14 Storm
29 Retribution 15 Skye
30 Salvation 15 Thunder
31 Retribution 16 Steel
32 Salvation 16 Tower
33 Retribution 17 Sunny
34 Salvation 17 Turbo
35 Retribution 18 Tank
36 Salvation 18 Viper
37 Retribution 19 Titan
38 Salvation 19 Zap


  • Picks #1-20 were made live on Raw on USA Network.
  • Picks #21 -38 were conducted over their website.


On the June 28th edition of Retribution, Seltzer became the sole owner of Christian Championship Wrestling (after the CCW ownership was on the line) when he defeated Pegasus in a No Holds Barred match.



Following the success of the first draft, the CCW officials planned for a Draft for December 30th edition of Retribution. This time, each brand gets 11 selections and 9 trades to have in the 2007 Draft.

Superstar selections

Actual draft

In the actual draft, both brand can pick 11 selections from its' developmental territories and trade 9 superstars during the show.

Pick #
Brand Pick # Superstar Notes
1 Retribution 1 Ace
2 Salvation 1 Astron
3 Retribution 2 Amazon
4 Salvation 2 Cheetah
5 Retribution 3 Falcon
6 Salvation 3 Diesel
7 Retribution 4 Flash
8 Salvation 4 Fox
9 Retribution 5 Hurricane
10 Salvation 5 Kahn
11 Retribution 6 Jet
12 Salvation 6 Nightshade
13 Retribution 7 Lynx
14 Salvation 7 Phoenix
15 Retribution 8 Raider
16 Salvation 8 Rhino
17 Retribution 9 Rio
18 Salvation 9 Rocket
19 Retribution 10 Thor
20 Salvation 10 Shadow
21 Retribution 11 Vulcan
22 Salvation 11 Vogue

Pick #
Brand Pick # Superstar Notes
1 Retribution 1 Cyclone
2 Salvation 1 Brock
3 Retribution 2 Dallas
4 Salvation 2 Gold
5 Retribution 3 Elektra
6 Salvation 3 Hawk
7 Retribution 4 Gemini
8 Salvation 4 Lace
9 Retribution 5 Houston
10 Salvation 5 Laser
11 Retribution 6 Ice
12 Salvation 6 Sabre
13 Retribution 7 Siren
14 Salvation 7 Skye
15 Retribution 8 Storm
16 Salvation 8 Steel
17 Retribution 9 Zap
18 Salvation 9 Tank


In January 2008, the Christian Championship Wrestling purchased the American Wrestling Alliance and the Global Wrestling Alliance and used them as their developmental territories. On May 8th the CCW rebranded the AWA and the GWA to make the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) brand and officially made it a third brand.



After Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW) bought all of American Wrestling Alliance (AWA)'s and Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA)'s assets in 2008, the company began releasing DVDs promoting the original AWA and GWA. Soon afterwards, the company promoted two AWA and GWA reunion shows for AWA Alumni and GWA Alumni entitled, One Night Stand in 2007 and in 2008.

On June 21, 2007, CCW announced a launch of a new brand, TNA, a revival of the 2000s promotion. The new brand debuted on its current network, the TBS Channel on June 26, 2007.

Superstar selections

The 2008 Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW) Brand Extension Draft took place from the AstroDome in Houston, Texas on June 12, 2008, where TNA representative, Don and Clark Giovanni, drafted several superstars from Retribuition and from Salvation onto the newly created TNA brand.

Pick # Brand (To) Superstar Brand (From)
1 Retribution Diamond Salvation
2 Salvation Jazz Retribution
3 TNA Jet Retribution
4 Retribution Michael O'Dell TNA
5 Salvation Fury TNA
6 TNA Hellraiser TNA
7 Retribution Flame TNA
8 Salvation Beast TNA
9 TNA Ace Retribution
10 Retribution Cheetah Salvation
11 Salvation Clark Giovanni TNA
12 TNA Don Giovanni TNA
13 Retribution Ice Salvation
14 Salvation Hunter Jackson Salvation
15 TNA Raven TNA
16 Retribution Blaze Salvation
17 Salvation Glacier Retribution
18 TNA Tank Salvation
19 Retribution Dallas Retribution
20 Salvation Siren Retribution
21 TNA Justice TNA
22 Retribution Houston Retribution
23 Salvation Viper Salvation
24 TNA Skye Salvation
25 Retribution Steel Salvation
26 Salvation Elektra Retribution
27 TNA Toa TNA
28 Retribution Titan Retribution
29 Salvation Hunter Retribution
30 TNA Amazon Retribution
31 Retribution Gemini Retribution
32 Salvation Falcon Retribution
33 TNA Hurricane TNA
34 Retribution Flash TNA
35 Salvation Invader Retribution
36 TNA Lynx Retribution
37 Retribution Nitro Retribution
38 Salvation Malibu Retribution
39 TNA Raider Retribution
40 Retribution Storm Retribution
41 Salvation Rebel Retribution
42 TNA Rio Retrition
43 Retribution Zap Retribution
44 Salvation Sunny Retribution
45 TNA Thor Retribution
46 Retribution Vulcon Retribution
47 Salvation Astron Salvation
48 TNA Brock Salvation
49 Retribution Phoenix Salvation
50 Salvation Diesel Salvation
51 TNA Hawk Salvation
52 Retribution Gold Salvation
53 Salvation Fox Salvation
54 TNA Kahn Salvation
55 Retribution Lace Salvation
56 Salvation Panther Salvation
57 TNA Tower Salvation
58 Retribution Laser Retribution
59 Salvation Thunder Salvation
60 TNA Turbo Salvation
61 Retribution Rocket Salvation
62 Salvation Rhino Salvation
63 TNA Rage Salvation
64 Retribution Sabre Retribution
65 Salvation Nightshade Salvation
66 TNA Vogue Salvation
67 Retribution The Commander TNA
68 Salvation Shadow TNA
69 TNA Blast TNA
70 Retribution Crush TNA
71 Salvation Bullet TNA
72 TNA Bubba King TNA
73 Retribution Militia TNA
74 Salvation D.O.A. TNA
75 TNA Apache TNA
76 Retribution T-Money TNA
77 Salvation Cuda TNA
78 TNA Tug Boat TNA
79 Retribution Cobra TNA
80 Salvation Hammer TNA
81 TNA Jade TNA
82 Retribution Lightning TNA
83 Salvation Payne TNA
84 TNA Mayhem TNA
85 Retribution Stealth TNA
86 Salvation Snake TNA
87 TNA Quake TNA
88 Retribution Nelson Mandrell Retribution
89 Salvation Chae Baggio Salvation
90 TNA Tigra TNA
91 Retribution Venom TNA
92 Salvation Trojan TNA
93 TNA Typhoon TNA
94 Retribution Wolf TNA
95 Salvation Warrior TNA
96 TNA Zodiac TNA
97 Retribution Zen TNA
98 Salvation Sacaren TNA
99 TNA Vixon TNA
100 Salvation Scorpio TNA

Pick # Brand (To) Superstar Brand (From)
1 Retribution Jet TNA
2 Salvation Vixon TNA
3 TNA Clark Giovanni Salvation
4 Retribution Raven TNA
5 Salvation Wolf Retribution
6 TNA Stealth Retribution
7 Retribution Hurricane TNA
8 Salvation Sabre Retribution
9 TNA Diesel Salvation
10 Retribution Elektra Salvation
11 Salvation Crush Retribution
12 TNA Warrior Salvation
13 Retribution Viper Salvation
14 Salvation Zodiac TNA
15 TNA Zen Retribution
16 Retribution Skye TNA
17 Salvation Quake TNA
18 TNA Snake Salvation
19 Retribution Siren Salvation
20 Salvation Justice TNA
21 TNA Glacier Salvation
22 Retribution Hunter Jackson Salvation
23 Salvation Typhoon TNA
24 TNA Trojan Salvation


In late 2008, Salvation and TNA superstars began to appear on each others shows as part of a (kayfabe) deal between TNA General Managers Don and Clark Giovanni and Salvation General Manager Chae Baggio.

In addition to the Talent Exchange between Salvation and TNA, an exchange between Retribution and TNA was announced in October 2008.

United Wrestling Federation


After Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW) bought all of American Wrestling Alliance (AWA)'s, Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA)'s, National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)'s, World Championship Wrestling (WCW)'s, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)'s, United Wrestling Federation#World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA)'s, and United Wrestling Federation#Total Nonstop Action (TNA)'s assets on May 30, 2008, the company began releasing DVDs promoting the original AWA, GWA, WCW, TNA, WWE. and NWA.

On June 15, 2008, CCW announced a launch of a new brand, UWF, a revival of AWA, GWA, WCW, WWA, WWE, and NWA. The new brands debuted on three networks, the USA Network on January 12, 2009 for UWF Betrayal, TNT on January 13, 2009 for UWF Legacy, and CW Network on January 15, 2009 for UWF Deception.

Superstar selections

The 2009 United Wrestling Federation (UWF) Brand Extension Draft took place from the AstroDome in Houston, Texas on January 1, 2009, where United Wrestling Federation representative, Jerry Seltzer and Vince McMahon, announced that the draft will several superstars from Betryal, Deception, and Legacy brands.

Pick # Brand (To) Superstar Brand (From)
1 Betrayal
2 Deception
3 Legacy
Pick # Brand (To) Superstar Brand (From)
1 Betryal
2 Deception
3 Legacy


After the draft, the new rosters could assign wrestlers to the farm territory called TNA for enhancements training. There would be 3 universal titles to be defended on all 3 brands. On each brand, there would be 2 additional titles defended on that brand.


Inter-brand competition

Inter-brand competition was kept at a minimum, with superstars from all brands competing together only at pay-per-view events. However, in 2008, all pay per view events became brand exclusive, leaving the "big four" pay-per-views (One Night Stand, Insurrextion, Rebellion, and the Armageddon) as the only inter-brand shows.

Starting in mid 2008, in an attempt to add more star power to the shows, inter-brand matches became more common. Most notably, Blaze, Gemini, Dallas, and Houston reformed, despite the fact that the teammates were on separate brands. Ice is also notable for his inter-brand action, who was involved in a storyline with the CCW Chairman, Jerry Seltzer. The return of Saturday Night's Main Event to NBC has also lead to more interaction between the brands.

Starting in June 2008 with King of the Ring, all pay-per-views now feature all the brands as they originally were in 2006 and 2007.


The separation of the CCW roster between two brands also intended to split the pay-per-view offerings, which began with Bound For Glory in January 2008. The original idea had the "major" pay-per-view events at the time (Rebellion, Insurrextion, Armageddon, and One Night Stand) would contain the only instances where wrestlers from different brands would interact with each other, and even among the four shows only the Armageddon and One Night Stand would have wrestlers from different brands competing against each other. Wrestlers, as a result, appeared only in two-thirds of the shows in a given year, and thus appeared in fewer shows compared to before the brand extension. With single-brand PPVs in place, CCW was able to add more pay-per-view events to their offerings, such as Destination X and Invasion. Eventually, CCW abandoned the practice of single-brand pay-per-view events following King of the Ring.


Initially, the CCW World Championship and CCW World Tag Team Championships were available to both brands. The other championships were exclusive to the brand the champion was a part of. With several specialty championships being exclusive to one brand, numerous wrestlers were left with no title to fight for.

This issue was corrected in August 2006 when the World Champion became the CCW World Champion again and was moved to Retribution while Chae Baggio created the CCW World Heavyweight Championship for Salvation. Shortly thereafter. Salvation created their own CCW Tag Team Championship, revived the CCW X-Division Championship to be the exclusive home. Meanwhile Retribution became the exclusive brand for CCW's original World Tag Team Championship and the United States Championship. The X-Division Championship and CCW Tag Team Championships were able to be shared between Salvation and TNA following a talent exchange agreement between the two brands, which meant that Salvation superstars could appear on TNA and vice versa.

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