Undisputed Wrestling Alliance
Acronym UWA
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Headquarters Houston,Texas
Show(s) UWA Warfare and Fusion (Dark Show)
Website UWA Home
Established March 2008 - June 2008
May 2009 - (Present)
CEO Megathreat
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Key people Megathreat - Owner
Blake Beckett - Warfare General Manager
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Booker(s) Blake Beckett (Warfare) and Patrick Gordon (Fusion).
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Undisputed Wrestling Alliance

The Undisputed Wrestling Alliance was originally founded in 2008, but after financial difficulties it was forced to close down and the whole of the UWA roster were forced to leave, losing their jobs, their livelihood and their dignity. Many of them stayed in a pact and traveled from federation to federation, but this soon took its toll on many stars and they started to drop into retirement. After months of traveling and many stars vanishing off the face of the earth, it seemed like the UWA originals were gone forever.
Megathreat used his own cash to start UWA again, he took over the reigns that Raider had tarnished before, he hired scouts to go and find those that once dominated the standings in UWA, and with great success. There was an added bonus though, he brought some friends along too. So now, UWA is not the establishment that was once known, but it is now a mixture of old school and new school wrestlers waiting to mix it up in the ring and make it big. So come along and help build UWA into what it never was before.

At August 15 of 2009, 140 days after the re-opening UWA closed due to half of the stars no-showed for a couple of weeks.The other ones parted, most of them got to the newly open State Island Wrestling federation.


  • General Manager of Warfare - Blake Beckett- After Cody X's release, the UWA was looking for a new GM. And then Ryan saw Blake. And Blake has been an impressive GM so far. Woot woot! .
  • General Manager of Fusion -Patrick Gordon- Megathreat used to run Fusion. Oh well. Who needs him? Patrick is a new face, and he is very experienced.

Current Roster


  • General Manager: Blake Beckett

Active Superstars

  • Jake Thrasher
  • Alan Daniel
  • Austin Acquin
  • Sideshow Banks
  • Izzie Dead
  • Ladder
  • Jack Prowler
  • Madison Seton
  • Damon Synn
  • Wake Walker
  • Matt Kluge
  • Andrew Norwood
  • Simon Spikes
  • Astaroth
  • Kenny Daniels
  • Christian Gold
  • The Crash
  • Brad Savage
  • Shane Valentine
  • Drake Michaels
  • Omen
  • Syco
  • Megathreat
  • Brandon Patrone
  • Powerhouse
  • Jamean Jaxon
  • Justin Sane
  • Samantha Morrison
  • Jennifer White

Active Tag Teams & Stables

UWA Tag Teams

Malicious Intent - Sideshow Banks & Omen

Sinful Tempations - Jennifer White & Samantha Morrison

Cunning Linguistics - Izzie Dead & Ladder
Mega N Sane - Megathreat & Justin Sane

UWA Stables

Acts Of God (A.O.G.) - Sideshow Banks, Omen, Drake Michaels, & Christian Gold

Champions and Titles

Championship Current
UWA Monday Night Warfare
UWA Undisputed VACANT
UWA Ultimate X Championship Madison Seton
UWA Tag Team Championship Cunning Linguistics
UWA International X Championship Wake Walker
UWA United States Championship Jake Thrasher
Accomplishment Latest Winner
Reckless Rumble 2009 "The Loose Cannon" Trevor Finnell
Last UWA Hardcore Champion

Major Madman / Jake Thrasher

UWA Briefcase Holder

Jake Thrasher

Longest Reigning Champion Wake Walker (International X Belt)

PPV Calendar

PPV Date
TBD January
TBD February
TBD March
TBD April
Reckless Rumble
Toyota Center - Houston, Texas
May 24, 2009
Wrestle Fest
Amway Arena - Orlando, Florida
July 5, 2009
Venue TBD - London, England
August 9, 2009
TBD September
Venue TBD - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 1, 2009
TBD December

Other On-Air Talent

  • Monday Night Warfare Staff:
Ring Announcer - Micheal Dalans
Color Commentary - Sarah Sharp, Adam Callaway
Backstage Interviewer - Sarah Sharp
Referee - Pat Jackson
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