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Trenton Pierce
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Real name William Reese Pierce
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Height 6'4"
Weight 257 lbs.
Date of birth February 22
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
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Resides Red Bank, New Jersey
Billed from Los Angeles, California
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Sin Wrestling
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Debut November 2006
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William Reese Pierce (born February 22nd, 1979) is a second-generation American professional wrestler, best known for his brief stint in Project: Violence and his on-going career in Sin Wrestling. Trenton is the former Project:Violence WWW champion but gained much of his fame as majority owner of the now defunct Berate Wrestling, a company he proudly built from the ground up. Prior to his professional wrestling career, Trenton worked as an independent filmmaker and sports writer.

Extended Biography

Just who is Trenton Reese Pierce? He is a fearless warrior. Celebrated by many and feared by more. Trenton Pierce is the epitome of hard work and dedication. Throughout his two year career, he has gone above and beyond in the wrestling industry and has proven to many that he is the real deal and silencing most of his critics.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Trenton grew up sharing a household with a Hollywood bombshell, Nicole Elizabeth Faulkner-Pierce, for a mother and a professional wrestler, Trenton Harvey Pierce, for a father. His childhood was one of happiness having spent the his first ten years in what appeared to be a very happy household. His parents, however, put that to rest on October 13th, 1990. Trenton’s father, after years of quarrels with his wife filed for divorce and a month later, packed up and moved Trenton and himself to Red Bank, New Jersey.
It was in Red Bank, Trenton would find his love for wrestling. During his years in high school, Trenton was the perfect student. He was selected for Who’s Who, asked to attend the Leadership Conference in Washington D.C., and was also a key contributor to his wrestling teams victory at the state championship tournament in 1996. He was selected class president his senior year in high school and was also a three year member of the National Honor Society. But in high school, as in his adult life, wrestling is why people thought of him as a local hero.
Trenton wrestled in the 205 division and compiled an impressive 45-1 record through three years of varsity wrestling, winning the individual state championship each year before finally helping his school win it with his team in 1996. He ate, slept, and breathed wrestling, but wrestling was not the only sport he was good at. He was also a varsity stand out on his school’s football and track and field teams. His final accomplishment in high school came in 1996 when he was crowned prom king and graduated high school a year early at the age of 17.
It was at this point Trenton struggled to find his calling. He earned wrestling scholarships to Oklahoma State University and the University of Southern California. After a few months of debating, he chose to attend Oklahoma State University. Trenton entered college as a wrestling star. Oklahoma State University, being well known for it’s wrestling program, ended up being the beginning of his life’s downward spiral.
It was around this time that Trenton would receive a call from his mother who, although unknown to Trenton at the time, was entering her final stages of life. Trenton’s mother was non-existent in the 7 years that followed his parents divorce in 1989. Trenton spent much of his life pretending his mother had passed away because it was easier to deal with than the truth that his mother just did not love him. He ignored every one of his mothers attempts and continued living life in Oklahoma. It was here that Trenton began experimenting with drugs and alcohol and after an upset of a sophomore year, his scholarship was pulled and Trenton was sent back home to Red Bank.
Once more, in 1997 he was contacted by his mother, and this time he decided to pick it up and tell her how he felt. When he answered the call, however, it was his aunt. She informed Trenton that his mom was in the hospital in critical condition as the result of a drug overdose. Trenton, having had a tumultuous relationship with his mother, chose to ignore her cry for help. Nicole eventually recovered and reached out many times to Trenton in order to reestablish their relationship. However, at this point Trenton had had enough and refused to regain contact with his mother. It would go on to become one of his biggest regrets.
On February 23rd, 1999, Trenton received a call from his father, who was in Los Angeles visiting his ex-wife, regarding his mother. Trenton told his father that he had broken all contact with his mother and liked it that way. It was then that he informed Trenton that his mother had been found dead, hanging by a rope over a birthday cake she had baked for him for his birthday just a day earlier. It was at this point in his life that Trenton would overcome a major obstacle.
Trenton became depressed and ended up getting strung out on alcohol and drugs once more. He admitted himself into the Betty Ford Center in an attempt to get clean. A little over three months in the program, Trenton checked himself out. He committed his life to that of a healthy one. He began working out, spending four hours a day, twice a day at a local gym. He also remained very close to his father refusing to repeat the same mistake he had made with his mother.
While working out, Trenton Pierce met Arran Hayden, an aspiring professional wrestler. The two developed a friendship and it was then that Trenton had finally figured out what he wanted to do with his life. Trenton developed a strict training regimen and soon getting in shape and staying that way seemed to be his main priority. He entered the wrestling world in 2003.

Essential Information

Name: Trenton Pierce

Nickname: n/a

Height/Weight: 6'4"/257 lbs.

Body Type: Muscular/Cut ; surprisingly agile

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Alignment: Face

Theme Music: "I will be heard" by Hatebreed

Appearance: Trenton's style is simple. Whether in the ring or out his black hair is usually in faux hawk fashion with the black soul patch below his bottom lip finishing off his punk look. The black shirt he wears is custom made to fit his large frame and it is typically the only shirt he will wear with the exception of a few of his favorite bands t-shirts. In-ring he beats up on opponents in cut-off shorts which hang below his knees and overlook his knee high black wrestling boots. His fighting appearance is completed shirtless with a tattoo of his mothers name over his heart and a Celtic cross on his left bicep. A black elbow support pad can usually be found wrapped around his left elbow.

Gimmick: Trenton has never quite gotten over his mothers demise and feels almost completely responsible for it. He spent the years after her death trying to rebuild himself from the inside out and managed to succeed for the most part but he'll never completely get over his mothers death and that's always a factor in everything he does. He falls easy for women for fear of making the same mistake he made with his mother. He refuses to accept failure and his main force in his quest to glory is to honor the Pierce name in the wrestling industry, his father being a decorated wrestler and all. The arrival of his daughter gave him another reason to live and almost everything he does revolves around her. That was until her life was taken by Arran Hayden, or so Trenton thought. After that, he turned a little bit nutty and was committed to a mental institution in March 2007. Fast forward to October 2007 and although no longer considered insane, he still believes he's not fully recovered and knows there's still a beast deep down inside.

Wrestling Style: Daredevil/Brawler.

Strengths: Trenton's 6'4", 257 pound frame gives him a good advantage in the ring seventy percent of the time. But when it comes to his bigger opponents, Trenton resorts to his agility to tire them out and break them down. He's a headstrong wrestler who rarely loses his composure in tough situation. He's especially tough against submissions having never submitted in a match in his career.

Weaknesses: Trenton Pierce's long career of smash mouth wrestling has produced many broken bones, the worst of which was his ankle shortly after he began his career in Sin Wrestling. This ankle has all but healed leaving it vulnerable during his matches. He is also submissive to mind games thanks in part to his tumultuous past. Although amazing against defending submission moves, his lack of expertise in this area makes his ground game non-existent.

Frequently used moves:

  • Spear
  • Leaping clothesline
  • Snap powerbomb
  • Jackhammer
  • Stall piledriver
  • Double underhook DDT
  • Over-the-head belly-to-belly suplex
  • High back body drop
  • Superkick
  • Superplex
  • German suplex
  • STF
  • Moonsault

Finishing moves:

  • The UnderOath -- Pierce stands back to back with his opponent and locks arms, he then pulls his opponent over his back and plants him on the mat with a pedigree..
  • Sudden Impact -- Inverted F-5