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Thomas A. Driver (born November 21, 1984 in New York City, New York) is a professional wrestler last employed with the Professional RPG Wrestling. He is perhaps best known under the stage names Tommy Dragon and The Patron Saint, which he used during his tenure with the Pojo Wrestling Alliance, and his birth name, which he used later in his career.

Early life

Thomas Anthony Driver was born in New York City to Thomas and Elizabeth Driver on November 21st, 1984. His uncle was known for his work in the Pelican Wrestling Federation as the monster, King Volcano, but his family seemed reluctant in allowing their son to follow in his footsteps. Despite their attitude he made some casual appearances as Todd Austin, a name used in his backyard wrestling projects, while in high school. Due to his age, he would rarely step into the ring but often found himself used as a referee or timekeeper. His first real steps toward wrestling followed his enrollment in New York University, specifically when his parents refused to finance their seventeen-year-old son’s education. He began to rise in the local independent scene as Tommy Hollywood, attending a seminar presented by several established superstars in the business: specifically lectures given by Bret Hart and Chris Benoit in the early 2000s. Their words, and styles, would have a profound impact on the young athlete.


Online Wrestling Federation, American Wrestling Alliance (2003 - 2004):

After continuing success in his hometown, Tommy would eventually be asked to join the Online Wrestling Federation. Though the company did not have a contract with any television stations, they were able to broadcast his matches on their website. As the fan favorite Tommy Hollywood, he would enter in the OWF Tag Team Grand Prix along with a fellow rookie Anthony Martin. The tandem were christened The Neo-Generation and defeated the Blaze Brothers, the favorites to win, to become the OWF National Tag Team Champions in a phenomenal ladder match. The match would later be awarded the tag match of the year, but their success was cut short early in 2004, when Anthony was severally injured in rematch against the Blaze Brothers. In order to avenge his loss, Tommy teams with the seemingly insane luchador; the Masked Maniac. At the same time, the company had allotted enough funds to hold it’s first pay-per-view event, OWF: In The House, and Tommy captured the titles for a second time. His second reign was much more successful than his first, even retaining the championships with Masked Maniac in the second OWF Tag Team Grand Prix. However, at the following show their reign would end when his cohort turned on him to join the partner-less Johnny Blaze; forming the Kontrol Phreaks. His last run with the belts would come almost a year afterwards when he and Anthony Martin, as the reunited Neo-Generation, defeated their arch-rivals the Blaze Brothers for a third and final reign. Within a month of being crowned champions, they lost to the then AWA Tag Team Champions, The Dark Church, in an extremely violent street fight. After losing, the Online Wrestling Federation and its titles were officially absorbed into the still-growing American Wrestling Alliance.

Before the merger, Tommy had already made the trip over to the American Wresting Alliance, but as the American Crippler instead of his Hollywood-themed gimmick . While still employed under Online Wrestling, he would also make trips around the country as a member of the AWA roster. One of his first major moments with the organization came in mid-2004, when he would win the American Wrestling Alliance National Tournament that crowned him as their first-ever AWA National Champion. Only six months later, he would capture the AWA Heavyweight in the main event at All-Americana 2. In order to obtain contendership, the Crippler would enter first in the twenty person AWA Royal Rumble, eliminating five superstars while competing in the match. Also adding to this win was the fact he would pin then-current champion and growing adversary "Pure Heat" Antonio Blaze. His reign at the top would last a record breaking five months before Johnny Blaze, the previous champion’s brother, would capture the belt in a surprise challenge. The stress of being heavyweight champion had taken their toll on the young athlete and the loss would eventually make him snap, becoming a sinister heel whose mission was to injure everyone in his path.

Around this time, he recruited the retired Masked Maniac’s partner Replay and re-christened him Mike Hollywood. Together, the team would put an up-and-coming tandem called the Speed Demons on the shelf, as well as torment champion Johnny Blaze. Although they would win the AWA Tag Team Championships, the Crippler was focused solely on holding the primary title in the company. After two failed attempts at regaining his title, the American Crippler was humiliated when his own apprentice captured the title at Americana 3 - one year to the day from his own reign. The month previously, the Crippler had won his second AWA Royal Rumble and planned on facing the weakened Blaze following his match with Hollywood. He attempted to go through with his plan, but was defeated by the newly-crowned, and resilient, champion. Mike’s reign was a short one, at the following month’s event the Crippler rolled-up his partner to begin his second run with the title. He was once again ready to carry the company on his shoulders, but support fell through and the American Wrestling Alliance folded. At the final show, the American Crippler outlasted nineteen other superstars in a special battle royal in his first, last and only defense. At the end of the night, he laid the belt down in the center of the squared circle before walking away to join a rather unorthodox organization.

Xtreme Sports Entertainment, Pelican Wrestling and controversy (2004):

For weeks, Xtreme Sports Entertainment television had been interrupted by segments featuring an unknown warrior who claimed he wanted to bring real wrestling to the hardcore-based company. The man turned out to be Tommy, under the name Bionic Wolverine, and he would constantly attack representatives of other sporting federations in an attempt to prove himself the greatest athlete in the world. After two months with the company, he would be granted a shot at XSE World Heavyweight Title at the very first show of 2004. The Bionic Wolverine would defeat “Awesome” Mark Constantine in a barbed-wire ladder match following a suicide headbutt from the outside into the ring. Not only would this award him the championship, but show that the technically-trained wrestler could compete in unfamiliar environments like the rest of his extreme peers.

During his first reign, the Bionic Wolverine would unify the heavyweight belt with the XSE World Television Championship - then held by the record-breaking champion Nitro Boy. He would defend the title seven times in a period of four months before losing to the newly-returned Mark Constantine in a sixty-minute iron man match. It wasn’t long before his second reign began, with Mark leaving once again - this time permanently due to injury - and forcing a special tournament. After competing in four brutal rounds, including a Brawl of the Year winning semi-final bout with Nitro Boy, the Wolverine defeated Andre Hawk to win back the strap. Shortly after winning, he was contacted by an affiliate of Constantine’s, who persuaded him to join the recently reincarnated promotion Pelican Wrestling Federation - longtime rival of Pojo Wrestling. Tommy would hold the belt for a month before losing to Nitro Boy in their third and final match, competing until multiple incidents in PWF caused the superstar to put his young career on hold.

With his uncle King Volcano a veteran of the company, Tommy would settle in quickly in order to fill the athlete’s rather large shoes. His success in Pelican was much different than his previous endeavors, as he would remain titleless for the majority of his stay with the company. While beating several of the organization’s notable contenders, he was consistently denied shots at the championships due to the reluctance of the established champions to defend. When he was finally awarded a shot at the World Heavyweight Title, booking decided that his win would only come about through a disqualification.

Following this controversy, another match was booked and this time Tommy, whose gimmick was that of a masked half-Irish, half-Asian (despite lacking any blood from this latter line) known as the Genex Dragon, defeated Matt Van Dam. The next night, the referee determined that Van Dam’s foot was under the rope and so the title would be vacated. In the championship tournament for the belt, Tommy was eliminated in the first round when he walked out on opponent Ron “Big Bad” Gambino. Disenfranchised with the business, Tommy took a break for several months and focused on school work. After achieving his bachelors degree in an intensive program, he came across an ad for the Pojo Wrestling Alliance and decided to look into the prospect of competing there.

Pojo Wrestling Alliance and the lower card (2004 - 2006):

Thomas Driver joined the PWA under the ring name "The Hotshot" Tommy Dragon, a young wealthy heel, and quickly created a stable known as The Hotshot Corporation. He used the group, consisting of Mark Hayden, the New York Man and former partner Anthony "The Clash" Martin, in his pursuit of the PWA Hardcore title. He would eventually achieve his goal by winning the fourth annual Hardcore Massacre Battle Royal in which he had to fend off countless PWA superstars and special guests. That same night, he would end a short term singles feud with Sean Blake that would lead him to a feud with Blake's stable; Generation Xtreme. After failing to qualify for the Three Hours of Power tournament's semi-finals, Tommy sought to defend his Hardcore title against Joker, the then European champion, in a steel cage match. Ultimately, Joker would win both belts and Tommy would be left without a championship. Around this time, Tommy began to adopt more face-like characteristics by behaving more admirably during contests.

The Pick, a legendary hardcore in PWA, recruited Tommy to be his teammate in a tag match. Having become a fan favorite thanks to The Pick's support, the two would go on to win the number one contenderships in a four-team contender's match. After defeating Sean Blake and Wrath of Generation Xtreme, the two would challenge The Forsworn in a match that put the champions' nearly year-long undefeated streak on the line. Triple 6 and Organon, members of the group, were soon to meet for the World Heavyweight title and tensions arose in this match. Organon showed up late into the contest and despite his presence, the team lost the belts to Tommy and Pick. The Pick renamed himself Tom Tyco and together the team became unofficially known as TNT. TNT would defend their belts only once before losing them in a tag team turmoil match to The Syndicate; a team of the returning Warsaw and Mysterio. Following the loss, TNT broke up and Tommy reverted to his heel ways.

Tommy Dragon and Showtime began feuding over the PWA Intercontinental championship, then owned by the English Monster P.Y. They fought for the right to challenge the champion but the match ended in a draw when P.Y interfered. In a triple threat match on Havoc, Showtime pinned the Briton to become champion while Tommy was incapacitated on the outside. Following a defense of the belt over its former owner and a challenge for a submission match, the two would meet at Extreme Destruction 2005. The card is often considered one of the greatest shows in PWA history and one of the highlights is often considered to be the match between Showtime and Tommy. Tommy was eventually able to secure his Dragonlock, a grapevine anklelock, on Showtime and win the title. This match would propel Tommy's career in PWA as he was immediately brought in to management for a bigger role in the company.

At the same time as his Intercontinental championship win, Tommy brought back Zach Pendergrass in his pursuit of tag gold. ZJP had recently suffered a slump before vanishing from PWA television but in his return match, he and Tommy were able to defeat Sean Blake and Joker for the PWA tag titles. Tommy began to defend the IC and tag titles every chance he got and would face challengers on a weekly basis for both belts. Both reigns saw him defend the titles ten times each, defeating the likes of: Mysterio, Joker, Deception, Eagle, Tony Xtreme, the Kings Among Lunatics and the New Breed. In his first WrestleFest, Tommy place third before being eliminated by multi-time winner Triple 6 and eventual winner P.Y. He and ZJP would start a stable, known as the Marks of Perfection, which would include ALX and Vulture. Eventually all four members would hold championship gold until late 2005 when the tag titles were lost to Tony Xtreme and Deception. Julio Guerrera, a renamed Mysterio, would also go on to defeat Tommy for the Intercontinental title the week before PojoCade, rearranging an ambulance match that saw Tommy lose to Sean Blake following a bitter feud.

Regaining the Intercontinental title and Sparkle Motion! (2006-2007)

Following PojoCade, Tommy Dragon regained the Intercontinental title from Julio Guerrera in a triple threat match involving Eagle. He would continue to defend the belt on a weekly basis the second time, including main eventing PWA Massacre in his hometown at Madison Square Garden. He would defeat The Notorious PIC, or Piccie Smalls, in a match that saw the return of P.Y; assumed dead following a controversial angle at PojoCade of that year. Tommy befriended Piccie and following a brief phase where he believed himself to be a pirate called Thomas Rackham (named after "Calico" Jack Rackham) he defeated P.Y to become the winner of Three Hours of Power for that year. Despite losing the championship opportunity to Deception several weeks later, Tommy and Piccie formed Sparkle Motion! and won the tag titles in a tournament.

Sparkle Motion! became one of the most famous tag teams in PWA, eventually being voted the greatest tag team champions in the company's history. Despite only having held the titles on one occasion, the off-stage antics and in-ring successes led to the duo becoming popular with the PWA fan base. Tommy would play the straight-face, often aggravated anti-hero while PIC's beloved drunkeness became highlights of PWA television for months. Piccie would even adopt a monkey, naming him Mr. Ban Anas, and often indicating he was the former pet of Michael Jackson. Tommy would lose the Intercontinental title while PIC had a much applauded run as European champion. Eventually, PIC would win the Intercontinental title and Tommy was driven more to the back with his partner's successes. At the time, Tommy was able to score a major win over Triple 6 via submission at Extreme Destruction before finishing second in that year's WrestleFest rumble. The two would meet in a tag team champions' singles match for Intercontinental title that saw Tommy lose to his less-experienced partner. Following the loss, Tommy turned on Piccie Smalls.

Floating about and World championship reigns (2007-2009)

Tommy would defeat Piccie Smalls for the Intercontinental title on the same night he turned on his partner and cost the team their tag titles. He quickly lost the belt to his old mentor, Tom Tyco, before falling into obscurity for the next few months. Despite gaining some wins, it became clear that the New Yorker was falling on hard times. He would eventually win the Hardcore title, renaming it the Classic title, and amending the rules in hopes of bringing back a more old school vibe to PWA. He was defeated by "The Cowboy" Jeff Holsten as revenge for taking JJ Clarinet, Holsten's old manager, by his side. Soon after the loss, Tommy dumped JJC and drifted about aimlessly until Vegeta, owner of PWA, begain recruiting an army to stop the stable Wrestling and Revolution. The group, The Untouchables, consisted of Vegeta, Triple 6, The Notorious PIC and Anthony Pelizzoli would battle WAR for a month or so with Tommy aligned to their cause. At the same time, Tommy and his old rival Showtime formed a group known as Heaven & Hell, hoping to win the tag titles. With WAR all but gone, Tommy and Showtime lost to Vegeta and Triple 6 before disbanding. Once again, Tommy had nothing to do. He attempted to win the Intercontinental title for a fourth time but failed to capture the title in a six-man ladder match at PojoCade VI.

Kyle "The Freak" Rieger and Mario Woosey recruited Tommy, who began calling himself The Patron Saint, to their newest group. Revolution Inc. was a team of men who felt disenfranchised by PWA and wanted to earn what was rightfully theirs. One of their goals was to get Tommy a long-awaited title shot, for despite a long tenure in PWA the technician became well-known for always being passed up for a chance at the World title. The Patron Saint would go on to face then champion P.Y for the belt at Massacre and won the title in front of a sold out Boston crowd. During his reign, Tommy defeated the reluctant-to-join Kendo twice as he waited for a new challenger. When Reiger became contender for the title, friction arouse and Revolution Inc. dissolved following The Freak's loss in a three stages of hell series that spanned an entire pay-per-view event; Retaliation. During the next major event, International Incident, Tommy lost the belt to Razer after posting a lackluster effort in a triple threat match also involving Kyle.

Tommy would obtain another shot at the title at a special event called Havoc: Night of Champions, where in front of New York crowd he was able to capture the World title from Chaz Steele thanks to an error on behalf of the interfering Vegeta. The two would meet at WrestleFest where Tommy was able to nearly cripple the owner before securing another win a month later against his old mentor Tom Tyco. He had formed a team with Rex Haraway and P.Y, and began building a stable including Adam Senton and AleXtreme. Although this reign looked to be more successful than his first, it was cut short by Serial before Tommy could defend the belt at PojoCade. At PojoCade, Tommy defeated Kyle Rieger in a street fight before entering the main event looking to regain the World championship. The match was instead won by Organon and the two soon formed an alliance. They team would go on to defeat Kyle Rieger and Serial for the tag titles at Pandemonium of 2009, this being the last PWA pay-per-view with Tommy aboard. By the next pay-per-view event, Massacre. PWA had shut its doors. In a reunion show later on, Tommy was defeated with former teammate Rex Haraway in the opening tag match.

Other federations and outside of wrestling (2005-2010)

While in the PWA, Tommy also signed up for other federations. He joined Tom Tyco's Insane Wrestling Association in 2005, becoming the first Television champion while teaming with fellow PWA superstar Liam the Irishman. The two would form The I.R.A (Irish Rock Association) and Tommy would adopt a more highflying style to accommodate his partner's brawl-based offense. Tommy went on to feud with Killboy Powerhead over the Television title, losing it to the young athlete before regaining the gold several weeks later. Following a second loss of the belt, Tommy went on to win the federation's United States championship from Tom Tyco in a three-way dance. Soon after the match, after less than a year of operation, IWA closed its doors and Tommy looked for more secondary employment.

Tommy returned to his Bionic Wolverine persona for a gig in Warsaw and Vulture's Dark Nemesis wrestling, where he had a brief stint as the Television champion in 2005. The short-lived company didn't last long following Driver's departure. Thomas Driver sought to found Sparkle Mountain Wrestling in late 2009, hoping to use his name and connections to start a small independent federation. Though planning the federation, Tommy instead took most of 2009 off following a brief return to Real International Wrestling, which had been in a state of chaos after several years of success. Tommy had briefly competed in RIW on one of its brands in 2006. He eventually opened SM!W in 2010 but despite the backing of several PWA members, specifically Serial, Piccie Smalls and Bman, the league closed after a month or so of operations.

Professional RPG Wrestling (2009-2011)

In late 2009, Thomas signed a contract with PRW thanks to support from old rivals Serial and Alex LeBlanc; both of whom had been with the company for a while. Thomas started out as a pseudo-religious figure, quoting Friedrich Nietzsche and proclaiming himself the future of the company. Thomas debuted under his given name in a 24/7 where he drew a match with Ryan Stevens via double count out. He would have sporadic matches for a few months but failed to earn many wins even with Mario Woosey by his side. Hoping to improve the athlete's current streak, Gunnar Wuher invited Driver to join his group, At Horizon's End, along with Daydream and Barren Blaze. As a member of the group he had limited success, losing in an early round of the Koga Cup and failing to capture the Television title in a short feud with X3R(). In a battle royal to determine number one contender for the Undisputed Championship of Internet Wrestling, Thomas and other members of @HE were eliminated by eventual winner Joey NOX and his Black Suit Outlaw partner, Alex LeBlanc.

When Gunnar was granted a mini-PPV event, entitled Event Horizon, Thomas was placed in a contender's match with Ryan Stevens for the International title. Thomas won the match and would go on to injure Stevens following the latter's match for that very belt at Summerfest 2KIX. Thomas would then face Timothy Kage for the belt, forcing the champion to submit to his modified Lux Aeterna maneuver. Thomas would go on to defeat the likes of stablemate Daydream, Blake Straker, Timothy Kage and Malik Logan over the coming months. Around the same time he and Daydream would earn a tag title opportunity but Thomas would ultimately walk out on At Horizon's End by abandoning his partner during their title match. He also introduced "Big Rig" John Riggs as a bodyguard and personal enforcer while he distanced himself from Gunnar.

During Superbattle of that year, Thomas Driver eliminated several superstars before joining Alex LeBlanc and Serial against the returning JR Judy. The trio assaulted Judy with a steel chair before promptly tossing him to the outside. For several weeks a viral marketing campaign began for a group calling themselves The Black Sheep. Following the conclusion of his triple threat match with Malik Logan and Timothy Kage, Thomas and Malik attacked Kage before proclaiming themselves a united front. Serial, Kage's partner at the time and recent Superbattle winner, arrived but quickly let it be known he was joining Malik and Driver in The Black Sheep. John Riggs completed the group and they began a feud with Matthew Logan and his Heroes of Wrestling in a battle for PRW's future.

The first victim of The Black Sheep proved to be a rebellious JR Judy, who faced off against Riggs in a match to determine the top contender for Driver's belt. Judy, seeking revenge for being tossed at Superbattle, won the match after Driver appeared and attacked him with the very chair he used to eliminate Judy in the battle royal. The two would meet in a title versus career match with Thomas coming out the winner. JR Judy was banished from PRW and Driver turned his attention to Matthew Logan. The two would engage in a series of confrontations over two months before eventually finding themselves in a steel cage match at Christmas Carnage. While the two fought at the top of the cage, Matthew intentionally threw Thomas to the outside and declared that the Heroes of Wrestling had disbanded. He, along with Chaos the Clown, were now members of The Black Sheep. At the next pay-per-view, Matthew managed Driver and helped him retain the belt against Patrick Slaughter via count out.

Defeated, Thomas Driver disbanded The Black Sheep and promised a greater threat was on the horizone. Before he see this promise come true he lost the title at Tough Love to Devlin Rok, ending a record-setting 220 day reign. Right after the match, the rechristened Johnny R made a return and announced that Driver's contract had expired a few days before the match. Security arrived and dragged a kicking, screaming Patron Saint out of the building.

He returned a few months later, calling himself The Company Man, thanks to the inteference of the higher ups in PRW. Driver would do battle with his oldest friend and rival in the company, Alex LeBlanc, for the Undisputed Championship. LeBlanc would win the contest, and the championship, Thomas would attempt to get another chance at the belt but ultimately lost the annual SuperBattle to his protege and PWA captain, Casey Jones. While booked into a feud with Patrick Slaughter, Driver had to step away for personal reasons.

Return to the Pojo Wrestling Alliance (2010 - 2011)

At the end of 2010, the owner of the successful social networking website EgoTrip, Dominic Waters, held a press conference to address rumors he had bought PWA. He confirmed the news and declared that the company would begin holding monthly pay-per-view events and that contracts would be sent to various former employees of the company. Thomas Driver was one of those men, returning under contract under a new gimmick. He returned thinking he'd be honored as a former World champion but soon found that he had been forced into development; to be trained by none other than Alex LeBlanc. The two would team in PWA's first event in years, named Redemption, defeating old friends and rivals in Sean Blake and a renamed Tony Xtreme (now Carl III). During a match with Julio Guerrera at the first Saturday Night Showcase, Thomas attacked LeBlanc and declared that The Patron Saint was back.

Following this return to form, Thomas picked up an easy pre-show victory against old rival Deception at the second PWA pay-per-view; Revolution. He was then contacted by Martin Perkins and was asked to be paired with Casey Jones, Jr. to serve as mentor to the second-generation athlete. Both Casey and Driver prove to be at odds with one another but have complied with their sentence. Thomas Driver was named the chief trainer for the PWA Academy for his efforts with Casey, earning himself a title shot against PWA Champion Jeff Holsten in the process. He lost the match at Massacre thanks to inteference from JJ Clarinet.

Driver was then named head of the PWA training facility, hoping to tutor several other students following his success with Casey Jones. He helped bring a few pupils up to the main roster in the finals days of the new PWA. The Pojo Wrestling Alliance closed soon afterwards with Thomas announcing his retirement from active competiton.

Professional RPG Wrestling and return to gold (2012)

Thomas Driver made a surprise return at Tough Love after a year-long absense, backing up Casey Jones, Jr. in his newly-formed stable; The Remnant. The duo were joined by former PWA member, Jake Evanston, and Jude Vlasak, whose ties to PWA included being former superstar Flamelock's nephew. Jude would act as Thomas's corner man, who took on the young athlete as an apprentice of sorts. Thomas was immediately brought back into his feud with Alex, where the two promised that this would be their last meeting ever. The Remnant was quickly swept in their contests with other PRW talent. Despite putting in a brutal contest with LeBlanc, Driver ultimately fell to his career rival. Afterward, Thomas would go on to praise the man who bested him at various media apperances and said the two had put their rivalry behind them.

While Jude continued supporting Driver as his corner man, the remaining Remnant members became more and more infrequent on PRW television. Jude and Thomas began antagonizing then Undiputed Champion, Ace Andrews, claiming that they would save him of his recent affiliation with Lion and T.K; the reformed Triumvirate. Thomas went on a media tour, holding rallies and speaking in interviews about how Ace would be saved once the title was no longer in his hands. Thomas defeated champion via submission at Apocalypse, fulfilling his promise to rescure the belt from Andrews and earning him his first reign as Undisputed Champion of Internet Wrestling.

He would lose the belt a month later in a triple threat match against former champion, Ace Andrews, and Alex LeBlanc. Following the loss to his long-time rival, Thomas attempted to finish his feud with the Triumvirate with partner Jude Vlasak (now calling themselves The Black Sheep). He and Jude were easily dispatched at Summerfest 2KXII in a tag team bout. Afterwards, both men vanished from PRW television.


In wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Hotshot Slash/Dragon Slash/Cardinal Sin (back suplex side slam)
  • Dragonlock/Anklelock (anklelock, usually with grapevine) - 2005 - 2008
  • Throat Slash (elevated arm-trap/cut-throat cutter) - 2008 - present
  • Lux Aeterna/Not Safe for Wrestling (NSFW) (cut-throat crossface) - 2008 - present
  • Lux Aeterna: Summer Overture (bridging cut-throat crossface) - 2010 - present
  • New York Nightmare (hangman's neckbreaker) - 2003 - 2004

Signature moves

  • "x" Deutschen Suplexien! (Multiple [usually six] German suplex, "x" is number delivered in German)
  • Air raid crash
  • Asai moonsault
  • Stretch out frog splash
  • Neckbreaker slam (usually preceded by a European uppercut)
  • Corner slingshot splash
  • Double leg takedown
  • Flying knee (sometimes to opponent in corner)
  • Multiple European uppercut variations:
    • Diving (sometimes while springboarding)
    • Discus
    • Running
    • Suicide dive turned into horizontal
  • Multiple suplex variations:
    • Exploder
    • Overheard belly-to-belly
    • German
    • Gutwrench
    • Half-nelson
    • Snap
    • Wheelbarrow
  • Pendulum kick
  • Roundhouse kick

with Mike Hollywood

  • Hollywood Drive (Belly-to-back suplex (Tommy)/diving clothesline (Mike) combination)
  • Two-man New York Nightmare (Aided hangman's neckebreaker)

with Liam the Irishman

  • Irish Car Bomb (Rocket Launcher)

with Zach Pendergrass

  • Communication Breakdown (Double side slam backbreaker)
  • Double Dragonlock (Double standing anklelocks)
  • Lariat (Tommy)/running chop block (ZJP) combination

with The Notorious PIC

  • Motion! Sensor (Senton bomb or frog splash (Tommy)/high-angle diving lep drop (Smalls) combination)
  • Jäger-Hangover (Electric chair lift (Tommy)/shiranui (Smalls) combination)
  • Sparkle-bomb (powerbomb (Tommy)/diving crossbody (Smalls) combination)
  • Dropkick (Smalls)/running chop block (Tommy) combination
  • Assisted wheelbarrow suplex


  • Tommy Hollywood
  • "The Hotshot"
  • "The Genex Dragon"
  • "The Bionic Wolverine"
  • Tommy Dragon
  • "The American Crippler"
  • "Stunning Submissionist"
  • "Technical Spectacle"
  • "The Patron Saint"
  • "The Psycho Killer"
  • "The Man Who Sold the World"
  • "The Black Sheep"

Entrance themes

  • "Money" by Pink Floyd (2003 - 2005)
  • "Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde (2005, PWA)
  • "John the Revelator" by Depeche Mode (2006 - 2007; 2009 - 2010)
  • "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads (2007 - 2008, PWA)
  • "Psycho Killer" by Velvet Revolver (2008 - 2009, PWA)
  • "The Man Who Sold the World" by Nirvana" (2010 - 2011, PRW)
  • "Black Sheep" by Metric (2010; with The Black Sheep)
  • "Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2011)
  • "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythms of the War Drums" by A Perfect Circle (2010 - 2012; with The Black Sheep)
  • "Prelude 12/21" by AFI (2012)

Championships and accomplishments

  • 2-time PWA World Champion
  • 3-time PWA Intercontinental Champion
  • 4-time PWA World Tag Team Champion - with Tom Tyco (1), Zach Pendergrass (1), Piccie Smalls (1) and Organon (1)
  • 3-time PWA Hardcore Champion
  • 1-time PWA Classic Champion
  • Hardcore Massacre Battle Royal winner (2005)
  • Three Hours of Power tournament winner (2006)
  • Roleplayer of the Year (2008)
  • Artist of the Year (2005), (2007), (2008)
  • Intercontinental Champion of the Year (2005), (2006)
  • World Champion of the Year (2008)
  • Tag Team Champion of the Year (w/ Zach Pendergrass) (2005), (w/ Piccie Smalls) (2006)
  • Voted Greatest Intercontinental Champion in PWA history (2007)
  • Voted Greatest Tag Team Champion in PWA history (w/ Piccie Smalls) (2007)
  • Voted Fourth Greatest Singles Competitor in PWA history (2007)
  • Voted Third Greatest Tag Team Competitor in PWA history (2007)
  • Voted Sixth Most Influential Superstar in PWA history (2009)
  • 1-time Undisputed Champion of Internet Wrestling
  • 1-time PRW International Champion
  • Roleplayer of the Year (2010)
  • Bad Guy of the Year (2010)
  • Twist of the Year (2010)
  • Theme Song of the Year (w/ The Black Sheep) (2010)
  • Stable of the Year (w/ The Black Sheep) (2010)
  • Technical Match of the Year (vs. Devlin Rok) (2011)
  • Tag Team Match of the Year (w/ Team PWA vs. The Canary Onslaught) (2011)
  • Insane Wrestling Association
  • 1-time IWA United States Champion
  • 2-time IWA Television Champion
  • Dark Nemesis Wrestling
  • 1-time DNW Television Champion
  • Xtreme Sports Entertainment
  • 2-time XSE World Heavyweight Champion
  • Pelican Wrestling Federation X
  • 1-time PWF World Champion
  • 2-time AWA Heavyweight Champion
  • 1-time AWA Tag Team Champion
  • 1-time AWA National Champion
  • All-American Royal Rumble winner (2003)
  • All-American Royal Rumble winner (2004)
  • Voted Greatest National Champion in AWA history (2004)
  • Voted Greatest Heavyweight Champion in AWA history (2004)
  • Online Wrestling Federation
  • 3-time OWF National Tag Team Champion
  • International Tag Team Grand Prix winner (2002)
  • International Tag Team Grand Prix winner (2003)