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The Xtreme Killah's are a professional wrestling tag team that is currently signed to Premium Championship Wrestling and WWE Legacy™. The team consists of Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks. The pair are more known as two of the original members of the legendary Da Xtreme Dynasty. They are the only two to have been in every single incarnation of the team. Together, they have won a total of six World Tag Team Championships as a team and have been a unit since 2003.

Elite Class Championship Wrestling (2003 - 2006)

Da Xtreme Dynasty Era, Part I

At Bloody Glory, Kevin Styles turned heel as he and J.T. Banks helped James Baker defeat Phillip Mustang to begin his third ECCW World Heavyweight Championship reign. The next night on WarZone, Baker then explained how he wanted to help lead a group of men who are willing to do whatever it takes to win and he said that he chose J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles to be his dynasty and from there, Styles and Banks were officially a team.

At Night of Champions 2003, both Styles and Banks defeated Kevin and Efran Ortiz to begin the longest ECCW World Tag Team Championship reign in the company's history history. Also at the Pay-Per-View, Styles and Banks helped Baker successfully defended his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship as he defeated Alex Brand to retain the title. Styles and Banks then started their dominance over the tag team division as they turned back every possible tag team that they defended their championships against while still helping James Baker win his matches.

Months later Styles and Banks along with Baker resumed their rivalry with Phillip Mustang with Mustang and Baker both gaining the upper hand over each other. Meanwhile, both Styles and Banks were constantly fending off every tag team that was thrown in front of them as they defeated a lot of different tag teams to retain their ECCW World Tag Team Championship. At Night of Champions 2004, Styles and Banks defeated Kilo Perez and Jamaican Sensation to retain their ECCW World Tag Team Championship, while Baker defeated Phillip Mustang to win the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship and also ending the Baker vs Mustang feud once and for all.

After the Baker vs Mustang feud came to an end, Da Xtreme Dynasty then set their focus on trying to gain the other championships in ECCW. Baker then defeated both Juan Martinez and Mario Johnson to gain both the ECCW Television Championship and the ECCW Hardcore Championship. The following week on WarZone, Baker then held a ceremony in the ring and he gave Styles the ECCW Hardcore Championship while he gave Banks the ECCW Television Championship as an act of kindness. On the January 17th, 2005 edition of WarZone, Da Xtreme Dynasty were involved in a screwjob like match as they paid a referee to help Baker defeat Sean Jamison to begin his seventh reign as the ECCW World Heavyweight Champion. However those efforts were short lived as Baker lost the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship back to Jamison at Redemption.

The MidEast Driveby Connection Era

The next night on WarZone, Baker called both Banks and Styles to the ring. Baker stated that he wanted to start off fresh and help Da Xtreme Dynasty to get back to the top. However it was all revealed to be a setup as Baker then attacked Banks and Styles and laid them out to officially end Da Xtreme Dynasty. Later that night both Styles and Banks were attacked again by Baker and Phillip Mustang which officially turned Styles back to being a face and it also turned his tag team partner J.T. Banks into a face as well. Both Styles and Banks then remained as a tag team and renamed themselves The MidEast Driveby Connection and they then stated their desire to get revenge on James Baker and Phillip Mustang who by this point had reformed The Driveby Express.

Both teams then traded the ECCW World Tag Team Championships with each other over the next year and their rivalry also became very heated as Baker employed several psychological and dirty tactics to gain the advantage over The MidEast Driveby Connection. At Bloodymania 2005, Styles lost the ECCW Hardcore Championship to Carlos Ortiz following interference from The Driveby Express. At Sacrifice 2005, Styles then defeated The Japanese Kid to win the ECCW Light Heavyweight Championship. However eight days later, he lost the championship back to The Japanese Kid. From there he was involved in many different feuds with his tag team with J.T. Banks being quietly phased out. At the final ECCW show, both Styles and Banks competed in a three way tag team match against The Driveby Express and the returning team of Ron Bridges and The Afro Kid, unfortunately for Styles and Banks, they lost the match when Baker pinned Bridges to win the match for The Driveby Express.

Classic Wrestling Federation (2009 - 2010)

Reuniting the Team and Getting Back in the Groove

Styles and Banks resurfaced as a team for the first time in three years as they called James Baker up and reformed Da Xtreme Dynasty with Danielle Lopez as their manager.

On the October 24th edition of Showdown, both Styles and Banks made their CWF debut as they faced off against High Concept (Darryl Devine and Jacob Jett) and The Double Dragons (Jeffrey Bogard and Johnny Lee) in a triple threat tornado tag team match up for an opportunity at the CWF World Tag Team Championship at Halloween Extreme, Styles and Banks unfortunately lost the match up as Darryl Devine eliminated Banks via the Devine Intervention onto the steel chair. In various promos of their own and some of James Baker's promos, Da Xtreme Dynasty has taken jabs at The Richards Legion calling them "the Inbreded Legion", "the Cock Sucking Legion", jackasses and "the Inbreded Cock Sucking Legion" among other distasteful names. Both Styles and Banks have stated that they'll be glad to take on The Richards Legion and they'll do it anytime and anywhere. The feud with The Richards Legion however was put on hold due to Terry Richards turning into a face. As a result of Terry's face turn, The Richards Legion also turned face as well.

On the November 21st edition of Showdown, both Styles and Banks faced the tag team Molten Lava to determine the number one contender for the CWF World Tag Team Championship at Battle to Survive and defeated them with The MidEast Driveby. At Battle to Survive, both Styles and Banks faced Degradation for the CWF World Tag Team Championship, but unfortunately came up short of the victory. On the January 2nd edition of Showdown, Styles and Banks will face off against The Richards Legion and The O'Reilly Brothers for a shot at the CWF World Tag Team Championship at Last Man Standing against Degradation , but lost when Ray O'Reilly pinned Styles. After the match, Styles and Banks then got into a brawl with the Richards Legion. James Baker made the save for Styles and Banks until Terry Richards came onto the screen and revealed that he was the one who kidnapped Enrique Lopez.

Reclaiming Their Place as the Best Tag Team in the Industry

As a result of the events, the original members of Da Xtreme Dynasty teamed up for the first time in five years as they took on all three members of The Richards Legion in a six man tag team match at Last Man Standing, but the team lost when Terry pinned Banks following the Shock Turn II. On the January 16th edition of Showdown, Styles and Banks went up against The Richards Legion in a tag team match and lost when Terry Richards interfered and clipped Banks' ankle to cause Chris Richards to pin him.

On the second edition of the Late Night with Bobby Crane Show, Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty made an appearance where it was revealed that Baker kidnapped Terry Richards' sister Hikari with Baker also throwing out some demands while Styles and Banks had tension with Bobby Crane. On the February 6th edition of Showdown, Styles and Banks faced Rob Osbourne and his new bodyguard Retribution, but again came out on the losing end as Retrubution pinned Styles following the Final Judgement. Styles and Banks however had a visible presence on the show as they helped their leader James Baker attack Trent Walker, they made a deal with The O'Reilly Brothers to watch their back in their match for a CWF World Tag Team Championship match and they delivered on that promise as they costed The Richards Legion the match.

On the February 20th edition of Showdown, Styles and Banks faced The O'Reilly Brothers for the CWF World Tag Team Championships and won the match when Banks pinned Ray O'Reilly after he and Styles hit Ray with the Lights Out to win their third tag team championship as a team. During this time, the Dynasty (more specifically J.T. Banks) started to have a change in their characters as they went from being dependent on James Baker to doing things for themselves. On the February 27th edition of Showdown, every member of the Dynasty were involved in a segment with The O'Reilly Brothers and The Legion of Shadows. The Segment ended with Danielle Lopez getting injured at the hands of their nemesis, Terry Richards. Later on in the show, Styles and Banks got some form of payback for Danielle by costing The Legion their match against The O'Reilly's. On the March 6th edition of Showdown, Styles and Banks then helped James Baker gain more revenge towards the Legion of Shadows by hitting Chris Richards with a Double Chop Block to the knees while they hit both Alex Richards and Israel Steele with Lights Out and The Dream Destroyer, respectively.

At Night of Champions V: Liftoff, Styles and Banks defended their titles against The O'Reilly Brothers in a rematch, but the match ended in a no contest as the O'Reilly's attacked Styles and Banks before the bell rang. The match then started again later on in the night, but again, the two teams got into a brawl and as a result, Styles and Banks are still the champions. On the March 27th edition of Showdown, the original members of Da Xtreme Dynasty went up against the Legion of Shadows in a six man tag team match and it went to a no contest as the two factions went to an all out brawl with each other. At Super Card VI, Styles and Banks teamed up with Danielle Lopez and defended their titles against The O'Reilly Brothers and Suzanne Winters, but lost the titles when Banks was pinned. Prior to the match, they added Israel Steele as the newest member of the team. On the April 16th edition of Showdown, Styles, Banks, Blair and Danielle all brawled with The O'Reilly Brothers and Suzanne, for not giving them the first shot. Styles, Blair and Banks laid The O'Reilly Brothers out with steel chairs, while Danielle hit Suzanne with the Latinasault onto a chair wrapped around her neck. At Vendetta, Da Xtreme Dynasty went up against The O'Reilly Brothers in a steel cage match for a shot at the CWF World Tag Team Championship in what was billed as the final encounter between these two teams and they lost when Styles accidentally sent Cyrill out of the cage with a dropkick. It was reported that all of them had asked for their release and they were granted that wish. It's unknown as to where they will go from here, but a return to the CWF in the future is very possible as no bridges were burnt. That would later proved to be false as the CWF closed down, but all members of Da Xtreme Dynasty are on very good terms with Mark Xamin and the rest of the old CWF staff.

YouTube Championship Wrestling/Premium Championship Wrestling (2010 - present)

The Body Guard Era

Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks made their YCW debut as they revealed themselves as Terrell Ryder's bodyguards by saving their manager Danielle Lopez from abuse from Team Baller. Later on in the Mr. Baller vs Ray MacCord match, they appeared in the match by attacking Mick Ryans and C-Note to even up the odds for MacCord to beat Baller. At Struggle for Power, Styles and Banks competed in the battle royal as replacements for Terrell Ryder. Styles lasted for a while before Saint Jimmi eliminated him from the match, while former ECCW rival Phillip Mustang gained some revenge after six years and eliminated Banks from the match. On the third episode of Monday Night Wrestling on YouTube, they competed in their first ever YCW match as they went up against Team Baller in a tag team match and they won when Styles pinned C-Note after he and Banks hit him with the Lights Out. After the match, Team Baller attacked Styles and Danielle Lopez, but Banks took them all out and made the save.

On the first episode of Step Up, Styles and Banks participated in the Jake Norton beatdown and they beat him good as they literally burned him with gasoline and lighter fluid, beat him down with a barbed wire steel chair and put him through a table with barbed wire wrapped around him. They even helped fellow stablemate Danielle Lopez beat Norton down. Other wrestlers who competed in the match were Leon Lonewolf, Osiris, The Lopez Dynasty, John Allister and "Mr. Intensity" Kerry Collins, as well as James Baker's ten year old son getting a shot on Norton. On the June 21st edition of Monday Night Wrestling, Styles participated in the first ever Scars of Eagle cup as he went up against Osiris, DTM and Frankie Jones in a fatal four way match, but was eliminated first when Osiris pinned him following the Curb Stomp.

At Battle Finale, Styles and Banks faced The Lopez Dynasty, Team Baller and The Dark Scorpions for the YCW World Tag Team Championship and won the titles when Styles unknowingly pinned Mustang after interference from two masked men. After the match, Osiris attacked Danielle Lopez, which Styles and Banks immediately tried to help, but the two masked men beat them down for their troubles. They later got into the brawl that was between ECCW and NWC when Styles, Banks and Baker all helped out their fellow ECCW alumnus. They also attacked their long time rivals Alex and Chris Richards by hitting them in the back of the skull with their YCW World Tag Team Titles.

PCW World Tag Team Champions

Due to the merger between YCW and ICW, as well as being the current YCW World Tag Team Champions, Styles and Banks' contracts were retained by new owner Shannon Saint. They went up against the final ICW World Tag Team Champions Air and Wayne Morley to crown the first ever PCW World Tag Team Champions on the first ever edition of Thursday Night Rapture and absolutely dominated the match. It ended when Styles pinned Morley following the Cleveland Hangtime. After the Osiris vs Leon Lonewolf match, Styles and Banks saved Lonewolf from further harm and were about to hit him with a double team move, but the masked assailiants attacked Styles and Banks for the second straight week. After the Mr. Baller vs TJ Tilli match, Styles and Banks came out to save Lonewolf and Tilli from further harm by Team Baller and Osiris. All four of them stood tall. On the August 5th edition of Rapture, all three original members of Da Xtreme Dynasty teamed up with former rival Leon Lonewolf and TJ Tilli to take on all three members of Team Baller, Osiris and a partner of their choosing, which turned out to be the team's nemesis Terry Richards. The team lost when Richards pinned Tilli following the Shock Turn. Prior to the match, Styles and Banks were crowned with the brand new PCW World Tag Team Championship belts, but they announced that they will also carry the YCW and ICW tag belts to prove that they are a dominating team. Danielle Lopez also returned and announced herself as strictly the manager for her husband and Styles and Banks.

On the second edition of Step Up, Styles and Banks defended their PCW World Tag Team Championships against Kyle Sync and Jake Norton and got the win when Banks pinned Norton after he and Styles hit him with the Lights Out. Later on in the show, they competed in the Open Gauntlet match against Jerry Static where they easily got the win when they pinned Static following their Lights Out double team move. On the August 19th edition of Rapture. Styles, Banks and Danielle were guests on Baker's talk show "Gangsta Talk". The team got involved in a huge brawl with Team Baller and Osiris and it even included PCW's newest tag team Nathan Warrens and Damon Wilson helping DXD out and eventually gaining the upperhand over them. Styles and Banks shared a hand shake with the new team and let them have their moment of glory afterwards. At Anarchy, Styles, Banks and Danielle Lopez came out after the 4 way tag team match and helped Warrens and Wilson fight off Team Baller with extents of their alliance being revealed to the entire world. Later on in the night, Baker, Styles and Banks teamed up as a three man unit as they'll face Osiris and the two masked men in a six man tag team match and got the win after Baker pinned Osiris following Da Xtreme Knockout. After the match, the two teams got involved in a major brawl with cops and security ending up separating the teams to cool things down.

On the September 4th edition of Rapture, Da Xtreme Dynasty had a brawl with Team Baller. Styles and Banks also had a hand in causing Osiris to lose the Broadcast championship to Billy Williams when they stood on the apron as James Baker hit Osiris in the head with the title belt. Later on in the night. Styles and Banks defended their PCW World Tag Team Championship against the two masked members of The Arbiters of Truth and Virtue and retained after Styles pinned the first assailant, after he and Banks hit the Lights Out. On the September 11th edition of Rapture, Styles and Banks stated that they are looking for their next set of challenger for their titles, suggesting that WWI becomes the challengers. They also stated their desire to go for the EWF Elite Tag Team Championship belts held by former DXD member Israel Steele. Later on in the main event match between Rob Osbourne and Mr. Baller, Styles and Banks along with James Baker prevented C-Note and Mick Ryans from interfering in the match by brawling with them 3 on 2. It proved effective as Osbourne defeated Baller in the match. On the September 18th edition of Rapture. Styles, Banks and James Baker helped Jane Isis just brutalize Drake Gainer.

At Pyramid Battle, Styles, Banks and Danielle got into a brawl with C-Note, Mick Ryans and the Mystery Woman backstage just moments before the Pyramid Battle match, causing all three to suffer injuries and be written off of PCW for the time being. On the October 9th edition of Rapture. Styles and Banks are scheduled to defend their tag team titles against the winner of the WWI vs Emergency Airlift match. On the October 2nd edition of Rapture. After James Baker explained just why DXD did what they did to Team Baller. Both Styles and Banks announced that they would be defending their titles against any team in a Gauntlet match. That match took place on the October 9th edition of Rapture where Styles and Banks were victorious. DXD won the first leg due to Banks hitting Leon Marks with the New York State of Mind. They won the second leg when Styles hit Mickael Phat with the Cleveland Hangtime and they won the third leg when both Styles and Banks hit Jane Isis with the Light's Out to retain the gold.

As the result of the Psycho's R Us vs Nightrain and Uno, Dos, Tres Cabrito match at Alma Mater Diem. Styles and Banks defended the PCW World Tag Team Championships against Psycho's R Us members Draven Logan Kennedy and former Da Xtreme Dynasty member Israel Steele on the November 6th edition of Rapture and were successful when Banks pinned Steele following the Lights Out. After the match, Styles, Banks, Baker and Danielle saved Steele from further harm as they ran DLK off into the crowd. With the save, they added Israel Steele back into the group. At The Asylum of Slaughter, Styles and Banks defended their championships against The Deadly Sins, Emergency Airlift, Team Baller and Crunk N' Cyde in a 5 team Tag Team Elimination Hardcore Match and retained the gold when they last eliminated Crunk N' Cyde to gain a victory when former member and current PCW play-by-play commentator Desiree Miles was in their corner for one night only.

On the November 28th edition of Rapture, Da Xtreme Dynasty was as active as ever. Backstage, Styles, Banks and Steele all saved their teammate Danielle Lopez from further harm by X-treme which resulted in James Baker hitting a Modified Curb Stomp on the Spiked Out Baseball Bat. Later on after Israel's victory over Simon Jacobs, Styles and Banks joined Steele in a three on one beatdown of Jacobs. After the main event, Styles, Banks and Steele prevented further harm on Sickboy by attacking Draven Logan Kennedy, Remi Lebau and Logan of the Dawn of the New Age, with DLK suffering a one man con-chair-to at the hands of Izzy. The next week on Rapture which was on December 4th, 2010. The entire Da Xtreme Dynasty laid waste to Fox Matrix, effectively kicking him out of the group for coasting on their name value without giving any effort. The beatdown on Fox ended when Steele gave Fox Matrix the Death Drop into the pyro rig.

On the December 11th edition of Rapture, Styles and Banks teamed up against The Lost Boys that consists of Mark and Mike Daniels. Styles and Banks got the victory when Banks pinned Mark following the Jackhammer. Later on in the night, Styles and Banks helped Israel Steele get the upperhand over Draven Logan Kennedy. That segment ended with Steele giving Alice Humes a Package Piledriver. At Battle Finale II, Styles and Banks defended their titles against Crunk N' Cyde, The Lost Boys, The Dawn of the New Age, Team Baller and The Deadly Sins in a tag team battle royal that is exclusively broadcasted on They got the win when they last eliminated Crunk N' Cyde in a match that went over thirty minutes. On the January 8th edition of Rapture, Styles and Banks defended their titles against the team that base them as a huge inspiration, Generation Next members Damon Wilson and Nathan Warrens. The first time, it ended in a double pin where it was initially thought that they lost the belts. Nonetheless, the match was restarted and they eventually prevailed when they hit Damon Wilson with their new double teammove, The Trip to Xtreme Land. On the final Rapture before Struggle for Power II, J.T. Banks went up against Chris Richards in another chapter of Da Dynasty's long standing rivalry with the Legion of Shadows. After a back and forth match that included interference from both factions. Banks got the victory when he hit Chris with the New York State of Mind.

On the February 12th edition of Rapture, Styles and Banks were stripped of their belts by Shannon Saint after he stated that he was tired of Da Dynasty running the show. From there, they hit Saint with the Lights Out. Since their tag match with both Damon and Nathan Warrens, Styles and Banks haven't teamed since, but it's not out of the question for them to do so. They did team one last time in a six person tag match with their friend Danielle Lopez to take on JC Epick and The Heathers. The team of Styles, Banks and Lopez were victorious when Danielle pinned Monroe. At Cataclysm, Styles and Banks entered the PCW Hall of Fame, as well as helping Talia Skye and Nathan Warrens eliminate a few other competitors due to their lack of talent, and because they can.

WWE Legacy™ (2011 - Present)

After the rumors and speculation that was going on for months, Styles and Banks indeed signed a contract with the WWE, under the Legacy tag name. They are there to win another tag team championship. Their debut is unknown at this time.

In wrestling

Kevin Styles

Kevin's Finishing Moves:

  • Stylish Execution (Double Knee Facebreaker)
  • Cleveland Hangtime (450 Splash)

Kevin's Signature Moves:

  • The Checkout (Running knee lift followed into a neckbreaker slam)
  • The Styles Buster (Full Nelson Facebuster)
  • Styles Attack (Springboard Diving Headbutt)
  • Styles-a-Rana (Hurricanrana Pin)
  • The Paramour DDT (Springboard Moonsault onto a standing opponent floated over into an Inverted DDT)

Kevin's Normal Moves:

  • Top Rope Headscissors Takedown
  • Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takedown
  • Springboard Facebuster
  • Tiger Feint Kick
  • Double Underhook DDT
  • Springboard Dropkick
  • Slingshot Hurricanrana
  • Standing shiranui (backflip three-quarter facelock reverse DDT)
  • Double Underhook Backbreaker
  • Double Underhook Powerbomb
  • Split-Legged Moonsault
  • Frog Splash
  • Snap Suplex
  • Russian Leg Sweep (sometimes from the top rope)
  • Hurricanrana

J.T. Banks

J.T's Finishing Moves:

  • New York State of Mind (Brainbuster DDT)
  • The Guerrilla Clutch (Tazmission)

J.T's Signature Moves:

  • The Pimp Breaker (Torture Rack Backbreaker) (used as a finisher in ECCW, now used as a signature move in CWF)
  • Chokeslam
  • Jackhammer

J.T's Normal Moves:

  • Big Boot
  • Running Front Powerslam
  • Powerbomb
  • Running Clothesline
  • Spear
  • Spinebuster
  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Shoulder Breaker
  • Underhook Suplex
  • Superkick
  • Snap Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Two Handed Chokeslam
  • Fireman's Carry Slam
  • Swinging Side Powerslam

Team's Championship History

ECCW World Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
Kevin and Efran Ortiz
10/19/03 to 04/17/05
Succeeded by:
The Driveby Express (James Baker and Phillip Mustang)
Preceded by:
The Driveby Express (James Baker and Phillip Mustang)
11/20/05 to 01/15/06
Succeeded by:
The Driveby Express (James Baker and Phillip Mustang)
CWF World Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
The O'Reilly Brothers
02/20/10 to 04/03/10
Succeeded by:
The O'Reilly Brothers
YCW World Tag Team Championship
Succeeded by:
The Lopez Dynasty
Preceded by:
Promotion merged with ICW to form PCW
ICW World Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
Wayne Morley and Air
Succeeded by:
Titles were merged with the YCW ones to create the PCW tag titles
PCW World Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
07/29/10 to 02/12/11
Succeeded by:
Stripped of Championship by Shannon Saint

Other Info

  • Entrance themes
    • "Guerrilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine
    • "Hot Dog" by Limp Bizkit
    • "Sorry N' Shit" by Tech N9ne
    • "Midwest Choppers" by Tech N9ne
    • "Death B4 Dishonor" by Young Jeezy
    • "Coming Undone" by Korn
    • "Grew Up a Screw Up" by Ludacris and Young Jeezy
  • Nicknames
    • Terrell Ryder's Security Guards
    • The Greatest Tag Team On the Planet
  • Signature Weapons
    • Steel Chairs
    • Spiked Out Baseball Bats
    • Barbed Wire Chairs
    • Steel Chains
    • Flaming Tables
  • Managers

Accomplishments Together