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The Rock has been played by various different people within e-feds but one of the standout guys to roleplay as him was Craig Jones from Wales in the UK. He started his e-fed career under the name Craig J in TWA, a small but fun e-fed which was VOW based. However, shortly after he left due to his VOW account getting suspended, the place went bust. He took some time off before starting back up on VOW with his re-activated account, which was also under the name of Craig J but is no longer active. Shortly after returning to VOW he received numuerous invitations to join several e-feds but there was one which stood out; Unique Style Wrestling (USW). His friend IceKid sent the invitation and he accepted, becoming IceKid's GM for Monday Night Suffering. After a few successful months there he also joined Unique Style Wrestling's sister fed, Extreme Wrestling Alliance (EWA). He remained on both e-feds and won numerous titles. He would often experiment with other e-feds such as Intense Championship Wrestling (ICW), but none of them were as good and as challenging as USW and EWA. However he has stumbled across a new e-fed which he has took to, the Wold Wrestling Federation Revival (WWFR).

Title Reigns

5x USW World Champion

2x EWA United World Heavyweight Champion

2x CWO Intercontinental Champion

1x WWFR Tag Team Champion (w/Hulk Hogan)

1x EWA Tag Team Champion (w/Redman)

1x EWA Inter-Transversal Champion

1x EWA Nation of Domination World Champion

1x EHW United States Champion

The Rock's Top 3 Allies

1.) Redman - Redman and The Rock go way back to The Rock and Redman's first e-fed, TWA. The two were involved in numerous stables with each other including the USW Assassins, the Nation of Domination and the Bad Boyz, which was the stable that saw them capture the EWA Tag Team Titles. They're last match together was in the second version of USW where the two teamed up for the last time to date under the name USW Assassins to take on the team of Jade Malikai and P4. They were victorious in that match.

2.) IceKid - These two were also acquinted in TWA, which was the e-fed where IceKid spotted the RPing skills of The Rock and invited him to USW, giving him his big break. The Rock would become a 4 time USW Champ there and go on to become, arguably, their greatest ever superstar. The two also teamed up in EWA, where they were apart of the Bad Boyz. However, they have never actually teamed together in a match.

3.) JGH - The Rock was the guy who give JGH his big break in e-feds, building him up to be a big superstar within USW. They also teamed up in two stables withing EWA, including the Bad Boyz and the Nation of Domination. Despite the two being somewhat disfunctional in the Nation of Domination, with The Rock and Mr. P enjoying a good laugh at JGH's expense several times, they were always united and had each other's backs.

The Rock's Top 3 Enemies

1.) T-Bone - Suprise, Suprise, T-Bone comes in at number one on the list. The two locked horns from the get go in USW, with The Rock making his debut by interupting T-Bone on his debut. The two then went at it in a singles match, where the winner would become the number one contender for Redman's US Title. T-Bone would win that match via a DQ, with Redman attacking him. They didn't really lock horns for a while after that untill they met in an Elimintation Triple Threat Match for the World Title, where P4 was the other competitor. The Rock scored the first elimination, making P4 tap out. Then, due to everyone forgetting it was an elimination match, The Rock was handed the title and began to celebrate. That's when T-Bone hit a sneak attack and pinned him to be crowned the offical champion. It was that in which triggered their intense rivalry, with them both defeating the other numerous times, which also saw the USW World Title switch back and forth between the two. It's safe to say these two will never see eye to eye.

2.) Scott Buster - This became one of the most person rivalries in e-fedding, with a storyline seeing both men behind bars for attacking each other's moms. Although the two had locked horns numerousb times before this rivalry broke out, with The Rock seemingly getting the better of his adversary, these two never really had any heated words for each other. It was not untill The Rock, who was playing the Heel, sarting bullying EWA commentator Ace with his stable, the Nation of Domination. That's where Scott Buster stepped in and even cost The Rock his IT Title in a shock upset which saw Ace become the new champ. With Scott Buster already out of prison in this rivalry, one could only imagine what lengths this rivalry will go to when The Rock is let free in the storyline.

3.) The ShowStopper - The thing that escalated this rivalry was the two massive ego's they both possessed; both regarded as the top RPers in their field. When The Rock was dominating USW, The ShowStopper was tearing it up in EWA. So when The Rock arrived in EWA, The ShowStopper felt the need to stand his ground. However, these two didn't become instant rivals and it was only when The Rock became a Heel and won ShowStopper's World Title in a Fatal-Four-Way that these two began to intensify this rivalry. The Rock would create a stable, the Nation of Domination, whose purpose was to get rid of the threat in which The ShowStopper brought. This rivalry ended for a while after The Rock's title was stripped and they both went their seperate ways. When The Rock's World Title was stripped, he compensated for it by creating the Nation of Domination World Title. Then, after holding the title for a long while, The ShowStopper took it from him in a one on one match, just after The Rock had just gone through a match just prior to that. The Rock would then throw various challengers at The ShowStopper, before The Rock became distracted with the Scott Buster rivalry and The ShowStopper retired with the belt. However, with these two never having a fair one on one match, we are yet to see who the superior wrestler actually is.

The Rock in TWA

Although Craig Jones didn't RP directly as The Rock in TWA and called himself Craig J, he used The Rock's catchphrases and movesets. He had a great debut e-fed win against Jordinator in a Last Man Standing Match to earn the right to become number one contender to Jordinator's Extreme Championship. He never got the chance to battle for that honour, however, as his account on VOW was suspended. However, he did go undefeated in TWA, with his winnning streak heading well into double fingures in just a month. He recorded wins against his biggest foes, DX, HHH and Carlito. He would also become allies with IceKid, Redman and zxcvbn. This e-fed was just the beginning of what would become a great e-fedding career.

The Rock in USW

This is the e-fed where Craig Jones, RPing as The Rock, became known as one of the toughest opponents around. At first he wasn't championship material but worked hard as both GM for Monday Night Suffering and a wrestler. He was a committed GM who quickly turned USW into the e-fed to be, with several top superstars such as T-Bone and Mr. Amazo joining. The Rock made his debut appearance by interupting a T-Bone segment, challenging him to the very first USW match, which The Rock lost via DQ. The Rock would later compete for the World Title several times before winning it from T-Bone on a tapping of Frida Night Wreckage. This reign was cut short, however, as The Rock lost out to The Reaper in a Triple Threat with The Reaper and T-Bone. However he would win it back just five days later on Friday Night Wreckage, pinning T-Bone in a re-match Triple Threat from the previous PPV. He would then defend his title a handfull of times before losing out in a Dome of Destruction match to Maverick Jones in a hard fought contest. The Rock would then be sidelined for a few months due to an attack from Kid Radical at the end of the contest. When he returned, he stunned everyone and turned Heel, trashing the fans who once adored him. He then engaged in a short fued with Mr. Amazo, with the two schedueld to meet one on one at the next PPV. This wouold not happen, however, as USW closed due to unknown circumstances. However, when it re-opened shortly after, The Rock would win the first match back in an over-th-top-rope Battle Royal, lastly eliminating Horror to win and earn the right to fight for the World Title, now named the Universal Title, at the next PPV. On the way to the PPV, he engaged in a short fued with Horror, who he eliminated in the Battle Royal, but he was schedueld to face a mysetry opponent at the PPV for the title. That mystery opponent would turn out to be Brock Lesnar, who Th eRock defeated in a hard fought battle. The Rock would then lose out to T-Bone in a Rib Cage Match, also losing the title to him. However, The Rock would win it back from T-Bone a little later on, just before 'New Beginnings', USW's biggest PPV around, to earn the right to defend the title at 'New Beginnings' against Hulk Hogan in a battle for the ages. The Rock would ultimately go on and win the bout, but it took alot out of The Rock. After 'New Beginnings', USW was invaded by the PAA, the company who forced USW to move boards in the first place. The Rock would then lead his team up to the PPV where he watched them defeat the PAA in an elimination 10 Man Tag, allowing them to go back to their old board. However, the old owner, IceKid came back and closed that board out of the blue. The board re-opened once again and it's currently active. The Rock was a part of this new board and he won his FITH World Title reign on there! When will The Rock hang up his boots?

More to follow shortly, including The Rock's time in EWA...

Despite his nickname 'The Rock' he is unable to maintain rock hard erections during intercourse, which led to the breakup of his first marriage.

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