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The Red Rocket is an E-Fed wrestler currently appearing in Extreme Championship Federation. He has garnered attention by revealing that he once wrestled for XWO and was a former world champion there, although his true identity remains unrevealed as of yet.


Red Rocket first appeared months into the life of ECF. He appeared as a masked man, with a superhero gimmick, using the poser of the superhero Ronin. During his promos he claimed he was a former XWO superstar, and was once an XWO champion. He later switched his Poser to Daredevil, and took up a Daredevil Sig.

Identity Speculation

There are many options for who The Red Rocket could be. The first is former XWO owner Jordan Dice, who has not been seen for some time. Rockets statistics claim that he is from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, although this could be just a red herring sent to throw people off the trail.

It should be noted that former XWO member and Champion Ultramarcus is from Canada, albiet not Thunder Bay, and is well versed in Comic Books. This again might just be a leading factor in assessing his true identity. Ultramarcus was questioned and claimed to currently be working for another federation.

Ultramarcus's friend Supreme Power is also well versed in Comic Books, and also once used a Super Hero gimmick. Supreme Power also used an entrance where he would pop up from a shoot tube, similar to the one Red Rocket uses.

Other possibilities include ROB, Eddy Guerrero, Harley Davesin, and Quimby.

Red Rocket will be teaming up with Jeff Jones to challenge for the ECF Tag Titles at ECF Rebirth.

Signature and Finishing Moves

Finisher- Canadian Destroyer

Reserve Finishers- F-U, Walls of Jericho

Last Resort Finisher - Superkick

Signature Moves- Sharpshooter, Spear, Pedigree, Cactus Clothesline, Styles Clash, Air Sabu, DDT To Steel Chair, Triple Springboard Moonsault,


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