The Nyrds, consisting of Joel Nelson and Mike Hodgson, are a tag team in the Extreme Wrestlecrap Treaderation. They are fairly popular, though except for a month long run with the title, are not very successful in their careers.

Debut Vignettes

In early 2005, strange and cryptic vignettes aired on EWT airwaves, starring two young men named Joel and Mike, that claimed they were broadcasting from a place called "Deep 13." The two would mention various video games and movies, and would criticize the intelligence of various EWT wrestlers, and even the fans. After they actually debuted, the Nyrds kept about half of these traits, never more insulting fans or other wrestlers.

Early Days

The two debuted at EWT's Rocky Starts PPV, taking on the Communist team of Dorf and Heidendorf. At first the two were timid and practically useless, but after a little provocation, the two went crazy, wildly using weapons such as calculators and 3DO's. It was a losing effort, as the two were defeated in their debut match.

El Unorigino and Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

After almost fading into obscurity, the Nyrds surprisingly kept getting booked. Joel and Mike began making a name for themselves when they began hanging around with lucha superstar El Unorigino and his sexy translator, Sexy Translator. The two would show up with Unorigino at various points in time, but were not official members of the Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday stable, which Unorigino had formed to take on the Communists.

The Change

At some point in mid-2005, the Nyrds began coming out to the theme music of Weird Al Yankovic's "All About the Pentiums" and had even begun breakdancing, much to the delight of the crowd. They would constantly come out with their friend El Unorigino and his Sexy Translator, and tend to leave them behind on the ramp, dancing their way to the ring. At this time, Mike began performing the breakdance move known as the Windmill, as Joel would dance behind him. Aside from the dancing, the Nyrds' skills picked up as well. While not exactly ring generals, the duo began practicing more high-flying antics. While Joel was a little more balanced in his wrestling, it was common to see Mike hitting a quebrada or leaping to the outside. Joel would often follow.

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