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The Mexican Samurai
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Ring Names The Samurai
Height 5'10"
Weight 210 pounds
Date of birth November 16, 1986
Place of birth San Jose, CA
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Resides Anaheim, CA
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Debut 2004
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The Mexican Samurai is a wrestler of Latin American descent that hails from Anaheim, California. He is 5'10 and weighs in at 200 pounds and is retired.

Early Life

Not much is known about The Mexican Samurai's early childhood, only a select few actually know his real name. What is known is that The Mexican Samurai started training in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu when he was sixteen years old. Developing at such a fast rate he became known as a "Prodigy" and decided to make the full transition to mixed martail arts. He trained his stand-up and started fighting on the small shows like KOTC (King of the Cage), Cage Rage and Shooto. UFC management was impressed and called up The Mexican Samurai, after defeated a few contender, The Mexican Samurai fought for the Welterweight championship. He won the championship from Matt Hughes but was defeated by Georges St. Pierre after a brutal knock-out. He faced Georges St. Pierre in a rematch but also lost that by KO.

The Mexican Samurai gave up Mixed Martial Arts and decided to retire from the sport. Not too long after NJPW (Neo Japan Power Wrestling) called The Mexican Samurai and wanted to see if he wanted to participate in a pro-wrestling match.


The Mexican Samurai accepted the call and he went to take on Nobuhiko Takada. The two waged war and even though Takada wasn't as skilled technical wise he still fought on. Takada was finally defeated but The Mexican Samurai used all his energy. After the match, Samurai approached Suzuki (CEO of NJPW) and told him he wanted to inherit the fighting spirit that the Japanese are so popular for. Being known as a prodigy helped The Mexican Samurai excel at training rather quickly and not before long he was told the truth of how to achieve the Samurai Spirit.

The only way that one would be able to gain the spirit was to believe in one's self and have the determination and drive to see things to the end. Suzuki had helped to light the competitive fire back in The Mexican Samurai. Samurai set out to make sure that everyone knew he was the best wrestler in the world.

The Mexican Samurai came back to the United States and joined the WWEF soon afterwards. The Mexican Samurai teamed up with an old friend, the KJ and formed the team Overload. They found success after defeated the team of Oreo and Mr. C.C.. Even though they won the titles, The Mexican Samurai was not happy under management. He was only promised a title shot if he pretended to be another character. After WWEF went out of business a couple of months later, The Mexican Samurai took some time off of wrestling to regain his thoughts and further his training. He did not want an ordeal like that to happen again.

The Mexican Samurai joined the fledgling HCW and became their only World Heavyweight Champion. It was only for a short time though as the company soon tanked as WWEF previously had.

WIF Days

The Mexican Samurai was wandering the independent scene when he was called by his old friend, Johnny Wildfire. He was called about a position in WIF the successor to WWEF. The Mexican Samurai quickly refused but after some negotiating he accepted. Upon his debut he teamed up to make the Mexican group, Los Hombres. They went after the tag-titles on two separate occasions but failed to win them.

Injuries and disagreement caused the Los Hombres to disband. The Mexican Samurai was made a singles wrestler and was placed in the 16-man tournament to determine a new WIF World Heavyweight Title Champion. He adopted the "Your Japanese Ambassador" gimmick even though he was not Japanese. In The Mexican Samurai's own mind, Japan is his nationality and birthplace.

The Mexican Samurai defeated three other superstars to make his way to the finals. At Nothing Else Matters, The Mexican Samurai defeated Matt Mendez in the main event to become the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Samurai would go on to make three successful defenses before dropping the title after having to wrestle twice in one night. One match being an iron man match against Big Evil and the other one was against the winner from a rumble earlier in the night. Surprised by the unknown opponent, Samurai lost his title.

He would take a short hiatus before teaming up with Matt Sin become the UnWrestlers. Sick of being in the industry that sucked wrestlers dry and spit them out, there passion for the industry was gone. They were only there to collect a paycheck and to destroy the WIF from the inside out. Matt Sin would leave the company leaving Samurai to vacate the titles and once again become single.

Samurai became entranced by Hollywood and after shooting a couple B-list movies became obsessed with being a movie star. Always dumbfounded by the fact that no one knew who he was he would always spout off a collection of various spoofs in which he had taken part of. Also, his intellect had been lowered into a California Surfer type. He would win the Xtreme Title from Bryan Kennedy and would try to go after Sammie Rene's Divas title, trying everything in his power to attempt find a clause to gain the title. Sadly, before he could acquire the title the WIF had closed its doors for good.


It wouldn't be a year later when an old friend from his early independent days would make a call to The Mexican Samurai. Ramirez Silva had been a fan of The Mexican Samurai for years and offered him a big money contract and had put him in the main event for the first card. Everybody had high hopes for Samurai, but he started to fall under heavy drug abuse, something that had haunted him in the past. He no showed his first two matches and was placed on suspension. After a drug overdose, Samurai was visited by family members who attempted to get him back to health. Samurai would say that it was the compassion that was once lacking in his life that got him to become sober and return to NLWF.

Samurai would return two months later but this time as the underdog. Samurai was out to prove that he was no longer a jobber.



  • Mexican Maelstrom (360 Spinning Brainbuster)
  • Rear-Naked Choke (Submission Finisher)


  • Samurai Stab (Superkick)
  • Heel Hook (Submission)
  • Northern Lights
  • Armbar
  • Flying Knee Drop
  • Muay Thai Knees
  • German Suplex
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Moonsault

E-fed Title History/Awards

  • 1x NLWF Champion
  • 2x NLWF Universal Champion
  • 1x NLWF Respect Champion
  • 1x NLWF North American Champion
  • 2x NLWF Tag Team Champion
  • 1x WWEF Tag-Team Titles (As Overload)
  • 1x HCW Heavyweight Title (Only Champion)
  • 1x WIF World Heavyweight Title
  • 2x WIF Tag-Team Champion
  • 1x WIF Xtreme Champion
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