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The Mainstreamer
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Real name Martin Francisco Graber
Ring Names The Mainstreamer
Height 6'4
Weight 240 Pounds
Date of birth 08/10/1981
Place of birth The Bronx, New York Flag of the United States.png
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Resides Arcadia, South Carolina Flag of the United States.png
Billed from The Bronx, New York Flag of the United States.png
Trainer Wafer
Unified Global Wrestling Coalition
Netlink Wrestling Organization, Underground Wrestling Alliance, Underground Professional Wrestling, Headstrong Wrestling
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Debut 1998 (UWA)
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Martin Francisco Graber (born Aug, 10 1981) is an American professional wrestler. He's currently signed to United Global Wrestling Coalition (UGWC). Martin is also known for his apprances in Underground Wrestling Assocaiation (UWA), underground Professional Wrestling (UPW) and more noteably in Netlink Wrestling Organization (NWO) and Headstrong Wrestling (HSW).

The Mainstreamer's breakthrough federation was NWO, where he won his first top teir championship. He continued his success in HSW in 2006 and 2008, obtaining the top teir championship twice.

International Professional Wrestling Federation (1998)

The Mainstreamer was set to make his professional wrestling debut in the IPWF. He met Wafer, the reigning IPWF World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion in a gym in Duncan, South Carolina. The Mainstreamer ended up never able to make his debut as the federation crumbled under political strain, mainly focused on political maneuvering from the federation President, Chris Conner.

The Mainstreamer, upset that he could not help right the wrongs done to his mentor in Conner's political maneuvering, was forced to put his return on hold until later that year.

Underground Wrestling Association (1998)

At the age of 17, The Mainstreamer began his professional wrestling career under the wing of Wafer. He was the inaugural UWA Southern Conference Champion, and the only champion in the promising federation's short lived birth. His record in this federation was a simple, but unblemished 2-0. Frustrated at the quick end of the new federation, The Mainstreamer followed Wafer when he opened Underground Professional Wrestling.

Underground Professional Wrestling (1999)

At age 18, The Mainstreamer entered his second federation, this one owned and operated by Wafer. Along with Wafer, UPW was also ran by VP Dustman and Wafer's former rival Smoke Dawg.

The federation started off quite well, having a unusual number of members for a newer federation. Wafer, as president, had invested a large amount of his wealth into making the federation work.

The Mainstreamer made his Tag Team debut in UPW, teaming up with Smoke Dawg's protoge, Miracle, to win the inaugural Tag Team titles. The Mainstreamer moved on to win another singles match before some interworking of the federation quickly crumbled the federation. Wafer and The Mainstreamer were demoralized and decided to take a break from Professional Wrestling. The Mainstreamer then joined the United States Marine Corps as a Heavy Weapons expert.

Netlink Wrestling Organization (2003-2004)

After feeling stuck in Wafer's shadow after two professional wrestling federations and a four year tour in the United States Marines, The Mainstreamer decided to venture out back into professional wrestling without being under the wing of his mentor, Wafer. The Mainstreamer debuted, winning a 5 man free for all for the number one contender spot for one of the two NWO's second tier titles, the Netlink Wrestling Organization Television Title. The Mainstreamer then went on to win the title the next week against then reigning champion, Christian Wright.

The Mainstreamer's professional career was on fire, and he was doing it without the mentorship of Wafer. The Mainstreamer continued with his winning ways, defending the Television Title against Danny Anderson. That night turned out to be more than just a title defense for The Mainstreamer, as the Netlink Wrestling Organization Champion, Sweet Cheapshots selected The Mainstreamer as his partner for the upcoming Tag Team Title Tournament. The team went on the finals to face an established Veteran Tag Team in Nester DeFranco and Dick Gazinya, known as the Nasty Dick Experience. Even with being the Television and Netlink Champions, the team of Sweet Cheapshots and The Mainstreamer went in as underdogs to the veteran tag team. The two men managed to make their different styles and personalities work, winning the Netlink Tag Team Titles. Currently riding an unbeaten record of 9-0, The Mainstreamer was called back to the Marines for an inactive reserve training exercise. The inactivity forced The Mainstreamer to vacate both titles.

The Mainstreamer came back shortly thereafter, besting former Netlink Champion Rammer in his signature match, The Mainstreamer Event, brining his undefeated record to 10-0. During his absence, Wafer had made an appearance in NWO, joining his cousin Ichabod on the staff as the Vice President of the federation. Wafer was as fun loving as ever, but the distraction of submerging back into Wafer's shadow was a little too much, as The Mainstreamer endeing his undefeated run, losing a "Scaffold with the Fishies" match to Jugernaut. Infuriated with stumbling in his mentor's shadow again, The Mainstreamer attacked Wafer. The two then settled their differences, fighting in a Hell in the Cell before The Mainstreamer was to perform in his biggest event yet, the 2003 Run of the Mill. The Mainstreamer beat Wafer in a controversial finish to that Hell in the Cell match, in a performance that seemed to signify his crawling out his mentor’s shadow. The Mainstreamer then went on to compete for the NWO Title in the 2003 Run of the Mill.

In the weeks leading up to the event, The Mainstreamer did everything he could to get into the head of the Run of the Mill creator Ichabod. The Mainstreamer also had the chance to square off against the current NWO Champion, Brain Graves, the man who handed him the only blemish on his record, Jugernaut, and the man he won the Netlink Television Title from Christian Wright.

The head games between Ichabod and The Mainstreamer got out of hand. Ichabod was perturbed about the attacks on his Vice President and cousin. The Mainstreamer would, however, knew who he was dealing with and did what he had to do to beat the master of the mind games, staging the fake deaths of several members of Ichabod’s roster. Ichabod, responded, saying he simply did not care if The Mainstreamer was killing off unimportant members of his roster. The Mainstreamer then did the unimaginable and seemingly killed Wafer. Ichabod went berserk, thinking that Wafer had died. The Run of the Mill turned out to be arguably the best of the series in this recurring match. The Champion was eliminated early, and when it was all said and done, it came down to The Mainstreamer and Ichabod, with The Mainstreamer getting the pinfall after Ichabod’s failed in an attempt to kill him.

The match was hectic, and none of the competitors could compete for quite some time after the match. The former Champion Brain Graves was never able to wrestle in NWO again. The Mainstreamer was forced again to vacate his title due to injuries, but winning the Netlink title had established him as a Main Event name. Instead of letting the title become vacated due to inactivity, The Mainstreamer appointed the title to be held by a young upstart in NWO, Quake, who had impressed the NWO by winning and defending the Television title a record number of times.

Out of all the competitors to return, The Mainstreamer was the last. He returned, seemingly trying to avoid his heel ways. In his absence, Netlink had been ravaged by a group of men in masks attacking people randomly. There was no rhyme or reason to their attacks. Those men even abducted Ichabod before he had to compete in a match, forcing him to live for a week in the trunk of a car before he competed.

These men called themselves Mystery. They demanded that one of them be allowed to compete against the current NWO Champion Weltmeister after that particular member of Mystery had beaten established Netlink star, PKA. The match also included the rematch clause for former NWO Champion Quake. The Mystery man went to the match and came out on top, winning the NWO Title. After winning the title, the man took off the mask to revealing himself as The Mainstreamer.

NWO went crazy, the return of the Mainstreamer had happened, but everyone wanted to know who the other two men in Mystery were. After the Pay per View, The Mainstreamer addressed the question, introducing the first man to be none other the thought to be dead, Wafer. NWO was in shock, and the shock continued as the third member turned out to be the NWO President Ichabod. The Mainstreamer went to point out that there were three Mystery members that abducted Ichabod. He then revealed a fourth member, in Ender. The four men then let the world know that Mystery was now formed as The Clique.

With the Clique, The Mainstreamer reigned for NWO's longest ever NWO Championship Title reign. He also set a NWO record defending the title successfully five times. In those defenses he bested Quake, Vyle, Triple X, and longtime rival PKA.

The rivalry with PKA led to The Mainstreamer's only tainted title defense. After beating him once in a brutality match, and a world of controversy surrounding the two because of The Mainstreamer putting PKA out for a while after pushing him from the Titantron, PKA was signed to a second title match with The Mainstreamer. PKA was allowed to pick a stipulation, choosing to make the match his specialty match, an Ultraviolent Match. The time came and PKA pinned The Mainstreamer to win the NWO Title. The celebration was short lived, however, as the clever ruse by The Clique came to fruition as Clique member, Vice President, and mentor to Wafer came out to announce that he had forgotten to mention that The Mainstreamer also go to pick a stipulation himself, making it a 2 out of 3 falls match. PKA was stunned, and The Mainstreamer capitalized, getting a quick pin to tie the match up at 1 fall a piece. After an extended match The Mainstreamer was able to come out on top, retaining his title.

During this run as Clique member and NWO Champion, The Mainstreamer amassed a personal best of an 11 match winning streak. He was able to claim several records, being the only multiple time NWO Champion, Netlink's best winning percentage, Netlink’s most title defenses as NWO Champion, and Netlink's longest reign as NWO Champion.

Only one name ever came to mind when comparing Netlink's best champions, and it was long departed roster member and former tag team partner Sweet Cheapshots. When Sweet Cheapshots returned, it was obvious that the match needed to take place.

No grander stage could be set than Wafermania. Wafermania was the dream Pay per View that the now Netlink President Wafer had always dreamed of. He gladly signed the match between Sweet Cheapshots and The Mainstreamer for the NOW title as the Main Event. The match was about proving which man was the best. The Mainstreamer demanded that no one interfere for either side as the two men met in the main event of that Pay per View. It one of the most respect filled matches of The Mainstreamer’s career. The Mainstreamer's long reign as Netlink Champion finally came to an end as he was pinned by Sweet Cheapshots in a match that left both men unable to compete for a couple of months. The title was vacated and when Ichabod took control of Netlink once again, he made the Netlink Title the prize of the upcoming King Karnage Tournament. The Mainstreamer was able to make it back just in the nick of time to enter the tournament, making it to the third round before being upset by the man who would eventually shock the world and win the tournament, Shady, in the semi-finals. Netlink's long history would not last much longer, and Netlink finally closed its doors.

The Mainstreamer wouldn't compete again until 2006.

Headstrong Wrestling (2006, 2008)

The Mainstreamer made his return to professional wrestling in 2006 to Headstrong Wrestling, owned and operated by Joey Matthew.

The Mainstreamer came to HSW by invitation of former Netlink star Rashawn TiTan. The Mainstreamer came in and joined the stable managed by Rashawn TiTan the Superballin's Playaz Club. He came in during the reign of Deszarus, making his introduction by delivering his finisher The Streamliner to the HSW World Champion. The Superballin’s Playaz Club was currently in the middle of a stable war with the Covenant, lead by Headstrong World Champion Deszarus.

The Mainstreamer came in and initially struggled, dropping his first match in a tag team contest with Dylan Daniels. He then went on to tag with stable mate Tyson Steele picking up his first win in HSW.

The Mainstreamer then picked up a small feud with Covenant member Kathryn Edict, dropping a singles match to her early on. There was a rematch at the next Pay Per view where The Mainstreamer started to show the flashes of brilliance he had in NWO. He cut a promo digging deep into the classy nature of Edict's promos, which had played a big role in upsetting her ring prescience. The Mainstreamer got his revenge by beating Edict, but his woes weren't over. He went on to lose two matches in a row for the first and only time in his career, first to Al coholic and then in a triple threat against Malise and Stuvix. He seemed to have lost his step before picking up a big win over Vain, a recent number one contender for the HSW World Title. He then went on to fail at getting a win in a rematch with Al coholic in a match that ended in a no contest and losing in a Gauntlet match for a shot at any HSW title. The Mainstreamer had, in the meantime, been dealing with Ichabod once again.

Ichabod came in and was setting up outside the ring as a neighborhood watch. He did everything he could to prevent in match interferences and seemingly began looking down on The Mainstreamer who had seemed to fall off. The night that The Mainstreamer lost the gauntlet match, he was in the ring as the Superballin's Playaz Club celebrated as Taurus Capone captured the HSW World Title. Ichabod came to the ring with a chair in hand, talking down to the entire stable about their underhanded tactics. The Mainstreamer took a chair and invited Ichabod to enter the ring. Ichabod did and the two played another one of their swerves as The Mainstreamer blindsided the rest of The Superballin's Playaz Club as the two men took out everyone, leaving the newly crowned HSW World Champion primed for a double chair shot to the head.

The two men were slated to face TiTan and Capone in the main event of the next pay per view. Ichabod and The Mainstreamer ended up forming a stable to help promote winning through honorable tactics, not underhanded ones called Equilibrium. The men joined with Stuvix, Al Coholic, Wafer, Harry Sache, and Jonny Kae. The Mainstreamer had begun winning again, winning four straight before the pay per view, three singles match and one handicap match. During this time, the numbers in Equilibrium went down as Jonny Kae left the stable to run alongside troublemaker Kris Carmichael. The pay per view match came to fruition but the four men couldn't keep enough order in the ring to reach a decision. In the process, Capone was injured. He was scheduled for the next Pay per View to fight the new number one contender, The Mainstreamer. However, since Capone was injured and forced to vacate the title, this left The Mainstreamer the number one contender to the now vacant HSW World Title.

The Mainstreamer was allowed to then pick his opponent in an announcement on the upcoming Shocker. In a surprise announcement, The Mainstreamer picked his former stable mate Jonny Kae in a response to his new found ways against the Equilibrium philosophy. The two met at Atrocity in the main event where The Mainstreamer came out victorious winning his first HSW title.

In the midst of The Mainstreamer winning the HSW World Title, a man had joined the HSW roster claiming that in his UPW days, The Mainstreamer had crippled his father by dropping a cinderblock on his leg in a non-sanctioned match. The man, Miguel Diaz, became an opponent of Equilibrium, targeting The Mainstreamer specifically. After winning the HSW World Title from Jonny Kae, The Mainstreamer was set to finally meet Miguel Diaz in the ring in a lumberjack match. The match turned out to be too chaotic, leading into a no contest. The Mainstreamer was then successful in defending his title against Jonny Kae, and then defeating Carlo Sarento in a Champion vs. Champion match that pitted HSW’s two men of Italian heritage against each other.

The feud with Sarento pushed The Mainstreamer to new limits, forcing him to further fight the demons he caused in his Netlink days. During this feud, former Covenant member Vain had risen up to become the HSW’s Wrestler of the month for August 2006, deciding to use his title shot against The Mainstreamer at the upcoming pay per view Global Domination. The two men met in a match fueled by respect. HSW was starting to fall apart at the seams with internal conflict, but the match remained center stage. The two men battled, with Vain managing to come out on top. After the hard fought, respectful match, The Mainstreamer went to shake the hand of Vain, who then showed his true heel intentions by viciously attacking him. Before the two men could meet for a rematch, HSW closed its doors. In fact, Global Domination proved to be the last show for HSW for nearly two years.

In 2008, HSW reopened, with The Mainstreamer returning for the opening show. Every title was now vacated, and President Joey Matthew made the first show a 12 man tournament to crown a new HSW World Champion. The Mainstreamer entered, winning his opening match against Jonah Williams. The Mainstreamer then went on to face the four other opening match winners (one match was cancelled) and ended up pinning Howard Idol to win his second HSW World Title.

The bigger story for The Mainstreamer, however, was outside of the ring. During his nearly two year hiatus from professional wrestling, Wafer had died in a car crash involving a drunk driver. During an interview with new HSW interviewer Dan Taylor, it became apparent that The Mainstreamer was either in denial about his mentor’s passing, or either unaware of it. The Mainstreamer said that late Wafer would be returning as his mentor. Dan Taylor became obsessed with the situation and Wafer.

The week after winning the HSW World Championship, The Mainstreamer was scheduled in a non-title singles match against the man he pinned for the World Title, Howard Idol and an acceptance ceremony for the HSW World Title. During the ceremony, Vice President Jesse banks came out claiming The Mainstreamer would be a fighting champion whether he liked it or not. Meanwhile, Howard Idol had staked claim on the HSW World Title. The Mainstreamer attempted to quiet those claims as he pinned Howard Idol for the second week in a row. Meanwhile, Dan Taylor had become more obsessed with the situation, confronting The Mainstreamer’s former stable mate, Ichabod. Taylor claimed that he was aware of the scheme that Ichabod and The Mainstreamer were plotting, even claiming that Wafer was alive and in on the plot.

The Mainstreamer was scheduled to face Dewayne Irvin Carter Kingston the next week. The match ended controversially after DICK was attacked by former HSW World Champion Devon Jacobs, leading into an easy win for The Mainstreamer. As The Mainstreamer exiting the ring, he was attacked by Howard Idol and his entourage. They drug The Mainstreamer to the parking lot, even injuring a camera man in the process. Idol was then met by Dan Taylor as the group forced The Mainstreamer into the trunk of a car. They took the camera man from the injured camera man and drove off with The Mainstreamer in the trunk. Joey Matthew had to quickly scramble to keep the show on the air after the scheduled time to allow the show to roll with the images rolling from the stolen camera.

Taylor, Idol and his entourage drove The Mainstreamer to a graveyard where they attacked him further, leaving him unconscious on a plot and spray painting Wafer’s name on the tombstone. Before he came to, Ichabod scrubbed the name off the gravesite so that The Mainstreamer wouldn’t see it.

The next show, The Mainstreamer opened the night defeating Adam Gordon by submission and refusing to let go after the bell sounded. After being forced off his opponent, The Mainstreamer was oddly not around for the rest of the show, which concluded with a match between Idol and Devon Jacobs for a number one contender for the HSW World Title. Jacobs came out on top scheduling The Mainstreamer’s first title defense in his second reign.

Absence from Wrestling (2008-2014)

Unified Global Wrestling Coalition - As Holden Orson (2014)

Unified Global Wrestling Coalition (2014 - Present)

Championships & Accomplishments

Underground Wrestling Alliance

  • 1 x UWA Southern Conference Champion (inaugural and final)

Underground Professional Wrestling

  • 1x UPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Miracle) (inaugural and final)

Netlink Wrestling Organization

  • 2x Netlink Wrestling Organization Champion (longest reigning)
  • 1x Netlink Wrestling Organization Tag Team Champion (w/ Sweet Cheapshots) (inaugural)
  • 1x Netlink Wrestling Organization Tag Team Champion (w/ Wafer)
  • 1x Netlink Wrestling Organization Television Champion
  • 1x Netlink Wrestling Organization Wrestler of the Week
  • 2003 Run of the Mill Winner
  • First multiple time Netlink Wrestling Organization Champion
  • Longest Winning Streak in Netlink Wrestling Organization history

Headstrong Wrestling

  • 2x Headstrong Wrestling World Champion
  • October 2008 Top 5 Wrestlers of the Month (Number 1)
  • Final HSW World Champion

In Wrestling

Finishing & Signature Moves

  • The Streamerliner – A standing leg sweep/trip is performed where performer uses the back of his leg to push his opponent off balance by hitting the back of his knees. While staggering, the performer executes a fast and violent spear like maneuver that slams the opponent into the mat and drives the performers shoulder into the victim’s chest.
  • Fuckemuppercut – A quick and exaggerated uppercut performed a dead stop after running and bouncing off of the ropes.
  • Vaffanculo – An inverted STF
  • Last Farewell – A kick to the back of the head
  • Five-Star Frogsplash – A frog splash noted for its height
  • Ode to a Mentor –Shooting Star Press
  • Insignifi-cant – Blatant choke
  • The Wafer Squeeze – The performer’s legs are wrapped around the head and right arm of the victim. The captured arm is punt into an arm bar and the legs squeeze tightly around the head of the victim. While pushing the head down and away, the performer pulls the arm bar down and towards himself causing a third point of pain in the shoulder.
  • The Waferbomb – A top rope power bomb. The drop is delivered with as much force as possible, with as much emotion as possible.
  • Arm bar inc. variants
  • Arm Drag inc. variants
  • Backbreaker inc. variants
  • Body Press inc. variants
  • Boston Crab inc. variants
  • Bulldog inc. variants
  • Boxing Style punches inc. variants
  • Brainbuster
  • Choke inc. variants
  • Cross body block
  • DDT inc. variants
  • Drop toehold
  • Dropkick inc. variants
  • Elbow Drop inc. variants
  • Flapjack
  • Forearm Smash
  • Frankensteiner inc. variants
  • Front Russian legsweep
  • Fujiwara armbar
  • Headbutt inc. variants
  • Headscissors lock
  • Irish Whip
  • Jawbreaker
  • Jumping Cutter
  • Knifehand Chop
  • Leg Drop
  • Legsweep
  • Mat Slam
  • Moonsault
  • Piledriver inc. variants
  • Polish Hammer
  • Quick chop
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Running bulldog
  • Russian legsweep
  • Schoolboy
  • Somersault kick
  • Spinning wheel kick
  • Suicide dive
  • Sunset flip
  • Superkick
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Ten punches
  • Tree of Woe inc. variants
  • Signature foreign objects: Baseball Bat, Chair

Theme Songs

  • Hate Me Now - Nas (UWA, UPW, NWO, HSW, UGWC)


  • Streamer
  • Mainy

Match history

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Federation
zTBD 39-9 TBD TBD Shocker 9/26/2008 Tag Team Match, Main Event: The Mainstremaer and Hoju vs. Devon Jacobs and Kristen Jackson HSW
zWin 39-9 The Mainstreamer Devon Jacobs Shocker 9/26/2008 Singles Match, FnX HSW World Title Match, Main Event HSW
zWin 38-9 The Mainstreamer (c) Adam Gordon Shocker 9/26/2008 Singles Match HSW
zWin 37-9 The Mainstreamer Dewayne Irvin Carter Kingston (D.I.C.K.) Shocker 9/19/2008 Singles Match, Main Event HSW
zWin 36-9 The Mainstreamer Howard Idol Shocker 9/12/2008 Singles Match, Main Event HSW
zWin 35-9 The Mainstreamer Devon Jacobs, Dewayne Irvin Carter Kingston (D.I.C.K.), Kristian Jackson, Howard Idol Shocker 9/5/2008 Steel Cage Championship Chaos, HSW World Title Match, Main Event HSW
zWin 34-9 The Mainstreamer Jonah Williams Shocker 9/5/2008 Singles Match, Beat the Clock Qualifying Match HSW
zLoss 33-9 Vain The Mainstremaer (c) Global Domination 9/3/2006 Singles Match, HSW World Title Match, Main Event, PPV Event HSW
zNo Contest 33-8 None None Shocker 8/18/2006 Singles Match, Main Event: The Mainstreamer vs. Ichabod HSW
zWin 33-8 The Mainstreamer Carlo Sarento Shocker 8/4/2006 Singles Match, Clash of the Champions: Pick your Poison Match, Special Guest Referee: Ichabod, Main Event HSW
zWin 32-8 The Mainstreamer (c) Jonny Kae Shocker 7/17/2006 Singles Match, HSW World Title Match, Main Event HSW
zNo Contest 31-8 None None Shocker 7/6/2006 Lumberjack Match: The Mainstreamer vs. Miguel Diaz HSW
zWin 31-8 The Mainstreamer Jonny Kae Atrocity 6/23/2006 Singles Match, HSW World Title Match, Main Event, PPV Event HSW
zNo Contest 30-8 None None Live From Death’s Door 6/4/2006 No DQ Tag Team Match, Main Event, PPV Event: The Mainstreamer and Ichabod vs Taurus Capone and Rashawn TiTan HSW
zWin 30-8 The Mainstreamer Hoju Shocker 5/26/2006 Singles Match HSW
zWin 29-8 The Mainstreamer Justin Shack Shocker 5/19/2006 Singles Match HSW
zWin 28-8 The Mainstreamer Sir Cassius Trebonius of Ludsbury Shocker 5/12/2006 Singles Match, Main Event HSW
zWin 27-8 The Mainstreamer Jeeves and Dion Shocker 5/5/2006 Handicap Match HSW
zNo Contest 26-8 None None Shocker 4/28/2006 Singles Match: The Mainstreamer vs. Al Coholic HSW
zLoss 26-8 Donovan Carter The Mainstreamer, Brein Steele, Arik Idol, Carson Dunn, Dracho, Eidolon, Slik Williams Destruction 4/10/2006 Take Your Pick Gauntlet Match, PPV Event HSW
zWin 26-7 The Mainstreamer Vain Shocker 3/17/2006 Singles Match HSW
zLoss 25-6 Al Coholic The Mainstreamer Shocker 3/3/2006 Singles Match HSW
zWin 25-5 The Mainstreamer Kathryn Edict Infexion 2/26/2006 Singles Match, PPV Event HSW
zLoss 24-5 Kathryn Edict The Mainstreamer Shocker 2/10/2006 Singles Match HSW
zWin 24-4 The Mainstreamer and Tyson Steele Sean Flame and K-Mac Shocker 2/3/2006 Tag Team Match HSW
zLoss 23-4 Carnival, Bryan Bryn Bryson The Mainstreamer and Dylan Daniels Shocker 1/27/2006 Tag Team Match HSW
zLoss 23-3 Shady The Mainstreamer King Karnage 9/4/2004 Pendulum Match, King Karnage Semi Finals NWO
zWin 23-2 The Mainstreamer B-Pac Malise 2004 Taser Match, King Karnage Quarter Finals NWO
zWin 22-2 The Mainstreamer Amazon Malise 2004 Paintball War, King Karnage Qualifier NWO
zLoss 21-2 Sweet Cheapshots The Mainstreamer (c) Wafermania 2004 NWO Championship Match, Main Event, PPV Event NWO

zWin 21-1 The Mainstreamer Shane Ryder Malise 2004 Atlantic City Street Fight NWO
zWin 20-1 The Mainstreamer (c) Quake and Vyle Malise 2004 Three Way Dance, NWO Championship Match, Main Event, NWO
zWin 19-1 The Mainstreamer (c) PKA Gladiator 2004 Ultraviolent Match, 2 out of 3 falls match, NWO Championship Match, Main Event, PPV Match NWO
zWin 18-1 The Mainstreamer Maxx Pain Malise 2004 Brutality Match NWO
zWin 17-1 The Mainstreamer (c) Triple X Malise 2004 NWO Championship Match, Main Event NWO
zWin 16-1 The Mainstreamer (c) PKA Malise 2004 Brutality Match, NWO Championship Match, Main Event NWO
zWin 15-1 The Mainstreamer and Ichabod Triple X, Darren Malise 2004 Tag Team Match, Main Event NWO
zWin 14-1 The Mainstreamer Quake, Weltmeister (c) N/A 2004 NWO Championship Match, Main Event, PPV Event NWO
zWin 13-1 The Mainstreamer PKA Malise 2004 Singles Match (disguised as Mystery) NWO
zWin 12-1 The Mainstreamer Ichabod, Christian Wright, Weltmeister, Jugernaut, Brian Graves (c) N/A 2003 2003 Run of the Mill, NWO Championship Match, Main Event, PPV Event NWO
zWin 11-1 The Mainstreamer Wafer Malise 2003 Main Event, Hell in the Cell ‘I Quit’ Match NWO
zLoss 10-1 Jugernaut The Mainstreamer Malise 2003 Scaffold with the Fishies Match NWO
zWin 10-0 The Mainstreamer Rammer Malise 2003 Main Event, ‘The Mainstream Event’ Match NWO
zWin 9-0 The Mainstreamer and Sweet Cheapshots The Nasty Dick Experience(Nester DeFranco, Dick Gazinya) N/A 2003 NWO Tag Team Title Tournament Finals, NWO Tag Team Title Match, PPV Event NWO
zWin 8-0 The Mainstreamer and Sweet Cheapshots The Mexican Jackhammers (Mexican Jackhammer Grangier and Mexican Jackhammer Casio) Malise 2003 NWO Tag Team Title Tournament Qualifying match NWO
zWin 7-0 The Mainstreamer (c) Danny Anderson Malise 2003 NWO Television Title Match NWO
zWin 6-0 The Mainstreamer Christian Wright (c) Malise 2003 NWO Television Title Match NWO
zWin 5-0 The Mainstreamer Narcissus, Triple X Effect, Havoc Jones Malise 2003 NWO Television Title #1 Contender 4 Way Survival Match NWO
zWin 4-0 The Mainstreamer Angel Diaz N/A 1999 Singles Match UPW
zWin 3-0 The Mainstreamer and Miracle N/A N/A 1999 Tag Team Match for the UPW Tag Team Titles UPW
zWin 2-0 The Mainstreamer N/A N/A 1998 Singles Match UWA
zWin 1-0 The Mainstreamer N/A N/A 1998 Singles Match for the Southern Conference Championship UWA