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Peter "The Killer" hager
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Peter "The Killer" hager]]
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Ring Names Peter hager
Height 6ft 4in
Weight 270lbs
Date of birth October 20, 1985
Place of birth Hollywood, Califorina
Date of death
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Resides Flordia
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Trainer Mr. El Loco Triple HHH The Big show
14N14 and ECWF
RWF(one match) UFC
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Debut 2006

The Killer is a wreslter in 14N14. A wreslter who loves hardcore and all types of matchs. He is undefeated in 14N14 right now and is known for claiming victims.

Early History

Born on October 20th 1985 his parents are unknown. He was pissed off and ruthless as a young child killing little animals. He was banned from high school. After that he set the school on fire. No one was hurt. However he was marked as a crimal. He was in jail for 5 years. After he got out he trained to be a figher in UFC. He was undefeated for 3 years. Eventally he went in to training.


The Killer made his debut in 14N14 dominateing JB storm. He also dominated the likes of Scream and kane and the undertaker from WWE. He was on a role and soon he would get his 1st title match.


The Killer defeated iffy to win the singapore title.

Life as the champion

The Killer was now holding gold. He dominated some others such as staton and death.

One match in RWF

While still in 14N14 a good friend of The Killers Mr. El Lucco needed a tag team parnter for the RWF tag team champions. The Killer elimated two teams before El Lucco was pinned. He lost but soon after RWF died.


The Killer is currently on the hunt for the big gold. If he wins the insane rumble. He also has a triple threat match where if he wins he will be the ECWF Hardcore champion and singapore champ