Stable Information
Faction Name The Family
Time Existed Fed 2009 - present
Members Chris Jericho, Gregory Helms, Jeff Jarrett, Brock Lesnar, and Trish Stratus

The Family is an American Heel stable for UNIVERSAL WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT. Under a Mafia gimmick same as TNA’s Main Event Mafia.



  • Chris Jericho
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • Gregory Helms
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Trish Stratus
  • Layla El


  • Nathan Jones


The Family was officially formed at UWE Survivor Series where, before a scheduled match between Chris Jericho and long time rival AJ Styles, Jericho and protogee Gregory Helms would be joined by Jeff Jarrett and Nathan Jones in attacking Styles and taking him out of action.

On RAW Episode 11, Jericho declared the group as The Family. With Jarrett's power as RAW's General Manager, the group began a bloody war with Jarrett's enemy Jeff Hardy. Later that night, Hardy would defeat Jericho, Jones, Helms and Jarrett in a four on one Handicap match via disqualification after Jarrett used his El Kabong finishing move on Hardy. The Family then proceeded to beat down Hardy after the match. Later that week on Smackdown Episode 11, Jarrett would book Hardy in a two on one Handicap match with The Brian Kendrick and Abyss. During the course of the match, where Hardy would attempt a Leg Drop off a ladder, Jarrett would appear on the Tron and threaten to strike Hardy's girlfriend with a Guitar if Hardy didn't lay down. Hardy would lose the match to Kendrick after Kendrick use his finishing move The Kendrick.

On RAW Episode 12, Hardy would face Jericho in a Submission match, which after Nathan Jones hit Jericho with a Chair, Hardy would emerge victorious but would be beaten down by the other members of The Family at the concussion. Jericho, in anger, declared one member of the Family would be removed. Jones would be removed from the group in a vicious attack which revealed Brock Lesnar as his replacement. Lesnar would decimate both Jones and Hardy before Jarrett announce the Armageddon Main Event. A Four on One Handicap match where Hardy would face Jericho, Helms, Lesnar and himself in a Hell in a Cell match. Hardy would have to pin every member of The Family if he was to win. The winner of the deciding fall would be declared Number One Contender for the UWE Undisputed Championship at the Royal Rumble. On Smackdown Episode 12, Hardy would be awarded a forfeit victory over the Human Tornado where Jarrett served as Special Referee. The Family would attack Hardy once again before Armageddon.

At Armageddon, Jericho would be attacked before the match by the returning AJ Styles making the match a three on one. Hardy would eliminate Helms and Lesnar from the match but both Hardy and Jarrett would leave empty handed as Edge injected himself into the match and scored the pinfall over Hardy to become the number one contender for the UWE Undisputed Championship. Before RAW Episode 13, Jericho would unveil Trish Stratus as the newest member of The Family.
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