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The FUN House's current design, with each of the eight sides representing a different feature

The FUN House Match is a gimmick match created by Joe Ragnal, originally intended for Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation. The FUN House has overgone several changes since it's inception.

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation

Crapamania 2

This was the first ever FUN House match in the history of wrestling. The original concept was a parody of Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun, where the weapons were dangling from chains around the ring. The only difference was the Table of FUN, which featured cream pies, skee balls, seltzer bottles, and several other items found at carnivals.

The inaugural match was between Joe Ragnal and Ultimo Chocula, in a hard fought match, also Joe’s PPV debut. Going into the fight, Chocula was on a PPV losing streak, and in the previous months, Joe had been calling Ultimo a “lunatic”. Included in the match were memorable moments, such as Chocula destroying Joe with his hockey stick “Oglethorpe”, Chocula wearing a La Parka mask as he hit Joe with a steel chair, and Joe hitting a drop toe hold onto a cream pie. In the end, Joe would win the match with a Five Star Frog Splash through the announce table.

Tony Chang

During the Ragnals/Chrysta/Connection feud, a member of the Connection, “The Viper” Tony Chang, called out Joe for the sole purpose of mocking his family. This enraged Joe, but Tony would make an example of him. Afterwards, Joe made a challenge to Chang to take place the following week in the FUN House.

In the opening minutes of this match, Joe extended a handshake to Chang, who ended up getting shocked by the joybuzzer on Joe’s hand, then sprayed down by a seltzer bottle. Joe would win the match with a FUN Drop to the outside.

Midget King & Co.

On March 5, 2007, at the Freek Show PPV in Disneyland, Curly Long and Mr. Big defeated Mike and Joe Ragnal for the EWT World Tag Team Championships. As per their rematch clause, the Ragnals agreed on the FUN House in order to regain the titles. This would be the first ever tag team FUN House, and the first time a title would be on the line in the match.

Moments in the match include Joe smashing a seltzer bottle into Big’s head, and Big going through a fun house mirror standing on the ring apron. Also included was a cluster of tag teams brawling, including members of the Handsome Boy Modeling School, the Nyrds, the PTA, and Generation Tech. The match ended after Tanya Flaire hit Big with a pie, and the Ragnals pinned their opponents, becoming two-time EWT Tag Team Champions.

Sibling Rivalry

At The Skies The Limit, Joe Ragnal face Ratings, only to lose after run-in from Maxx Awesome and Erik Majors, two other members of the Elite. After taking a post-match beatdown, Mike Ragnal ran in to save his brother. After the Elite cleared the ring, Joe was upset that his brother hadn’t come in earlier, and shoved Mike out of the way. After trading interferences with one another, the two would face off in a 60-Minute Iron Man FUN House match for Mike’s EWT Tri-State Championship at Symphony of Destruction.

Spots included in the match were a drop-toe hold to cream pie that featured barb wire inside it, Joe choking Mike with a sledgehammer, Mike hitting a Lionsault on top of a steel chair, Mike going through a fun house mirror, FUN Drop through a table, and a double clothesline that lead to a double pin. In the end, Mike would win the match 4-3 with a Ragnalrok from the apron onto the announce table.

This match also marks the first time Joe Ragnal has lost a FUN House match.

Crapamania 4

On May 6th, Joe Ragnal faced Chad Michaels in a newly reformatted FUN House, including an octagon cage similar to CZW’s Cage of Death, with each pane of the cage having a different feature:

  • steel caging
  • barb wire
  • steel chains
  • sheetrock
  • an inflated moonwalk wall
  • fun house mirror
  • an electric fence
  • metallic locker

The match took place at Sesame Place, located in Philadelphia, PA. Moments in the match included a barbwired baseball bat disguised as cotton candy, a spear from Joe against the apron, Chad joybuzzing Joe and whipping him into the electric fence, a Heartbreaker into a barbwire pie, a cross body into the barbwire caging, and a Full Nelson from Chad with a sledgehammer pushed into Joe's neck. In the end, Chad finished Ragnal off with a Coca-Cola Cliff Drop.

This is Joe's second FUN House loss in a row.

Global Wrestling Coalition

GWC Kingdom Come

At what is considered GWC's biggest PPV of the year, Joe Ragnal and Danny Vice wrestled Icon Corp. (Mike "The Icon" Sullivan and "The Machine" Michael Walters) in the first FUN House match outside of EWT. Halfway through the match, Vice was taken out by Emperor and Phantom when they threw him into the electric caging. Joe continued the match by himself, and the match was turned into a handicap.

Moments from the match include Ragnal hitting a hurracanrana on Sullivan and throwing him into Walters, Vice choking Sullivan with a barbwire baseball bat disguised as cotton candy, the obligatory "pie to the face", Sullivan leaping off the apron and ramming a sledgehammer into Joe's back, and both Icon Corp. members alternating with foreign objects to Joe against the barbwire caging, either using a steel chair or sledgehammer. The match ended with Joe spearing Sullivan off the apron, and into a table that had Walters already placed on it.

Skyler Striker

After winning #1 contendership for the GWC Television Championship, Joe Ragnal asked for Skyler to consider their next encounter (They wrestled at GWC Viva La GWC) within the FUN House. Skyler agreed to it.

Moments in the match included a springboard chair shot from Skyler, Joe's neck being slammed on by a locker door, a trashcan legdrop to Joe, Joe hitting Skyler with a stop sign El Kabong style, a spinning suplex through a table, a missed Superkick from Skyler going through sheetrock, and the Last Card. The match ended after Joe hit a bulldog going through the mirror wall, and a follow up with the Five Star Frog Splash, which won Joe his first title in GWC.

Kevin Hardaway

After a brutal and epic feud led to an brutal and a amazing matchup between the two at GWC Omerta, Hardaway retained the GWC World Championship against Ragnal. He wasn't done yet and instead had to go through the GWC Global Wrestling Classic at GWC Revelations in order to get his hands on him again. He defeated Reckless Jack in the finals and now got a shot at the GWC World Championship again, but he wanted to make sure Hardaway was the one he was facing. In a bloody Iron Man match, Ragnal interfered and cost Thunder the title. After the match, Ragnal had a surprise for Hardaway. It was then that a bunch of chairs and barbed wire and fencing fell into the ring. Ragnal wanted revenge and the only way he could get it is inside the FUN House. Hardaway accepted the match. In the weeks after the match was made, both Hardaway and Ragnal signed the official contract. This match plans to be unsanctioned by the GWC and only sanctioned by both Hardaway and Ragnal themselves. Rumors are already floating around that this could be THE most violent match in professional wrestling history due to the blood and anger they share against each other, going so far as saying that the match is about "life vs. death"

Kapoutland Pro Wrestling

Kaos Tournament 2007

The bracket for this year's Kaos Tournament

It was announced at the first Ignition after Unholy War under the charge of D2 and his Unholy Soldiers that should Mike Ragnal win both his first and second round matches, the finals, usually fought in an Elimination Chamber, will be fought under similar rules within the FUN House match. Mike did so, and the Chamber of FUN was in place, and included Ragnal, Sasha Pehl, Smarky, Mike Corral, Sinister1, and Skitzo.

Moments of the match include Sinister1 plowing Ragnal into a trash can, Smarky tossing Skitzo into one of the internal pods, Sasha putting Sinister1 in the Crippler Crossface while a singapore cane was in the mouth, Sasha being thrown within the wall of mirrors, Sasha drop-toe-holding Ragnal on top of Sinister1, Skitzo unknowingly eating a babrwire bat disguised as cotton candy, and Corral accidentally spearing Skitzo into the electric caging. Mike would win the match after hitting the Ragnalrok on Skitzo on top of the table where the FUN weapons are kept, then adding insult to injury by hitting the High Voltage. Mike would win the match, but lose the following surprise match against D2, and losing the KPW World title in the process.

This was the first FUN House that Joe Ragnal did not take part in.

Ring of Beauty

All-Out Women

The first all-female FUN House took place at RoB's Blaze of Glory PPV for the RoB Hardcore Championship, which Linda held going into this match. This makes Linda's first appearance in the match, and the only FUN House to not include either Mike or Joe. This match also included her longtime rival Chrysta, former champion Victoria Valentine, and Haylie Alexander.

The match included the most extreme action in women's wrestling, such as Chrysta hitting a running STO with a kendo stick, Victoria ramming the ladder into Linda's stomach, Haylie spinning around with a ladder over her head, a Doomsday Device from the Devils (Chrysta on the top rope and Victoria on the arena floor), both Devils fighting over their pinfalls, Linda spearing Chrysta off the apron and through the glass mirrors, the obligatory pie spot, and Victoria losing her top near match's end. Linda won with a 540 splash onto Haylie from the top of the cage.


  • The match was originally named the Fun House. It was changed to FUN House after Joe changed his gimmick to the Innovator of FUN, which stands for Fully Unrehearsed Nuttiness.
  • At Crapamania 4, Chad Michaels became the first non-Ragnal to win the match.
  • Joe Ragnal has exclusive rights to the match, which means he has all video rights of each match, and can use the match in any promotion he's with.
  • All three Ragnals have participated in the FUN House Match.
  • Joe Ragnal has participated in the most FUN House matches, only missing out on the Chamber of FUN in KPW, bringing his total to seven. Mike is close behind with having three FUN House matches. Everyone else has been inside only once.