The Cidal Squad
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The Cidal Squad is a a former American professional wrestling e-fed stable.





After unsuccsesfully winning the EWT Toolshed Title at EWT Seasons Beatings in December of 2006, Andy Duke decided that he simply was not succeeding as a singles star in EWT, and he took a brief leave from the ring, returning a few weeks before EWT's annual event in January, the EWT Royal Pain in the Ass Rumble, hyping up a new beginning. At the event, the first ever hype video was played, hyping the team known only by name at first. In the following weeks, it would be found out via these videos that a returning face would join the Cidal Squad. That face was Deamon Cohln, who came out during a Duke/Virus match, and attacked Virus with his signature lighttube. After that, Duke and Deamon cut a scathing anti-EWT promo before buring an EWT shirt.

The Duke/Deamon Days

Unfortunatley, the days after could not be as impactful as the initial promo, as due to many outside factors, mainly outside bookings, caused Deamon to be less than full-time in EWT. Eventually, Deamon asked for his release from the company. In one last segment, newcomer Jonathan Doe came to the ring and attacked Deamon, before Duke kicked him out.

Capturing Lightning...

Shortly after Doe's induction, both him and Duke were set to compete in a gauntlet for Crauswell's Ox division title at the "March 4th" PPV. But this match wasn't the only thing they had planned. After Duke was eliminated, perennial EWT main eventer Mike Ragnal came out and attacked Crauswell, and thus giving the Cidal Squad their most important member to date. At the next PPV "Dead Man Walking", Ragnal, now also going by the nickname of "Elementalcidal", was able to beat the departing Merc to capture the EWT World Heavyweight Title for the first time.

Tag Team Success

The month of April was a rather un-evental month, despite the team of Duke and Doe continuing to rack up the wins, until it was announced that they would be competing for the Tag Team Titles at Crap-a-Mania IV in the TLC Gauntlet. This was by far the biggest match for the team, and they were ready to rise to the occasion. On May 6th, 2007, the two beat the Nyrds by climbing the ladder to retrieve the belts, and became EWT Tag Team Champions. This also gave both Andy and Jonathan their first PPV wins.

While fighting abroad, other teams in EWT wanted to step up and challenge for the belts. The Squad's first big defense came against not one but two of these teams at "At a Souless Dawn" in July, as the Squad defended their belts against TJT and the Nyrds in a 3-way TLC match. Despite suffering minor injuries, the two were able to successfully retain their belts.

Alexa King

In the weeks leading up to "At a Souless Dawn", TJT and The Cidal Squad were in the midst of a heated rivalry. In an effort to even odds by keeping Terina in check, Andy Duke brought in his real-life girlfriend and independent wrestler Alexa King.

Fighting 'Round The World

In an attempt to make the Tag Titles in EWT more prestigious, The Cidal Squad sought out to make the belts World titles, by defending them in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. They were successful in all six of their defenses, however, after returning home, they recieved a letter from Toom E. Dangerously that unfortunatley the titles had already achieved world status.


  • vs. TJ Wilson and Harry Smith. Toronto,Canada
  • vs. Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. Rio De Janiero, Brazil
  • vs. Dave Taylor and Paul Birchall. Liverpool,England
  • vs. KENTA and Naomichi Marifuji. Tokyo, Japan
  • vs. The Bushwackers. Sydney, Australia
  • vs. Super Blue Cross #6 & Samolian Joe: Madagascar 2 Sided Ring Death Match. Manja, Madagascar.

"The Cidal Force"

In late July, on an episode of EWT TV, during a Mike Ragnal promo, Dave Davies, Mike Corral, and Joe One came to ringside. Andy Duke and Jonathan Doe also came down, to even to odds. But the Cidal Squad were not content with evening the odds, as they introduced their newest, and 5th current(6th overall, counting Deamon) member, Crauswell, who was returning from a short hiatus. Gone is his regular brown costume, in its place a black one. This was a huge aquisition for the squad.

Exit Mike Ragnal

Shortly after losing the EWT World Heavyweight title, Mike Ragnal announced his departure from EWT. He spent his last month in EWT unaffiliated with the Cidal Squad, but no harsh feelings were expressed by either side.

Exit Alexa King

After almost a month of Andy cheating during Alexa's matches(unbeknownst to her), Alexa found out, and broke up with Andy. Two weeks later, she recieved her release from EWT. However, in real-life, her and Andy had broken up weeks prior to their on-screen break-up, and her contract had expired.

Exit Jonathan Doe

After leaving the tag team scene, Duke and Doe became very competitive with each other, this came to a head at "Survival of the Fittest 07", when the two met in a one-time only(at this point) singles match, with the winner getting any wish of his chosing. Jonathan won,and the next and asked for Duke's blessing to start a relationship with Alexa King, who had just broken up with Andy. Andy declined, so Jonathan asked Andy to convince EWT to grant him his release. In reality, much like Alexa, his contract really expired.

Tag Team Invitational

Just before both Alexa and Jonathan told Andy of their departures, Andy announced that he would be holding a "Tag Team Invitational", consisting of 6 tag teams, with the winning team recieving a spot in the Cidal Squad. Details on the teams participating will be devulged later, but it has been said that they are not current EWT teams. Unfortunately, the competition ended prematurely due to Andy's injury.

Brief Reformation and Break-up

During Andy Duke's feud with The Cast of Heroes, he called upon independant werstlers Patti McRath and Syd Broderious to reform the Cidal Squad, this time as faces. Unfortunately, they were never able to wrestle, as all 3(including Andy) got released for drug allegations. And thus ended the Cidal Squad. Andy later returned as a singles wrestler.


  • Unlike most teams, none of the Cidal Squad members knew each other before teaming, and had singles careers before teaming, with the exception of Alexa and Andy.

Quick Info

  • Entrance Music:"No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin
  • Signature moves: Precision Destruction(Springboard Shining Wizard/Powerbomb)
  • Titles Won under "Cidal Banner": EWT World Championship(By Mike Ragnal), EWT Tag Team Titles(By Duke and Doe)
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