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TEAM is an interpromotional wrestling promotion run by Jess Chapel. TEAM's booking comes from bringing together competitors from outside organizations to challenge for several different types of championships. TEAM is also the home to the TEAM Invitational Tournament, TEAM Tournament of Champions, and the Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Tournament.


TEAM's concept was created in 2006 and in July of that year, held it's first two tournaments, the TEAM Invitational Tournament, and the Tournament of Champions. With the success of both of these events, TEAM's schedule began to expand. Championships were christened, each title with its own unique method of defense. Another tournament was added to the schedule, the Dupree Cup.

Excitement over this new brand of interfed competition was at a fever pitched, and TEAM produced shows were well received by critics and fans alike. The drama created by throwing together competitors not often seen together made for great wrestling action. In some cases, wrestlers with no background together whatsoever went on to become heated rivals in TEAM events, such as Derecho and Jason Payne during the 2006 Dupree Cup.

There has been some criticism by some as TEAM schedule has started to become more and more regular, and some feel that the fed has lost some of its novelty as an interfed, and has become just another run of the mill promotion. TEAM management is aware of these criticisms and has decided to cut back on some it's programming in order to maintain it's fresh look and feel.


TEAM Championship of Champions

The TEAM Championship of Champion is the highest ranking title in TEAM. It is also the promotions only 'standard' title, meaning that it is usually defended in a standard type of match. To be eligible for a TEAM Championship, a wrestler must be its fed’s World Champion at the time of the shot or at the time when your shot was named, or must have earned your shot through winning a tournament or have earned a shot through a special contendership match, usually earned through tournaments. The TEAM Championship of Champions is allowed to be defended off of TEAM cards; i.e. it can be a touring Championship.

TEAM FREE FOR ALL~! Championship

The TEAM FREE FOR ALL~! Championship is a singles title that is only defended in battle royal type matches. This is an open challenge type of title, as all you have to do to contend for it is announce your desire to compete for it. Due to the chaotic nature in which this title is defended, this is the only TEAM championship that is not a touring championship.

TEAM Challenge Championship

The TEAM Challenge Championship is a singles title that is defended only in gimmick matches. Contenders either are chosen through management's discretion or earn their spot through tournaments and special contendership matches. The TEAM Challenge Championship is a touring Championship. It is viewed as being the same in rank as the FREE FOR ALL~! Championship.

TEAM Lethal Lottery Championships

The TEAM Lethal Lottery Championships is TEAM's tag team title. All matches are normal, tag team affairs, but the challengers are chosen through random pairing. No established tag team is eligible to receive a shot at these except in very special dispensations gained through tournament competition. If a wrestler is picked for a LL shot and do not succeed, they cannot challenge for the LL titles again until they’ve been contested one time after you’ve challenged for them. The TEAM Lethal Lottery Championships are touring titles.

TEAM Tournaments

TEAM Invitational Tournament

The TEAM Invitational Tournament is a single elimination tournament with regular styled matches throughout. It is based on the same concept as the NCAA Tournament, however entry into this tournament is not restricted by any official standing within any wrestling promotion. In general, so long as there are spots available for the tournament, anyone can sign up. This tournament in general takes place from January to March or April, depending on the size of the field and the speed of the results turnaround.

Tournament of Champions

This tournament happens in the summer months, usually in the time period between May and July. In-character, this tournament is set up as a “one night tournament” pitting the best Champions across the eW spectrum against each other. Out-of-character, each competitor will RP in three rounds with varying themes. The theme for the first round is usually that of an on-camera wrestling promo. The second round theme is usually an off-camera, storyline promo. The third round is usually a wild card round with a unique theme.

Chad Dupree Memorial Cup Tournament

Chad Dupree is a friend of who lost his life unexpectedly and tragically in the fall of 2004. The tournament is like the World Cup. Feds and stables from all around eW submit teams of four. These teams are split up into however many groups of four, and round robin competition begins. At the end of round robin, the top teams from each group make it to a single elimination team playoff bracket. Each separate meet between teams consists of three matches: a singles match, a singles gimmick match and a tag team match. Standings in the round robin portion are determined by points gained through meets. If a team sweeps each of the three matches in a meet, they gain three points. If they win a meet by any means other than a sweep, it’s two points. In the event of a draw, they gain one point. The playoffs are single elimination, so there are no draws, and mode of victory is irrelevant.

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