Synthy Eris
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Height 5'7
Weight 144
Date of birth September 29, 1987
Place of birth Berlin, Germany
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Resides Indianapolis, Indiana
Billed from Indianapolis, Indiana
Trainer Mike Quackenbush, Claudio Castagnoli
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Debut May 11, 2003.
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Synthy Eris is a Professional E-fed Women's Wrestler, who currently is under contract with Wrestling's Innovative Genesis. She is also a former roster member of EWT, GWC, and KPW.

The Beginning.

Synthy Eris managed to get into wrestling by sheer chance. She was one day simply browsing through the internet when a match featuring Lita appeared on her screen. Having nothing else better to do, she watched. Bit-by-bit, the disillusioned young woman slowly became amazed. Quickly searching other matches with Lita, and slowly coming across Joshi Wrestlers, and various featuring women through the last twenty years, Synthy decided she had found her calling.

Not much is know about her career before EWT, but it seems Juri Sadamoto and Synthy had worked in a company together -somewhat- before meeting up again. Synthy had been a hardcore champion in a now-defunct women's organization, and is slowly building her value up to numerous places. Other than what she hints to at interviews, she's maintained an air of mystery regarding her past.

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation

The Queen of Chaos poses for EWT's Bio Pic.

Synthy Eris originally made her debut as EWT's Queen of Chaos, however, due to some unplanned events, the idea was scrapped. After her debut matches against Melina and Victoria, she proved to be dead set on showing how true to the Women's Division she is. In an interview with Candy Girl early on, it was revealed Syn is quite fluent in German. Synthy would go on to prove that she despises any type of bimbo that invaded the Women's Division and didn't prove themselves. This would eventually show itself in the extreme when the Harlot Hunt started.

Harlot Hunt

The infamous Harlot Hunt is a yearly contest with this year's event hosted by EWT's Joe Ragnal. It's famous for the third-rate model-types that show up. This year's contestants had horrible pun-related names and were equally as stupid.

Anne Phibian- A woman who had an odd obsession with frogs, one of which was her boyfriend, Dwayne. Syn took care of her by throwing her into a garbage can and tossing her down EWT's entrance ramp.

Pisa Pisa: A woman obsessed with pizza. Syn destroyed her by throwing her face first into a Pepsi machine, busting her nose.

Nun Chukku: A seductive Chinese woman who wore a Nun's outfit. Synthy destroyed her alongside Terina(( Manager of the tagteam TJT)).

Kim Tended: The poser-punk got decimated by Syn with a punch to the face, a brutal slam into a buffet table, and a toss into the street.

Flora: The Sixteen-year old 'reverse pedophile' obsessed with getting 'together' with Joe Ragnal. Synthy had strong words of warning for her, saying that if she didn't stop being so greedy, arrogant, and fake then she'd wind up another Paris Hilton copy. Afterward, the girl accidentally clotheslines herself on Syn's arm, and gets choke bombed through a table.

Phibian, again: Gets thrown onto a metal banister, twice. Followed up soon by Joe Ragnal giving her a stunner.

The conclusion to the competition was one that received much backlash, as Synthy was the one named the winner. Joe was the one who had the ability to name the winner, and since most of the women were taken out of the competition due to injuries, Joe got fed up and stated the EWT rookie was better than all of them, following up by rewarding her with a new EWT contract, and becoming her manager.


Synthy, despite her desperation to keep herself as a loner, has found herself numerous allies and even a few friends in the world of EWT. This has proved to provide her with a few notable events.

'Broken Rose of Japan'Juri Sadamoto: Juri had talked to Syn a few times before on the Indie circuit, but only a little. In EWT, however, the two had come to realize they meshed quite well personality-wise. The two have quickly become good friends, bonding over the shared hatred of wannabes in women's wrestling, a view that women and men can be equals in the ring, and a mutual fondness for DDR. They have a deep respect for each other. Syn even gave Juri a few gifts for her birthday, including a ying-yang friendship necklace. The two are known in EWT as extremely close, and Juri is one of the very few people to make Synthy laugh or even merely crack a smile on-camera.

Madison, The Clown Girl: Happening purely by accident, Madison somehow managed to move into Synthy's apartment without Syn noticing. Syn, after talking with the crazed woman a few different times, realized she had a growing fondness for her and Madi simply liked Syn anyway. The two have become friends, and have grown a bit protective of each other. August and September '07.

However, due to a recent brainwashing by The Draugr((EWT's resident Horror-themed group)) Madison has taken a much darker, evil-er turn against Synthy. At the upcoming PPV, she and Synthy are set to battle in a Barbed Wire, Lingerie, Steel cage match for the Rebirth of the Girl Next Door Women's Championship. Both have been vocal against the lingerie aspect, and each have had their own demented promo against the other, wrought with anger and betrayal and outright lust to be the newly crowned Champion.

Jobby McJobberston: Another friendship kindled by accident, Syn found that despite numerous personality differences ((Jobby being an 80's lunatic, friendly, and bubbly)) and him always calling her 'Molly', she found they got along. He even attempted to cheer her up after she was out of action due to an undisclosed illness. She wound up going to an Eighties club with him after being bored to near tears after staying home so long. During the trip, a screwball conversation about girl/boyfriends took place. The two haven't been seen in the other's company for a long time, leading to some speculation...

Joe Ragnal: Another majorly different personality. The self-imposed name of Innovator of FUN and Syn's awkwardly-acquired manager, the two have somehow managed to forge a bond, and get along. Joe is constantly berated by Synthy for his loaf-of-breadlike memory, but they share a mutual friendship nonetheless.

TJT: A similar mind, and two very different ones. In the trios tournament, Synthy and Terina formed an alliance with Juri to obtain the EWT stable titles. While their contact remains rare, and Synthy often receives comments from the sharp tongues of Thunder and Jupiter, every time they meet at this point is friendly. Also, it would not be surprising for this team to lend assistance to her when she requires it.


Cassinova: The sexy, charismatic metro-sexual with an edge- and a major mutual shared hate with Synthy. This has been going on since CrapaMania 4, where a brilliant battle between Juri and Synthy was taking place. The two were in the middle of proving just how far the two would take it to prove Women were excellent wrestlers. Due to a mistake made by Synthy, the stipulation was left open- and Cassinova was happy to fill it in. He was chosen to fill it in only because he interfered in the match- hitting both women lightly on the head, resulting in a double disqualification.

The Stipulation: Both women had to wear clothing of his choice for a month. Much to her dismay, Synthy was forced to dress as Marilyn Monroe for a month or get fired. Regardless to say, the two have been taking shots at each other ever since. Especially since the ending of it ended in humiliation for both. Cassinova interrupted Synthy backstage the final night, and had his specialized dressing team massacre her appearance.

Syn's make-up was twisted and Joker of Batman fame-like. 'Loser' was smeared on her outfit, and her hair was screwed up crazier then normal. Cassinova called her out to the ring, insulted her numerous times. Syn got revenge on him by kicking him in a sensitive area, kissing her finger and patting him on the cheek, and DDT'ing him as hard as she could flat onto the mat.

The two haven't stopped insulting each other every opportunity available.

Within the last week of September, the two have once again going at each other's throats, adding more fuel to the fire. Several insults on both sides had been swapped and a cheap shot toward Synthy's best friend 'Juri Sadamoto' resulted in the taunting Cassinova being chased to the back by Synthy.

Since Synthy's leave of the federation in mid-summer of 07, no one knows what has become of these two mortal enemies situation. ===KPW Debut===07-08 Having recently debuted in KPW, this Synthy seems noticeably more psycho, and has aligned herself with KPW's evil tour du force, The Unholy Soldiers, as Madison's bodyguard. With the addition of a new female named Danny Taylor, Synthy seems to have set her sights on decimating the woman. A new feud is in the making between Synthy/Madison against Danny.

===GWC===07. As well as EWT, KPW, Synthy has also signed a contract with the group GWC. Here she is under a different gimmick then the other two promotions, calling herself the most extreme 'Chaos Goddess' and exhibiting quite a feral attitude in regards to a woman calling herself the 'Chaos Princess' Sammie Rene. The two have done battle numerous times, resulting in a 3-2 record for Synthy, herself having the upper hand. Their latest bout resulted in Synthy teaming with her former mentor, the 'Innovator of FUN' Joe Ragnal. The two have now become a tag team known as 'The Alternative'. Their slogan: Because Everything Else is just the Same.

As effective on Saturday, January 26, Synthy Eris and Joe Ragnal quit the GWC, citing their own personal reasons and claiming they just didn't see the company fitting them anymore. Controversy quickly arose and some of the other roster claimed Synthy was doing it as a means for attention, while simultaneously pleading for Ragnal to stay. Both of them have stated that they wouldn't return unless the other agreed to it.


Synthy is generally considered to be on the rebellious side, shunning typical beauty ideals, and considered to have a tough image. Despite this, she seems to have many connections and friends, whether she wants them or not. She has a sarcastic, somewhat easily-annoyed persona, but a few people have managed to bring out the lighter, more joking half as well. She's also protective, and cares a lot for the few people she is really close to. When irritated or simply feeling unnerved, she tends to break out into German.

Family and Personal Life

Synthy has a younger sister and an older brother. Her sister is a raver, vivacious, spunky 20-year old who works in WIG alongside their brother, Tristan. Tristan's a mean, overly-protective, 23-year old punk rocker. As for parents, the only detail known is that they stay far from their children, whom have been living on their own without mention of them since their early teens.

Love-life wise, Synthy has apparently not that much luck. She seems heartbroken in a few interviews, including a bothered-sounding mention of a bar brawl with an ex-fiance. By this particular subject, Synthy seems disturbed. She's aggressive toward those who question her about any former romantic pursuits she may have had, and tends to come off as uneasy and aggravated in regards to the overall concept of 'love'.

Also, anytime someone mentions various guys who like her, she gets flinchy and turns them immediately away from the subject. It's a sore subject, and it's one that makes her face fall flat. She bluntly ignores any attempts to woo her.Despite her best friend Juri's strongest attempts at getting her to realize her beauty, Synthy still disputes these claims, though on occasion a burst of ego seems to signify she's not as lacking in knowledge about her beauty as she wants people to believe.

Signature and Favorite Moves

Synful Intentions: An elevated cradle neckbreaker. WIG.

Chaos Crippler: A Crosschoke with leg scissors. WIG, used rarely.

Sanguine Symphony: 360 DDT, used in KPW.

The Chaos Factor: Grounded stretch muffler with headscissors applied.

Frankensteiner from off of the top rope.

Enziguiri kick.

Juji-gatame armbar.

Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker.

Swanton Bomb onto standing opponent.


She utilizes the mentioned moves as well as using the ropes for various Lucha-moves.

Uses various kicks and flexibility-related moves due to her strong, long legs.

As well as occasionally busting out painful submissions. It's recently become clearer that the woman has more moves yet to be seen then she lets on.


- Is a huge fan of Dance Dance Revolution

-Shares an apartment with Lexi, ((used to with Madison,)) and Tristan, yet manages to get enough sleep.

-Has a secret 'thing' for, ironically enough, prettyboys.

-Designs many different clothes and accessories and has some of her ideas sold to independent clothing markets.

-Has a bestselling book about vampires, published under a different name.

Favored Phrase

What the fahell?

Girl Next Door Championship

When co-owner of EWT decided to place both Madison the Clown Girl and Synthy Eris in a Lingerie, Barbed Wire, Ladder/Cage Match for the Finals of the GND Title Rebirth Tournament, men around the world sighed with happiness. The match wasn't mentioned by either party during each other's segments directed at the other ((in which Madison nearly set aflame to a Synthy stand-in and barely got stopped... and Synthy ripped a pair of dolls of both herself and Madison with barbed wire)) but when the match began, the two had come out the ring dressed in robes. The fans THOUGHT they new what was coming next-

but instead, both of the demented GNDs verbally berated the owners for expecting them to display their bodies for the fans' enjoyment. The both stated their case, which mentioned that they wanted this title to be respected and honored, not tainted by diva-behaviour. Both of the women took the robes of to reveal normal wrestling attire and began the match.

After a gruesome, brutal display of prowess and extreme ability between both women, after numerous interferences by both 'The Draugr', Mr.Bunny-Madison's bodyguard in EWT- and Synthy's unexpected safety net Die Shiguya((Who chased off the villainous Draugr)), Synthy wound up the winner after hitting a Side Effect to Madison from off of the ladder.

As Champion, Synthy has already begun receiving criticism from another GND'er, the 'Sexually Suggestive' Ivy Rosepine, who accused her of only being champion due to luck and interferences. (Synthy's lack of response to the woman seems to show her utter lack of respect for the so-called "Wrestlegasm Queen".)

However, the night that she and Cassinova got into a heated argument in the middle of the ring, Synthy came out looking strong, sporting a newer attire and getting emotional at her major win. She spoke with uncharacteristic feeling and most of the EWT fans believe that she's a perfectly suited Champion to herald in the Rebirth of the Title. This included her win at the 2008 Scammy Awards, where she'd been voted 07 Champion of the Year.

Major Title Defenses thus far:

Carla O. Woe

Vivian Anemone


As of December 24 07, it was announced online that Synthy would be taking a few weeks off due to injuries suffered in the hardcore match against Karma. Notable injuries would include multiple cracked ribs and a concussion.

As of February 15 08, Synthy made her return in a bout against Jillian Hall. During the match she seemed much more revitalized then she had been lately, including playing around with a few gymnastic feats melded with regular moves. At the end of the match, she even slapped a few high fives and seemed in pretty good spirits.


Due to an ever-more explosive personal life then Synthy lets on, she disappeared off and on for most of 2008. Late in the year however, she came to WIG with her Siblings, vowing to start anew and build her way up to a major Championship.

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