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Image of StarrStan
Billing information
Ring name(s) Starr/Stan
Height 6'0"
Weight 240 lb.
Born N/A
Hometown Flag of the United States.png Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Theme music "Gold Medal" by Jim Johnston
Affiliation(s) StarrPact, Team Starr
Federation(s) Extreme Answers Wrestling
Previous federation(s) Answers Championship Wrestling
Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Extreme Hardcore Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style Technical
Signature Move(s) Suplex Variations
Finishing Move(s) Ankle Lock
Olympic Slam
Trainer N/A
Handler N/A
Professional career
Debut June, 2008
Record N/A
Accomplishments EAW World Champion
EAW Interbranded Champion
EAW World Tag Team Champion
EAW Elite Champion
Retired N/A

StarrStan is an American professional efeder who has performed in several popular efederations at the main event or midcard level. He is best known for his contributions made to EAW during his career, and is recognized as the only gold medalist in EAW history. Starr is currently retired from in-ring competition and is signed to EAW on a Legend's Contract. He is a former four time world champion and hall of famer in EAW.


In June 2008, Starr signed a deal with Extreme Answers Wrestling, after being backstage at the recent Grand Rampage FPV. Given the ring name Starr/Stan, he debuted later that month to defeat Evan on an episode of Dynasty. Starr was built as the only Olympic Gold Medalist in efed history.

Dynasty (2008)

After his debut on Dynasty, Starr quickly developed a rivalry with extremists Independent and ETR, who were known as Team i2k at time. Leading up to Pain For Pride 1, all three were booked to compete in the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match, along with several other extremists. Starr feuded with Team i2k on the promo page leading up to the match that WWEFan, one of the other several extremists participating in the match, would win.

Following PFP, Starr entered himself into the race for the National Extreme Championship, the title that was currently held by Y2Impact. Along with Latino Game, the former NE Champion, and Johnny Bad Blood, the four feuded on Dynasty leading up to Mid Summer Massacre where Y2Impact would defend his title in a fatal four way match. The match ended in Starr, along with almost everyone in the arena, thinking that he had won the match when the ref appeared to rule Impact unable to compete after having the Ankle Lock submission locked in for several minutes. After the bell was rung, it turned out that the ref had really counted a pinfall in favor of Impact, who had crawled over the body of Johnny Bad Blood. StarrStan, who felt he was robbed of the NE Title, would not let the loss go.


After failing to capture the National Extreme Championship, Starr continued to pursue Impact and his title. In August 2008, on an episode of Dynasty StarrStan attempted to hit Impact with a blindside in the middle of the ring. After hitting an Olympic Slam on Impact, Independent suddenly came out onto the ramp announced that the EAW Tag Team Champions i2k were going separate ways and vacating there titles. After feuding with Starr the months before, Indy handed Starr and Impact the titles and annonced the two rivals at the new Tag Team Champions. The next week on Dynasty, the two were dubbed StarrPact.

The two held the titles for several months, agreeing to work together for the better of team. Starr's aggression for the National Extreme Title finally got the best of him at King of Extreme I. After Impact had helped him defeat Lethal Consequences early in the night to advance into the semi finals, Starr cost Impact his match with MvM to eliminate him from the KOE Tournament. Impact returned the favor on Dynasty, leaving Starr to defend the Tag Titles by himself against Jaywalker and Johnny Bad Blood. After being defeated by the two, Ronn announced that he and Lethal Consequences would now challenge Starrpact for the titles, and after a quick victory, Starrpact's championship reign ended.

Starr and Impact ended their historic rival at Road 2 Redemption. In a Loser Leaves Dynasty Match, Impact retained his title after assistance from Regulator, who would go on to defeat Impact for the title moments later. With his quest for the NE Title a failure, Starr looked to a new beginning on Showdown.

Showdown (2009)

Kicking off his new Showdown Career, StarrStan faced WWEFan for his Undisputed Title, along with Mr. DDD and CC. After what looked like a victory, Lethal Consequences made his Showdown debut to steal the title out of nowhere. These events eventually led up to a Triple Threat at Reasonable Doubt for the now EAW World Title. Lethal Consequences went on to defend his title against Starr and CC in the main event.

After weeks of inactivity from LC, Starr finally got what he was waiting for since his coming to Showdown, the EAW World Title. It was announced on an episode of Showdown that LC was stripped of the EAW Title, and Jaden presented StarrStan has the new EAW World Champion. Starr entered the Grand Rampage Match looking to attain both world titles at PFP II. His plans went sour, after being eliminated from Grand Rampage, Mak cashed in his King of Extreme title match to defeat Starr after a beat down from the Triple Crown Syndicate. Starr attempted to gain his title back while feuding with Mak and Jaywalker on Showdown, but his attempts all came up short.

When his chances of gaining back the EAW World Championship crumbled, Starr pursued the Inter-branded Championship held by Heart Break Boy. The two fought for weeks on Showdown, and contested for the IB Title in one of three main events at Pain For Pride II. After StarrStan defeated Heart Break Boy, HBB turned heel and attacked Starr following the match. After destroying Starr's leg and brutalizing him, Starr announced on Showdown a week later that he would vacate his newly won Title. Attempting to get back into wrestling, Starr tried to regain his status on Showdown by competiting a few weeks after PFP. Starr's injuries became to much handle, after weeks of inactivity, Starr announced that he would retire from Extreme Answers Wrestling in September 2009. The next month, he was officially released from the company.

Return to EAW(2010)

Starr returned to EAW in May 2010, several months after his release the year before. Starr was resigned to the Showdown Brand, and quickly reestablished himself as a top wrestler in EAW. Over the next month, Starr had brief stints with superstars such as Robbie V and those of Generation Genesis.

At Grand Rampage III, Starr entered number one, and lasted a majority of the match while eliminating multiple competitors. After eliminating Generation Genesis member Jaywalker from the match, Jay along with fellow GG member Hurricane Hawk returned to the ring and eliminated StarrStan, thus ending his chance at main eventing Pain For Pride. Starr's elimination sparked the beginning of a feud between him and Jaywalker. The feud led up to Pain For Pride III, where the two competed in EAW's first ever Ultimate Submission Match. Despite being the submission specialist, Starr lost the match 2-1, when Jaywalker tapped just moments after the match ended, denying StarrStan the chance to win the match in overtime.

The feud between Starr and Jaywalker became ever hotter when World Champion Y2Impact was thrown into the mix. After becoming World Champion and Leader of Generation Genesis at Pain For Pride, Impact hoped to recruit long time friend and rival Starr into the faction. After disapproval from Jaywalker and other GG members, Jaywalker started to split from the group. At Mid Summer Massacre, Y2Impact vs. Jaywalker vs. StarrStan was booked for the main event, with Jaywalker's career put on the line. The match ended with Jaywalker was pinned Impact, thus retiring Jaywalker. After not being able to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, StarrStan soon declined on Showdown.

While competitng on Showdown, Starr became involved with Carlos, who iniated "Chairs are for Sitting." Carlos hoped to remove all of the extreme from EAW. Starr, a pure technical wrestler, gladly signed up for the cause. Carlos and Starr, as well as other extremists, pushed to remove the violence and destruction caused by the extreme rules EAW show cases. The iniative eventually failed, and Carlos left EAW.

Starr's last big match as a Showdown extremist occurred at Territorial Invasion III, when StarrStan defeated Hurricane Hawk, ending his rivalry with Generation Genesis. After being eliminated in the first round of the King of Extreme tournament, StarrStan was moved to the new Voltage Brand.

Voltage/Heel Turn (2011)

StarrStan marked his debut on Voltage with a heel turn, turning on the fans and anyone who had ever supported. Starr blamed his failures on the fans, saying without them he would be at the top of EAW. After facing Lethal Consequences and EOE at Reasonable Doubt, StarrStan began going after Jason Cage and his Elite Championship. The feud was sparked when Jason Cage proclaimed himself as the best technical wrestler, a statement StarrStan highly disagreed with. To improve Starr's odds, he recruited DJ Styles and Devan Dubian to help him in his efforts, creating Team Starr. After weeks of anticipation, Starr defeated his new alliance members to become the number one contender for the Jason Cage's Elite Champion. At Grand Rampage IV, after entering at #30 and soon being eliminated by Jason, Starr cashed in his title shot. Calling a referee down to the ring, Starr rolled up Jason Cage in the middle of the Grand Rampage Match, to capture the Elite Championship, his first title in almost two years.

Team Starr soon began to dominate Voltage. After DJ Styles departure from Voltage, Chris Hessian joined Team Starr after co-holding the New Breed Championship with Devan Dubian. Going into Pain For Pride, all of Team Starr held championship gold, where they would be set to defend them at EAW's Biggest FPV.

Following Grand Rampage, the feud between Starr and Jason grew even more heated. In Jason's rematch for the title, Starr pulled another trick out of his hat. Going into Jason's hometown in Canada, Starr sported an American themed mask to "repersent his country." As it turned out, "A fake StarrStan" competed in the match, while the real StarrStan hid under the ring. As Jason appeared to defeat this fake, Devan came down to the ring and distracted Jason, as the real StarrStan switched places with the fake. Starr quickly hit the Olympic Slam on Jason, and retained his title. Still determined to get revenge on Starr, Jason challenged Starr to a final match at Pain 4 Pride with the Elite Championship on the line.


Extreme Answers Wrestling

EAW World Champion (2)

Answers World Champion (2)

Interbranded Champion (1)

EAW World Tag Team Champion (1) (w/ Y2Impact)

Elite/Pure Champion (2)

EAW Tag Team of the Year 2008 (w/ Starrpact)

EAW Hall of Fame (Class of 2011)

EAW Stable of the Year 2011 (w/ Team Starr)

EAW Answers World Champion of the Year 2013

EAW Match of the Year 2015 (vs. Devan Dubian vs. Brian Daniels for the AWC at Pain for Pride 9)

Xtreme Wrestling Federation

XWF World Champion (2)

XWF Undisputed Champion (1)

XWF X-Division Champion (2) (First)

Answers Championship Wrestling

ACW Hardcore Champion (2)

ACW International Champion (1)

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling

EHW Tag Team Champion (1) (w/ Shattered Windows) (First)

EHW World Champion (2)

EHW Hardcore Champion (1)

Managers & Tag Teams



Devan Dubian

Chris Hessian

DJ Styles


Tag Teams

StarrPact (StarrStan & Y2Impact)

StarrStan & Viper

Team Starr (StarrStan, Devan Dubian, & Chris Hessian)

Notable Feuds


Lethal Consequences

Captain Charisma


Heart Break Boy


Hurricane Hawk

Jason Cage