Billing information
Members Starr Stan
Former member(s) N/A
Other name(s) -
Heights 6'0", 6'0"
Combined weight 466 lbs
Hometown -
Theme music "Come As You Are" by Nirvana
Affiliation(s) N/A
Brand(s) Dynasty
Previous federation(s) Extreme Answers Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Tweener
Wrestling style Technical
Finisher(s) •Ankle Lock
•Olympic Slam
•Walls of Impact
Will -
Won't -
Trainer -
Handler(s) -
Professional career
Debut Dynasty (August 2008)
Record -
Accomplishments •EAW National Extreme Championship
•EAW World Tag Team Championships
See complete list
Disbanded King of Extreme (November 2008)

StarrPact were an Extreme Answers Wrestling tag team formed in August 2008 and disbanded in November 2008. They are most notable as a tag team for being EAW World Tag Team Champions and winning the EAW award for Tag Team of the Year. In the midst of this, they were feuding with each other for the National Extreme Championship, a title that belonged to Y2Impact.

Championships and Accomplishments

Extreme Answers Wrestling
  • EAW World Tag Team Championships (1 time)
  • EAW National Extreme Championship (1 time--won by Y2Impact)
  • EAW Tag Team of The Year (2008)

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