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Spyke Johannson
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Height 6'2
Weight 223 lbs.
Date of birth May 27, 1987
Place of birth Stockholm, Sweden Flag of Sweden.png
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Debut February 2006
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Spyke Johannson is a professional efed wrestler. He is currently wrestling for Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation, where he is a 1-time former Toolshed Champion. He also briefly wrestled for Ring of Stuff.

Before Wrestling

Spyke Johannson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but moved to America in 1994, when his father, Gunnar Johannson, was drafted by the NHL's Buffalo Sabres. Spyke was inspired to wrestle after seeing Shawn Michaels exciting entrance and emotional win at Wrestlemania 12. Spyke is famous for his breakdancing gimmick, which he learned how to do while living in Detroit after his dad was traded to the Red Wings. Spyke won his high school's talent show, with his breakdancing routine, using the prize money to begin his wrestling training.

Early Career

Spyke started off in Grand Rapids Championship Wrestling (GRCW) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Spyke started off as a ring crew member, setting up the ring, chairs, etc. Soon after, he participated in a city-wide open tryout where him and his twin brother Crash were offered 2 of 4 contracts up for grabs. Spyke and Crash naturally formed a tag team the "Swedish Meatballs." The face tag team was surprisingly over with the crowd. The duo captured the GRCW Tag Team Titles on August 15th, 2004 from Jack Tedler and Bosco Williams at the "River Rampage" event in Downtown Grand Rapids. They held the titles until January 4th, 2005 when a mishap in the ring, caused Crash to trip over the body of his brother, stumble into and legit knockout Steven Courtande, giving him a concussion and ending his career. The duo was stripped of the titles, and Crash was forced to leave GRCW, and the two haven't spoken since. Spyke then rose to prominence as a singles competitor, capturing the GRCW Michigan State Title on June 11th, 2005, and then the GRCW Heavyweight Championship from Greg "All-star" Allstead on October 30th, 2005. Spyke held the Heavyweight Championship until February 25th, 2006, when he announced he was leaving for EWT.

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation

Spyke came into EWT in mid-February of 2006 while the company was at Disney World for the "Freek Show" PPV. Spyke early on had adopted Justin Timberlake's dance-hit "Rock Your Body" as an early entrance theme. After his victory against Alex Wright (of WCW fame), Spyke invited a member of the crowd into the ring to have a victory dance with him. He ended up choosing someone dressed in a Minnie Mouse costume. Minnie Mouse would unofficially become his manager for the next few weeks until she was revealed at the "Freek Show" PPV as "Maria Keibler" (the future Rachael Leigh Cook). Spyke's first EWT rivalry was with Dr. Insaneo. The two faced off in an "Ambulance Match" at Freek Show, with Spyke coming out on the losing end.

In the weeks that followed Spyke was offered a spot in a new stable being formed by EWT veterans Spaz and then-reigning EWT World Heavyweight Champion, Limey. The trio was called Generation Tech and quickly became one of the most popular stables in EWT history. The trio battled together against the PTA, consisting of Principal Pain, Eddie Omega, and Virus in an Elimination Chamber match at the Full House PPV at Petco Park in San Francisco, CA. Limey's EWT World Title was on the line. The match came down to Spaz and Virus, thus guaranteeing a new champion. Spaz ultimately won the match, and went on to have a lengthy title reign, even giving a shot to Spyke (which Spyke lost).

Spyke spent the rest of the summer battling along Limey, Spaz, and new member Gasoline, before Limey's retirement and Spaz and Gasoline eventually turning on each other. With Gasoline also retiring shortly after this match, it was thought that Spaz and Spyke would either form a tag team, or feud with Spaz over the World Title. Neither scenario came to be, as Spaz and Spyke mutually agreed to suspend Gen. Tech, and instead keep a loose alliance. Spaz went on to feud with Maelstrom, while Spyke, now on his own for the first time in his career (after splitting with manager Rachael Leigh Cook) moved into a friendly feud with Joe Ragnal, then-reigning Toolshed Champion.

First Taste of EWT Gold

Joe and Spyke were entered into a battle royale at Saturday Night Special for the vacant Toolshed Title (after backstage problems forced Toolshed Champion, Dr. Insaneo out of EWT). Joe ended up winning the match and the belt, offering runner-up, Spyke the first shot at his title. The match that resulted was one that to this day lives in EWT infamy. At Crapamania 3, Spyke and Joe faced off inside of a Chuck E. Cheese with the title on the line. The hardcore match involved the use of water guns, skeeballs, the basketball shooting game, an appearance by Rammstein, the candy crane, Primal Rage, Hydro Thunder, Tekken 4, Burgertime, the ball pit, and the eventual burning down of the Chuck E. Cheese. The fight then moved across the street to another Chuck E. Cheese, where Spyke use his signature move, the SwedeDT, off a Hydro Thunder game, sending Joe Ragnal to the floor, and getting the pin, and the Toolshed Title.

Toolshed Title Reign

Spyke took on an additional gimmick during his Toolshed Title reign, in which he would defend the title in wacky gimmick matches of his creation. One such match was a TV match against Danny Davis in a "1000 Unsalted Peanuts Deathmatch." But since some of the peanuts landed in the audience, he renamed it the "849 Unsalted Peanuts Deathmatch." In his only successful PPV defense of the title, Spyke defeated Great Hugo and Chance Confidence in a "Product Placement Match" in which the only weapons that were legal were products made by companies that were sponsoring the PPV. However, Spyke's reign would come to end by the next PPV, "Symphony of Destruction." Spyke had entered into a feud with newcomers Marcus Saxton and Chris Indigo. Since Spyke felt that since these two were demanding shots at the Toolshed Title without earning one, then he would just let anyone who wanted a shot have one, and a "Toolshed Title Open Invitational Battle Royal" was announced, with 17 men entering. The final two were Spyke and Indigo, with Indigo getting the upset win, and the Toolshed Title.

Post-Toolshed Title Reign

After Spyke lost the Toolshed Title. He spent most of his time either at the bottom of the card or not on EWT TV at all. Spyke used some vacation time guaranteed in his contract to heal nagging injuries. When he returned he was thrusted into a rivalry with Crauswell and Cassinova with Cassinova's OX Division Title the focus of the rivalry.

The Ill-Fated Heel Turn

During a Scaffold match between Crauswell, Spyke, and Cassinova with Cass' OX Title on the line,

Title History

  • EWT Toolshed Championship (1-time)

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves and signature moves
    • SwedeDT (Samurai Driver/Rios Driver)
    • Stockholm Syndrome (submission) (Torturous Rocking Horse)
    • Dancing Star Press (Does a little dance on the top rope before executing a Shooting Star Press)
    • Dragon Sleeper #2 (Just like Sliced Bread #2 except Spyke turns it into a dragon sleeper, rather than slamming him down)
    • Dropsault
    • high angle dropkick
    • enziguri
    • various DDT's
    • bulldog
    • corkscrew plancha
    • moonsault
    • roaring elbow
    • Pop Lock (single leg Boston Crab)
    • high knee
    • triangle hold
    • armbar!
  • Theme songs
    • "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake (used briefly early in EWT)
    • "Galvanize" by The Chemical Brothers (current theme)
    • "Rockstar (remix)" by N.E.R.D. (used briefly after winning Toolshed Title before going back to "Galvanize")
    • "Tier" by Rammstein (used during brief heel turn)
  • Nicknames
    • Dance Master
    • Swedish Dancing Machine
    • Swedish Dancing Sensation

--SpykeJ 23:31, 17 July 2007 (UTC)