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Image of Speedy
Billing information
Ring name(s) Speedy
Height 6'1
Weight 240 lb.
Hometown United Kingdom
Theme music Many remixes
Federation(s) Extreme Answers Wrestling
Previous federation(s) EHW
Wrestling information
Alignment Tweener
Wrestling style Ground and Pound
Signature Move(s) The Slow Killer
Suplex Variations
Finishing Move(s) Skull Crushing Finale
Trainer HRDO
Handler N/A
Professional career
Debut August 2008
Record N/A
Accomplishments • EAW Tag Team Championship
• EAW World Tag Team Championship
• EAW Hardcore Championship
• EAW Interwire Chmpionship
• EAW Alternative X Championship
Retired N/A

The Beginning....

The Young Man called Lewis "Speedy" Davies originally started off his e-fed career in EOA (Extreme Online Action) around the time of August 2008 where he won his first e-fed Championship as he became EOA Tag Team Champion with Leo Kentarus, EOA began to slow down as Speedy had then join an e-fed called EOW (Extreme Online Wrestling) he had not competed in any matches there at all, but then it had invaded with EAW (Extreme Answers Wrestling) which saw the debut of Speedy’s EAW Career. The Invasion soon ended and Speedy began his proper debut in EAW, People whom had come along from EOW with him where Mister K, Nik-e-G, Leo Kentarus, 2fnXtreme, Extreme Enigma and Robbie V. All men took their Separate ways except Speedy and Leo whom of which decided that if they could win Tag Team gold in EOA they could in EAW. Before that though, Speedy had his official debut against Adam, which he did end up winning, but after the match Adam had knocked the living day lights out of Speedy with Steel Steps. Speedy couldn’t do anything about it. Despite the attack Speedy continued his EAW Career. His next match was against former EAW Extremist TLC, which he indeed lost to, a very bad loss. But life went by as Speedy carried on, he then went to find Leo and THEN they became a Tag Team. They began dominating the Tag Team Division and at their first EAW FPV Reasonable Doubt 2009, they won the NEWLY made EAW World Tag Team Championship in a Triple Threat TLC Match against TLC and Snagz & VIP and Undefined. Speedy begun to grow jealous of the fact that his partner Leo Kentarus would always be put in a match and Speedy would just be booked at ringside. Speedy would never get a match; Speedy then took matters into his own hands as he teamed with Leo to defend his Tag titles against Nik-e-G and DJ Hazard, the team known as Hang Time. Leo was looking to tag Speedy but Speedy did jumped off the apron leaving the crowd in shock, Speedy then left the arena eventually costing them titles and ended up crowning new EAW World Tag Team Champs in Nik-e-G and DJ Hazard. Speedy wont on to having a tables match against Leo, and ended up beating Leo and ending his EAW Career. Speedy moved on, and was forced to team with rival Nik-e-G to face EAW Tag Team Champions Extreme Enigma and Mickey Masterson at The FPV Showdown vs. Dynasty and in a shocking turn of events Speedy and Nik-e-G captured the EAW Tag Team Championships, but not for long, because they would go on to defend against The newly formed The Tag Team of La Secta Apocalyptica The Dark Emperor and Kevin Devastation with Special Referee Robbie V. Speedy and Nik-e-G would then go on to win, but Vice President Jaywalker at the time would appear on the tron and restart the match due to the fact Kevin Devastation had the pin on Speedy but at the time Robbie V was talking to Nik-e-G, By the time Robbie had turned around Speedy had reversed and was on top of Kevin Devastation for the pin, And because of all that Jaywalker restarted match and La Secta Apocalyptica ended up picking the win the second time round. The following week, Speedy, Nik-e-G and Cole would face off in a Hardcore Championship match, whereas each men became Hardcore Champion at least twice, but Cole Smith managed to escape with the Hardcore title. Although that was Speedy’s 3rd EAW Championship belt. Speedy would then go on to his First Pain For Pride event, Pain For Pride 2 the grandest stage of them all, and he would be in the Cash in The Vault match with Extreme Enigma, Adam, Bobby Cash, Nik-e-G, Cole Smith, WWEFan and Carlos, In a helacious bout, one of Speedy’s best matches in EAW, Where as he did not become victorious sadly was knocked off a ladder by Nik-e-G, Leaving Extreme Enigma and Bobby Cash fighting on a ladder ending with Extreme Enigma becoming victorious that was the last of Speedy competing as a Showdown Extremist.