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Height 6'3
Weight 234 lbs.
Date of birth February 29th, 1981
Place of birth San Diego, California
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Resides UnKnown
Billed from Baja, California
Trainer UnKnown
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Debut October 14th, 1999
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Sparrow (born Feb 29, 1981) is an American Professional Wrestler, former rapper, former actor, former award winning author, former freedom fighter, former television personality. Best known for his odd wit, and strange behavior Sparrow is considered by many to be a "one of a kind." He is currently employed by FWA, BUD, and IIC though he has been known to make unscheduled appearances in other wrestling organizations.

Early life

Due to the nature of the community in which Sparrow was raised not much is known about his childhood. What is known about his childhood is mostly due to what he has said and admittedly might be a lie or joke on his part, and random speculation by fans, friends, and other associates.

Sparrow was born to a survivalist couple in San Diego, California on February 29, 1981. Sparrow's mother Daffodil, who was considered a hippy by many, named him after her favorite bird. Promptly after his birth Sparrow was taken by his parents to a survivalist commune located in Baja, California.

The Commune

Not much is known about the very private "Sun Hammer Commune" as is usually the case with communities like this. It is known however that "Sun Hammer" was founded by Sparrow's father and mother and that the community was filled with like minded people. Each of the people that lived in "Sun Hammer" believed that the community needed to be ready to both defend itself and provide for itself. To that end the community was completely self-sustaining growing its own food, generating its own power, and taking care of any other needs that would come about. The community was much like a small town with its own schools, stores, and government system.

The schools that Sparrow attended are actually considered by top U.S. education officials to be some of the best independent schools in North America. Had the commune been located in the state of California and not Mexico the schools would of easily been one of the top five schools in the state. Sparrow not only did well in his classes but outside of school he also learned several things about tactics, from his retired army father, and farming from his mother. It was the goal of his parents to make sure that Sparrow would be able sustain himself when Earth entered a post-apocalyptic state like they believed it would.

Teenage Years

During his teenage years Sparrow started to wonder about life outside of the commune. Though his parents frowned against this they encouraged him to explore the world as best he could. He did this through reading and watching the one television that the commune had. Eventually his curiosity would lead him to leave the community and peruse a career in something he loved to watch on the commune's TV, wrestling.


Sparrow was trained at the SLAM-U-HARD Academy by legendary trainer Gurt Gustov. The training process lasted for 2 intense years and prepared him for the ring. Due to the close nature of the academy with the wrestling organization the NWWF, Sparrow would find himself with a job shortly after completeling his training. The Academy however would be shut down later by the US Government for crimes against humanity.

Wrestling career


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