Bio Summary

Sniper is an accomplished e-wrestler who has been to his share of federations and been a dominant force in all of them. While his bio differs from federation to federation, he's usually a heavyweight with a moveset that blends power and technical wrestling together. He is also no stranger to the hardcore division, taking part in some very bloody battles. He wrestled exclusively for Professional RPG Wrestling before retiring in 2009.

Move Set


  • The Fatal Bullet (From the DDT position, Sniper lifts the person off their feet and spins them around 90 degrees, driving their head into the mat with their body at an angle.)
  • The Long Shot (A Death Valley Driver from the top rope)

Federation History

  • GWE (GameSpot Wrestling Federation) - dead
  • Wrestlezone Federation - dead
  • PWO (Premier Wrestling Online) - dead
  • SWA (Sadistic Wrestling Alliance) - dead
  • PRW (Professional RPG Wrestling) - retired

Title History

  • GWE Intercontential Champion
  • PWO North American Champion
  • Wrestlezone Heavyweight Champion
  • PRW European Champion (2)
  • PRW Undisputed Champion (2)
  • PRW Tag Team Champion (w/ Lion Merteuil)
  • PRW Hall of Fame Class of 2009

Fun Facts

Sniper's first notable feat was stealing Red Hot's birthday cake and blaming it on BigEvil, causing them to feud a whole two months before they caught on.

Sniper's trademark vehicle is a Segway scooter.

Sniper was apart of a sort of "spin off series" of the GWE that involved him having three personalities, the wrestler Sniper, the samurai Snipashi, and the dancer Snip Snip Revolution.

Sniper was the last champion of the PRW European Championship before it was united with the PRW North American championship to become the PRW International Championship (Sniper lost the unification match to Johnny Valentine).

Sniper defeated Hutton Brown on April 22, 2009 to become the first wrestler in PRW history to become a two-time PRW Undisputed Champion.

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