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[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Skull]]
Real name Unknown
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Height 6'0"
Weight 209lbs
Date of birth 4/20/1984
Place of birth Chelmsford, Essex. United Kingdom
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Billed from The Depths of Hell/Camden, London
Trainer Trained himself, recieved later training at the SWF wrestling school
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Debut October 2005 (vow) November 2006 (RP)
Retired October 2009 (GHW)
November 2009 (EVPW)

"Skull", born (Born April 20, 1984) is a British professional wrestler currently signed to Gods and Heretics Wrestling (GHW) Federation, wrestling on MNC and FNM. He is a former 1x Charging Glory Champion and Bronze Tag Team Champion with Stevie Rock. He was the longest reigning Captain champion and former Money In The Bank Winner. He now competes in EVPW as his home promotion under the name Corrin Cobain.


Early career

Skull started his wrestling career at the age of 15 in a backyard wrestling fed started by some of his friends. During this time he wore a hockey mask which after repeated bumps became chipped and looked like a Skull. This is where he got his nickname from. When he was 18 Skull started making waves on the indy circuit.



In late 2005 Skull was invited into SWF by Destroyer. After some initial solo success, Skull decided to team up with the new 'dark' Crusader to form Dark Skull. DS rose to become the best tag team in SWF but were eventually beaten by a team of Rogue & Bomber and the fans turned on them. It was at this point that Skull started to use his 'Dark Soldiers' to ambush his fellow Superstars.


When Skull returned to SWF he quit Dark Skull and announced he had changed and turned back to the old Skull. With the fans on his side he easily won his debut match against Crusader and Emblem at the penultimate Holy Hell broadcast. Skull took some time out of SWF following and injury after PPV Euro Invasion.

Semi Pro Champ

Skull won the Semi Pro title on the March 7th edition of Collision after beating Bomber & Papa G in a #1 contenders match on the previous Showtime. He went on to try to reclaim his former tag team glory by forming failed tag teams with Stone Cold, RTB & brother Stevie Rock and continued his feud with Crusader & Emblem. Due to these many tag matches Skull remained champ for almost a month without defending his his title causing many fans to name him the worst champ in SWF history. However he soon had more on his plate than he could handle with the return of Papa G who demanded a title shot at the PPV Bloodlust. Skull also had to fight off competition for his title from Untamed Beast and Overtaker. After losing his title and losing his match with Papa G at bloodlust, Skull had one more match in SWF, defeating rival Papa G before leaving to train in Mexico.


Skull returned to SWF to help beat off the EWE invasion. He initially allied himself with Justin, Overtaker and the recently defected Lil Rey Ray and feuded with EWE's Deaths Knight. He would soon however turn on the stable of Justin Lrey and Fantastiquo known as Deaths Salvation and feud with them until the death of SWF He also won the IC 24/7 title for a 3rd time but quickly lost it.


Skull had a brief stint in ASWF where he feud with Hawkeye and unsuccessfully challenged for his TV title. After the demise of SWF Skull transferred permanently to ASWF with most the roster and joined Destroyer and Hyper Elf's revolution in the name of SWF.


Skull entered SCW and reformed his tag team with Black Dragon Which lead him to become the National and Deep Zero champions. After feuding with Crazy Boy and losing his Deep Zero title, Skull turned on BD and eventually beat him for the Power Core title before SCW and GHW merged.



Skull came into GHW as SCW's top champion and had face GHW's top champ at the time, Lrey. After a brief rivalry, Skull beat Lrey to unify the belts and win the Charging glory title. After a short riegn, Skull lost the title to Gnarfflinger on SNR in a brutal match. In a rematch for the title Skull took a severe beating from the champ and ended up in hospital. This was the start of a downward spiral and less than impressive win/loss record for Skull that he still hasn't been able to break free from.


After a mildly successful singles career when he first joined GHW, Skull decided to concentrate on tag team wrestling with his brother and student Stevie Rock. They instantly made an impact in the tag division and began to feud with P&H over the Bronze tag titles.

World Wars

Skull put his quest for tag gold on hold to form Team UK with DMD, Human Wreckingball, Desperado and Stevie Rock. After a great performance, Team UK finished second to Team Netherlands. World Wars was also a good night for Rock Skull as they beat P&H for the tag titles. The next day, on MNC P&H challenged Rock Skull to a rematch in a 2/3 falls match. The rules stated that if P&H won the 1st fall then the title were on the line. They did, and also the 3rd fall walking out as the champs again.

Rising success

After failing to regain the tag belts, Skull concentrated on his singles career. He started by winning the 8 man MITB match and earning a free title shot any time in the next 3 months. From then, Skull began a winning streak that carried him through the next months Master of the Mat tournament to earn a title shot at the PPV. Skull faced King Bear for the title in a Bear Cave match where he came up short but still retained his MITB Contract.


As well as GHW, Skull now competes in EVPW inder the name Corrin Cobain. He is currently signed to the WNG brand.

In wrestling

Finishing moves

As Skull

  • The Stinger - Top Rope Cross Body
  • SkullCanrana - Hurricanrana into a Facebuster

As Corrin Cobain

  • C-DT - Cradle DDT
  • Sonic Boom - Super Kick

Signature moves

  • 450 Splash
  • Sleeper Hold
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Bloodbath (mist)
  • Various Submission combos


As Skull

  • The Prince of Aerialists
  • The Æsahættr

As Corrin Cobain

  • The Rock God
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Skull

Entrance music

  • Sweet Dreams by Probot (Skull)
  • Suffering You by 16Volt (Corrin Cobain)

Tag Teams

  • Rock Skull w/ Stevie Rock
  • Corrin Cobain and Duke Taylor w/ Duke Taylor

Championships and accomplishments


  • 2x SPWA Ladder Champion


  • 3x Intercontinental 24/7 Champion
  • 1x Semi-Pro Champion


  • 1x National Champion
  • 1x Deep Zero Champion
  • 1x Power Core Champion


  • 1x Charging Glory Champion - Unified with Power Core
  • 1x Bronze Tag Champions w/ Stevie Rock
  • 1x Captain Champion
  • 1x Captain MITB Winner
  • 1x Captain Master of the Mat Winner
  • 1x GHW World Champion
  • GHW Hall of Fame 2009