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Birth Name Shinsuke Minoru Zabuza Anisham Nelietis Shinyu Shinjoh
Debut 2005
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Birth Date August 6, 1975
Hometown Conaqua, Okinawa
Resides Naha, Okinawa and USA.
Currently Employed By Society of Sim (SOS)
Current Clients Josh Outland; Dante; Tony Sanchez; Ross Riot.
Former Clients Perox
Inactive Clients Meiko Marufuji
Current Status Active

Shinsuke Minoru Zabuza Anisham Nelietis Shinyu Shinjoh (born August 6, 1975 in Conaqua, Okinawa), commonly known simply by his ring name Shinsuke, is a Sim Wrestling manager, best known for his work in Society of Sim Wrestling. He is known for managing wrestler Meiko Marufuji (also from Okinawa), as well as being the leader and manager of Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai, SOS's top heel faction.


Shinsuke is the richest executive in Okinawa. He personally oversees all sporting events, wrestling events, tourism attractions and Dragon Boat Races which take place on the island of Okinawa. Shinsuke is the owner of the Bank of Okinawa, the largest bank on the island. He has also built several casinos on the island. In August 2007, Shinsuke announced his candidacy for Governor of Okinawa.

Shinsuke is also the owner of Okinawa Championship Wrestling or OCW, a wrestling promotion which gave the first major exposure to such international stars as Meiko Marufuji and "Violet Lightning" Kenta Misawa.

Shinsuke is multi-lingual. He is fluent in both his native language of Okinawan (of the Ryukyuan language group), and Japanese. He is also fluent in English, Spanish, Australian, French and German. When possible, he applies a subtle Asian accent to every language he speaks, making many of his accents sound highly unique.

Shinsuke is a well-liked man by the general public of Okinawa. However, he has few close friends. He is reportedly a very difficult man to get along with, as he looks down on everybody. He believes his financial success puts him on a higher social plane than everyone else, and he considers it an insult when someone offers him a handshake. He is also highly sexist. In his words, "Women should only be allowed to do three things: cook, clean, and choose whether or not to do it with the lights on."

He even looks down on his own clients, whom he never develops an emotional attachment to. In Shinsuke's words, "Wrestlers are like race horses. When one of my clients gets injured, it's no big deal. I just ship him off to the glue factory and get a new one". However, due to the high pay and benefits of being involved with someone as rich and powerful as Shinsuke, wrestlers still line up to become his clients.

Shinsuke has always had an interest in pro wrestling. Due to his enormous funds, he is able to dominate the wrestling industry in Okinawa. However, Shinsuke was not satisfied with that. The reason for this is Shinsuke has always had a deep admoration for American wrestling managers such as Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, "Classy" Freddie Blassie and Jimmy Hart. Due to his interest, Shinsuke signed a deal to become a manager in American promotion Society of Sim Wrestling in 2005. He brought with him his top Okinawan pro wrestler, Meiko Marufuji, who was already somewhat established in SOS due to his touring dates in 2005.

Society of Sim

Shinsuke made his first and only appearance in SOS's first era on 5/28/2005 at "Proving Grounds #2". His appearance on this show was only a tryout, as he had not yet signed a contract. As Meiko Marufuji spoke through a microphone (in Okinawan), Shinsuke translated to English.

Marufuji remained in SOS, but Shinsuke did not appear again until September, when it was announced that Shinsuke had signed a contract with SOS. However, before he was able to return to an on-screen role, SOS closed down.

Upon SOS's re-opening in December 2005, Shinsuke's contract was renewed, and Shinsuke appeared on SOS's "Rebirth" show in Manchester, New Hampshire on 1/14/06. He instantly gained popularity as a top heel manager for Meiko Marufuji's match against the debuting Joe Riot. Riot attacked Shinsuke during the course of the match as retribution for in-match interference, but as a result of the distraction, Marufuji was able to pin Riot and win the match. Shinsuke and Marufuji had officially arrived.

Meiko Marufuji vs. Joe Riot Feud

The match at "Rebirth" began what was voted the SOS Feud of the Year 2006, between Meiko Marufuji, aided by Shinsuke, against Joe Riot.

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Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai

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Shinsuke was born on the 30th anniversary of the day of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima.

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