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Shawn Hardy Hardy copy.jpg

Occupation Wrestler
Pic Base Chris Jericho
Alias The Innovator of Excellence
Height 6'
Weight 232 lbs
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Resides Los Angeles, California
Birthday September 11, 1978
Theme Song "Bleed For Me" by Saliva
Alignment Neutral
Wrestling Style Technician/Brawler
Record 119-05–03

Hardy copy.jpg


Shawn Hardy was born on September 11, 1978. Growing up Shawn Hardy was your regular kid who lived at home with his mother and father, and other siblings. He was a regular kid and during his teenage years he was your normal teenage trouble maker who just wanted some attention. Shawn always wanted to be the center of attention and always wanted everyone to hear his voice no matter what he had to say. In 1996 Shawn at the age of 18 decided he wanted to do something with his life, he wanted to be recognized and known around the globe. Many things popped into Shawn's minds of what he wanted to be. At first after graduation from High School Shawn moved from Manhattan, New York where he had lived for all of his life to Los Angeles, California. Growing up Idolizing WWF wrestlers such as the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and many more Shawn felt that that was the thing for him to do. Shawn wasn't too crazy about being in the ring with sweaty men but he overcame his homophobic phase and in no time was wrestling. Shawn to everyones surprise was actually an incredible wrestler and when he stepped into the ring he went to get the job done. He didn't like to toy around too much he just liked to go into his match and punish whoever it is that he was going up against. But that all changed once Shawn joined the nWo. The New Wrestling Organization back in January 2000. As Shawn rose to the top slowly he began to develope an ego, an ego that grew ten times higher after Hardy managed to win the NWO World Championship from the best there was in NWO in a fatal four way match against current World Champion, Doomsday, Blaze and The Buzz. After that night Shawn Hardy then decided to call himself "The Innovator Of Excellence." Ever since that night Shawn Hardy has claimed to be one of a kind, one that cant be stopped. Shawn Hardy has proven many times that he is truly one of the best there is, and there has ever been. NWO was just the beginning for Shawn Hardy but it was also a solid beginning as he stood in NWO for three years. Not many people can say that they have a victory over Shawn Hardy, many tried and many failed. Only a selected few ever got a win on Shawn Hardy. If there is a superstar out there who should be called a legend Shawn Hardy is definitely one of those. Throughout his career he has accomplished many things and has been recognized as one of the top wrestlers not only nation wide but also in the world. Although Shawn Hardy has always been successful doing his own thing by himself relaying on no one he has now aligned himself with former long rivals Shaun Cabalar and Matt Jackson and is now part of the group known as Explicit Content. After four years Shawn Hardy is now part of a family, a family that possess unbelievable talent and potential. Shaun Cabalar and Matt Jackson are two examples of the great talent Explicit Content holds, and I'm sure now that Hardy has found friends he will be even more successful than ever before. And although years may pass, and even decades will come and pass us by one thing is certain. There will never be another Innovator Of Excellence, that alias belongs to one man, one man who stood tall in the wrestling world and shell never be forgotten. Shawn Hardy might soon retire, but his legacy, will live forever...


  • Finishing Moves
    • The Designation
      • Description: A Torturerack back breaker set up, but Hardy brings his opponent down executing a reversed death vallery driver
    • The Downfall
      • Description: When an opponent is up on the turnbuckle facing towards the ring, Hardy quickly climbs it up, and brings him down with a flatliner off it
    • High Authority
      • Description: Walls of Jericho
  • Signature Moves
    • Excellence Point
      • Description: A Lionsault kind of thing, except he does it when his opponents body is facing down, and he hits their back with his knees instead of his stomach
    • Zero Tolerance
      • Description: X-Factor
  • Common Moves
    • Hiptoss Neckbreaker
    • Superplex
    • Double Powerbomb Pin
    • Springboard DDT
    • High Angle Backbreaker
    • Jumping Piledriver
    • Springboard Moonsault
    • Twisting Neckbreaker
    • Flapjack
    • Elevated Fireman's Carry
    • Double Axe Handle
    • Diving Elbow Drop
    • Diving Moonsault
    • Sleeper Hold
    • Boston Crab
    • Single Leg Crab
    • Clover Leaf

Championships and Accomplishments

  • NWO World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • NWO Intercontinental Champion (2x)
  • NWO United States Champion (1x)
  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • NWA United States Champion (2x)
  • EWF World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • EWF Hardcore Champion (1x)
  • NWA Intercontinental Champion (1x)
  • ICW World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • XWA World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • XWA Television Champion (1x)
  • NPW World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • XCW Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • IWA World Heavyweight Champion (2x)
  • IWA National Champion (1x)
  • RPer of the Week (10x)
  • RolePlay of the Month (5x)
  • Best Heel RPer (3x)
  • Funniest RPer (7x)
  • NWA Superstar of the Year (1x)
  • NWA Superstar of the Month (1x)
  • NMW Number One RPer (1x)
  • NMW Number Four RPer (1x)
  • NPW RPer of the Week (3x)
  • XCW Wrestler of the Month (1x)
  • IWA Breakout Star (2x)
  • Hall of Fame (8x)


"Bleed For Me" by Saliva hits on as cameras turn to black and let out some smoke. Suddenly Shawn Hardy walks out from the back walking to stage. He looks around the arena as he gets saluted by boos. Hardy then gives them an "up yours" gesture and begins to walk down the ramp still taunting the crowd, making the boos ever louder. Hardy quickly slides into the ring, goes to the middle of the ring and spreads his arms with a cocky look on his face. He brings his arms back down and goes over near the ropes. He pulls the top rope streching himself out as he waits for his opponent.


Usually wears a black t-shirt backstage with the words "Excellence UTD" in the front of it. Blue jeans, and black boots. In the ring he wrestles in decorated wrestling tights, with black wristbands, and an elbow pad on his right arm.