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Occupation Wrestler
Pic Base Eminem
Alias The Deity
Height 6'
Weight 216 lbs
Birthplace New York, New York
Resides New York, New York
Birthday March 17, 1980
Theme Song "The Way I Am" by Eminem
Alignment Heel
Wrestling Debut November 24, 2001
Retired November 2008
Wrestling Style Hardcore
Record 90-05-01
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The Perfect Vision, born Shaun Michael Cabalar, 17 March 1980, Manhattan, New York, USA. Twenty-Eight years ago an Icon was born. A young baby by the name of Shaun Cabalar was born who no one would've ever thought would become one of today's biggest celebreties. Growing up young Shaun always liked to get introuble and provoke fights at school. I guess you can say he was your casual trouble maker as a kid who always thrived for a little attention. Growing up in Manhattan, New York. Wasn't as rough as everyone would think. Many people think of New York City as the most dangerous city in the United States, but there's no actual reason for people to think of it that way. However, that is the place where young Shaun Cabalar grew up in. Always doing his own thing Shaun was pretty much a loner until he reached 9th grade. He never really liked to have people around, but as he grew up he began to like having people around - No, not because of a change of heart. Shaun didn't want people around him to be buddy buddies with them, but to fight them. As crazy and unbeliable as it sounds, Shaun used to beat up his friends for the fun of it. Ever since he was a kid Shaun always thrived for violence and gained some sort of sick pleasure of hurting someone.

Cabalar was born into a rich-class family on March 17, 1980 in Manhattan, New York. There's no real sad story to Shaun Cabalar's life, let alone a reason on which he acts and does what he does or did for that matter. No matter where he went, wether you knew him or not you always felt his precense. "I like to make my self be known where I'm at, but not have to do something stupid to get attention." says Shaun. Shaun's always liked to be around and be noticed, but not to the point where people walk up to him actually address him. "There's nothing I hate more that when someone that I don't know comes and talks to me like they know me. That shit burns me." As mentioned before Shaun Cabalar has always been kind of a loner and like a cat only comes to people when he wants to. Shaun Cabalar pretty much always had it all, from the newest video game systems to the newest hot wheels cars there were ever made. Shaun always pretty much had it all, and loved to show off being the cocky conceited individual that he is, in his own words: "I like to let people know how much superior I am to them, therefor I always remind them everytime I get a chance to. This is not something new, I did it as a kid and I will probably do it until the day I die. That's just the way I am."

Shaun Cabalar hit the Wrestling World of Professional at the age of twenty-one. However, that's when he went Professional obviously. Shaun began wrestling, mainly Backyard Wrestling since he was about seven-teen years old. Ever since his first match Shaun knew exactly what type of wrestler he wanted to be when he grew up. He didn't want to be no powerhouse, he didn't want to be no submissionist, but he did want to be a Hardcore King. Shaun loved the whole idea of using weapons to fight someone. In fact, he loved it so much that many times while Backyard Wrestling with a lot of his friends he sent many to the Hospital. He loved to see others drowning in a pool of their own blood and begging for mercy. Hence, Shaun lost most of his friends due to being such a sick individual. No body really want to befriends themselves with someone who might nail you with a baseball bat for the hell of it while you're eating breakfast, so I guess you can't blame them for staying away from him. After all, would you be friends with someone as unpredictable? Didn't think so..

As mentioned earlier Shaun didn't come into the scene until late December 2001. That's when Shaun was finally beginning to go some where with his career. Upon become a Professional Wrestler Shaun found himself in his very first Wrestling Organization which went by the name of: the New Wrestling Organization. The New Wrestling Organization (NWO) was probably the biggest company at that time and it had been since it's beginning. Shaun Cabalar went into the NWO as nothing more than a rookie with dream, kinda like the ones you see everyday. At the time no one expected Shaun to be anything special, or a force to be reckon with. But, after Shaun Cabalar's debut everyone then knew he was not to be messed with as he beat one of NWO's biggest superstars, Doomsday. As weeks, and months passed Shaun Cabalar was slowly becoming one of the best the NWO had, especially after capturing the NWO United States Championship. Shaun then went onto capture the Intercontinental Championship definitely making him one of the best the place ever had. Shortly after Shaun managed to gain the one Championship he always dreamed of winning, that being the World Heavyweight Championship obviously. Shaun Cabalar truly changed everyones prospectives about him in just a few months.

With all the success Shaun was gaining he got the attention of probably the greatest wrestler to ever live, Matt ' The Genesis' Jackson. Who was also the famous High Definition leader. Matt saw talent with in Shaun and took him under his wing, making him greater and better than he already was. Shaun will tell you anyday, Matt Jackson made Shaun Cabalar meaner, more powerful and even more dangerous than ever. Ever since their first encounter both gained respect for one another after Shaun Cabalar gained Matt Jackson to a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Shaun lost the match, but that was the beginning of what is said to be the birth of one of the greatest tag teams to ever graze a wrestling ring. On December 2002, the most unexpected thing happen, as the NWO had to shut down it's doors. Shaun Cabalar left as the Wrestler of the Year and followed Jackson. Shortly after Shaun and Matt became an unstoppable team, unfortunately due to an injury Matt had to call it quits for a while as Shaun decided to re-unite with former childhood friend, Joseph Johnson.

Shaun and Joseph then joined a federation named Maximum Impact Wrestling (MIW). Not too long after their debut in MIW Shaun and Joseph became Tag Team Champions and formed their own faction which went by the name of the Natural Born Thrillers.. Unfortunately before NBT could actually make an impact MIW died leaving Shaun and Joseph with no place to go. But that was only until Joseph Johnson decided to reopen his own federation (NMW). Once Joseph Johnson told Shaun about his plans, Shaun quickly joined the roster. And although things were looking good, NMW unfortunately didn't last too long and slowly crumbled leaving Shaun out of the job yet again. Fortunately for Shaun by this time Matt Jackson had recovered from his injury and joined up with him a federation named: the New Wrestling Alliace. Shaun and Matt didn't hesitate to become Tag Team Champions of the place, making them selves the best tag team the NWA had to offer. The tag team championships weren't the only thing these two men held, as the also held the two most prestigious singles Championships making them the absolute best with out a shadow of a doubt. Now with Shaun being Matt's tag team partner once again Matt made Shaun a once in a life time opportunity to join him and his famous faction. Shaun did not hesitate and quickly joined them. Shortyly after that NWA died and with its death most of current High Definition members decided to call it quits...

With his team being inactive Shaun decided to call Joseph Johnson again as they re-united yet again. After reuniting Shaun and Joseph joined the Xtreme Wrestling Federation(XWF) where they continued being an undefeated tag team, simply unstoppable. Shortly Shaun and Joseph decided to leave the XWF and took a break from wrestling. During this break Shaun met a new talented young kid named Jay O'Neil. Shaun then took Jay with him and brought him to the place where he and Joseph were planning on joining, the World Wrestling Entertainment Desire. (WWED) To everyones surpise Jay was an extradionary athlete unlike many doubted. Together these three took over the WWED making an impact like never before. Then later down the road, Shaun found another young kid with a dream. This one went by the name of Chris Hunter. Shaun took Chris and brought him to train with High Definition before unleashing him to the World. Once unleashed Chris Hunter showed what he had learned from High Definition and quickly became one of WWED's biggest stars. It wasn't too long before High Definition decided to leave WWED after WWED's pay-per-view entitled SummerSlam where both Shaun and Chris stood tall and quit as the World Heavyweight Champion, and Chris as the WWED Champion.

After leaving WWED the entire team of High Definition which was now led by Shaun Cabalar after Matt Jackson handed him the leadership status went inactive. Soon after being inactive for a while Jay left the team of High Definition and decided to start one of his own. Shaun Cabalar then decided to join, bringing his other protoge with him. The three were on a mission which was called impossible, but they managed to slowly acquire some of the greatest talent in the world, with this including, Joseph Johnson, long time rival Shawn Hardy, and probably the weirdest member gain. Former High Definition leader Matt Jackson. After Jackson left High Definition another High Definition member entered a tournament in which the winner would be Explicit Content's newest member. With this being Eric Johnson Explicit Content was only getting more powerful. Then the most astonishing thing happened. The one man no one ever thought would become part of Explicit Content did. None other than another High Definition, Shadow. The team was set, deadly and ready to go. Then to make things more dreamful former NWO President Carlos Williams reappered from out of the blue and announced NWO's huge return. The pumped team the joined up, only to be disappointed later on as Carlos decided to not restarted after all.. which bring is today...What will happen next in Shaun Cabalar's career is what everyone wonders. Will Explicit Content break up and Shaun go his own way? or will he decide to create a group of his own? All I can say is that whatever Shaun Cabalar does in the near future will probably be something which we will all remember.


  • Finishing Moves
    • The Overdose
      • Description: Fireman's Carry into an X-Factor
    • The Last Source
      • Description: Canadian Destroyer
    • The Ultimate Pain
      • Description: Reverse Armbar with opponent facing down, put his legs over opponent's neck and back and pulls arm up
  • Signature Moves
    • The Disfunctioner
      • Description: Samoan Driver
    • The Bling Shot
      • Description: Styles Clash
    • The Legendary Klash
      • Description: Gunnstinger
  • Common Moves
    • Samoan Drop
    • Faceplant DDT
    • Complete Shot
    • Spinebuster
    • Deathshot
    • Nip Up DDT
    • Superkick
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • Jumping Neckbreaker
    • Saving Grace
    • Diving Reverse DDT
    • Tiger Suplex
    • Release German Suplex
    • German Suplex
    • Multiple Suplexes
    • Rear Naked Choke
    • Missile Dropkick
    • Spinning Reverse Suplex
    • Fisherman Suplex
    • Dragon Whip
  • Weapon
    • Wrench

Championships and Accomplishments

  • AWI Xtreme Core Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • NWA Xtreme Core Champion (1x)
  • NWO World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • WWE World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • MXWF World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • NWO United States Champion (1x)
  • NWO Intercontinental Champion (1x)
  • NMW Intercontinental Champion (1x)
  • MIW Intercontinental Champion (1x)
  • NWA Tag Team Champion (1x)
  • NWO Hall of Fame
  • NMW Hall of Fame
  • WWE-D RAW Match of the Year
  • AWI RPer of the Week (1x)


Lights go to pitch black as gray lights begin flickering in the arena, suddenly "The Way I Am" blasts throughout the arena as the lights continue flickering. Shaun Cabalar then walks out from behind the curtains with a hoody covering his head, he then begins to walk down the ramp making his way to the ring taunting the crowd around him; Shaun then walks over to the steel steps nearest to him, then walks to the middle of the ring apron. He then stays still as he looks around, he then gets into the ring through the middle rope and walks to right near a turnbuckle, he then turns around and just leans back on it as he patiently waits for his opponent to come out.


Thin, a little ripped, a tattoo on his upper right arm with the words "Bonafide" on it. A tribal symbol with his name in the middle on his left upper arm. Tribal symbol on upper back with the initials S.C. on it.