Dreams will be...SHATTERED
Promotion American Wrestling Federation
Brand(s) Madness
Date Dec 20, 2009
Venue Lucas Oil Stadium
City Indianapolis, Indiana
Pay-per-view chronology
Tournament of Kings Shattered Resolution
Shattered chronology
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Four months after it's inception The American Wrestling Federation is set to Kick off another mile a minute Pay Per View Wrestling Experience. Having set buy rates in such legendary wrestling Countries as Japan and England, The AWF Will be heading up north to that snow bluff called Canada.

With two brand spanking new AWF Tag Team Champions and a roster filled with eager men ready to strike Shattered is already being touted as a turning point in multiple situations around the company. Tommy Bishop has sworn to all who will listen that he is bound to make this the most impressive month so far.. He has also promised that no one will be unhappy with the presents he will be handing out.

Shattered will take place live in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 21, 2009. Tickets go on sale November 29, preorders already have the field half filled for the event. More than 900,000 Pay Per View and Satellite subscribers world wide have already ordered the event.
Tune in yourself to see who's dreams will be shattered and who will reign supreme!

The Glass Ceiling Match

During the course of one's life it often feels as though there is a glass ceiling.  A barrier between us and what we wish to achieve.  A barrier that others often stand atop whilst looking down upon us common folk.  WELL NO MORE!!! December 20, 2009, live from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana four of the fastest rising superstars will scale one of the most menacing structure in wrestling since the Haunted House back in October, in the hopes of being the one to break through that glass ceiling and take the opportunity it will present them with by the balls.

The Glass Ceiling is a 15 foot glass cage, reinforced with solid steel beams, but shelled with 1/2 inch plate glass.  This isn't safety glass people!  Blood will flow as one by one the combatants fight to put each other through the glass, and be the last standing, looking down, on them normal folk.  Don't miss the action packed first ever Glass Ceiling Match, ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW!!!!


  • Blayze & Stone vs. Mike Sventh & Valentine (DQ)
  • Rukkuz def. Drew Stevenson  
  • Ricky Legend def. Boston Murdock
  • Zero def. Nathaniel Crow
  • Adam Majors def. Shingo
  • Brandon & James Taylor def. Alexander Cage & Joeseph Masterson
  • Colin Bale def. Savage
  • Silva vs CTW vs Reynes
  • Double J def.Xavier Wright
  • (Glass Ceiling Match) Winner will receive Universal Title Shot!!

The Flaming Red def. Ripper, Tracy Storm & Bobby Cale

David & Goliath def. Jihad Bakir & King

'The One Man Show' Jack Marshall def. 'Cardiac Animal' Ryan Magnus  

  • AWF World Title Match:

'Trauma' Eddie North def. The Kriminal' Adam Faulkner & GWL

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