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"Stunning" Shane Michaels (born 29 March 1987) is a professional wrestler, currently signed to Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling, where he is in his second reign as the Pure Champion. In addition, he is also a former UECW Tag Team, Omega (2x), Tapout, and World Champion, being the only superstar to hold five different UECW titles. Previously, he was employed for the Super Hardcore Wrestling Federation and Championship Wrestling Federation, but once the companies folded, he took a brief hiatus to improve his skill set before UECW signed him in 2008. He is the longest-running superstar in UECW history, having been active since the company re-opened in 2008. In August 2010, he "betrayed" UECW by siding with the MWF, claiming that he was tired of the disrespect being showed by UECW staff and superstars, although he later said that his siding with MWF was an attempt to bring down Telfor and his crew from the inside.

Early life and career

Michaels was born in 1984 to Vanessa Michaels in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up, Shane was never told of his true parentage, but he still managed to find his way to the wrestling industry after watching WWE during his childhood. He wrestled in local Nashville shows, making $50 per night only a couple of nights per week at the age of 19. As his mother had been cut back to part-time hours at her job, Shane did what he could to help them get by. Soon after, a couple of promoters from the Super Hardcore Wrestling Federation approached him about a possible tryout. In his first match with the company, he defeated Vato Loco, a seasoned veteran, in a Thumbtack Match.

Super Hardcore Wrestling Federation

Michaels took the nickname of "Stunning Shane" in his first professional stint, and began to become one of the fastest rising stars in the business. At the November pay-per-view Caged Carnage, he competed in a triple-tiered cage match with 5 other superstars with the SHWF World and Super Hardcore titles on the line. Despite having World Champion Ravage in a boston crab hold for several minutes, he was unable to grab the World title. However, thanks to interference, Shane won his first major singles title just 2 months into his career when he climbed down the cage with the Super Hardcore Championship. He would continue to hold the belt until the next pay-per-view.

He would continue to feud with Ravage and his stable, The Untouchables, throughout the rest of his run in the company. Just months before the collapse of SHWF, Shane won the SHWF Tag Team Championship with Big Chuy by defeating the Lords of Doom.

Shane would make one more appearance at a one-night-only SHWF reunion event, where he fought Zion to a draw in a scaffold match. When Zion attempted to throw him off the structure, Shane grabbed his long hair and pulled him down as well, sending them through two sets of double-decker tables set up by the Lords of Doom.

Championship Wrestling Federation

Shane then signed with the Championship Wrestling Federation, along with many of the former SHWF stars. The SHWF contingent were known as the Exiles, however Michaels played no part in this storyline. He would reignite the feud with the Untouchables, while also becoming a major contender in the new Cruiserweight division. He would claim the title only once in the few months with the fed. Halfway through his stint, he was paired with Seamus Murphy to form the Stunning Charmers, where he claimed the tag team title. However, like the SHWF, CWF went out of business, and Shane decided to postpone signing with a new company until he could improve his skills.

UECW (2008-present)

Signing; Parentage Revealed

After a long break, Shane Michaels announced that he had signed a 1-year deal with Ultimate Elite Championship Federation (then-Xtreme Wrestling Federation). As the company had just opened, he was placed into a match to decide the first United States Champion, where he lost to Iceman in three separate occasions. After this, he began a small feud with Flex Johnson, and fought him to two wins and a draw. After a couple of months, UECW Owner Mike Nelson approached him and revealed to Shane that he was, in fact, Shane's biological father.

UECW Champion (2008)

In October 2008, UECW Champion Drake DeMarco was fired, thus vacating the title. As a result, Shane was put in matches throughout the next couple of weeks, and his wins earned him a shot at the title against Johnson in a ladder match at the Cursed PPV. After delivering a Stunner from the top of the ladder, Shane claimed his first-ever World Championship. After a rough month of non-title matches, he lost the title in controversial fashion in November in a triple-threat cage match against Alex Storm and Demon, when Storm dove off the cage onto Demon, and remained on top of him, securing the 3-count. Shane would get his rematch at Xtreme Rumble in January 2009, but Iceman returned and attacked Storm, disqualifying Shane. Shane's career remained pretty quiet until the brand extension put him on Friday Night Rampage.

Rampage (2009-2010)

After his assignment to Rampage, Shane's career remained on an up-and-down pace. He feuded with John Tolly, a former World Champion who revealed to Shane that he was his older half-brother, being Vanessa's oldest child. John would continue to torment Shane, and still does from time to time. Shane began to turn his losing ways around, and earned a couple of title shots along the way.

Rampage's Finest

After a show, Women's Champion Jaci Sovereign approached Shane with an offer to form an alliance, in an effort to pursue the UECW Tag Team Championship, held solely by Braydon Tremblay. As the pair began to dominate, they ultimately earned a shot at Braydon and a partner of his choice. But just days before the event, Jaci confessed to Shane that she was only playing him to piss off Mike. Shane yelled at Sovereign and stormed out, although he appeared at the PPV, and the two won the Tag titles, bringing them to Rampage and making Michaels the second UECW Triple Crown Champion. Before the shot, however, Jaci played a part in Shane winning the Omega (then-Genocide) Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere match against Chris Conargo.

Tensions were still hot between the two as romance began to blossom, since Shane no longer fully trusted his partner. But through the help of then-Rampage GM Charles McClarnin, the two reconciled and continued to defend the belts. Along the way, both competitors began to form a relationship and the two ultimately qualified for a Fatal Four Way match for the World Heavyweight Title, which Jaci would win. Since regulations prohibited the possession of three titles, Jaci had to choose. Shane suggested giving up the World Title since they won the Tag belts together, and the Women's Title was her first. He told her that it was already in the books that she was World Champion, so she should give that up. However, she accused Shane of being selfish and ultimately threw down her tag belt, telling him to find another partner. The two rarely teamed after that, as she was injured after defending the World Title against Tolly.

During her injury, Shane teamed with Gavin Saint, forming "The New Era", and they defended the belts throughout 2010. Nightshade and Fargas defeated the duo for the titles, and Shane would lose the Omega title to Roz Blayze, sending him to Havok. His Havok run was short-lived though, as Wednesday Night Fallout made its debut, with Shane being drafted to the show.

Fallout, Betrayal, Returning to UECW (2010)

Shane began improving his career on Fallout, becoming the first Tapout Champion, and thus making him UECW's second Grand Slam Champion. Through his training for the match, he got exclusive training from graduates of the Hart Dungeon, and added a new finisher, the Sharpstunner, to his set. He would lose the belt to Wilson Warren. Lionheart then returned to UECW in June 2010, and the two paired up and formed The Living Legends, as both are members of the UECW Hall of Fame. However, since then, Shane has turned his back on his fellow Hall of Famer, stating that Lionheart had his focus on other people and things.

Shane was revealed to be a member of the Maximum Wrestling Federation, a group led by former enemy Eric Telfor. In his first match as an MWF invader, he lost to Lionheart by disqualification after refusing to stop hitting Lionheart with a steel chair. He lost in the 2010 Mia Memorial to Flex Johnson in a ladder match, and in a 6-man tag match, he, Angelica Layne, and Justin Blue fought the Angels of Destruction to a no contest when Lionheart appeared, causing Shane to break up his own pin on Khaos after hitting the Michaels Bomb.

Shane was then given complete control of Jaci Sovereign's contract after she was awarded the UECW Fallout World Championship. He was set to face Justin Blue on September 1 in a ladder match for the vacant UECW No Limits Championship. However, the MWF superstars were traded to Rampage shortly before the Wednesday night show was discontinued. On September 15, Michaels picked up his first MWF win, defeating World Heavyweight Champion Smithy Wesson in a non-title match. Michaels, Angelica Layne, and Eric Telfor were on the losing end of a 3-on-3 match against Lionheart, Kelly Fury, and Kaden Kessler at Cursed that saw the end of MWF.

After the breakup of Maximum Wrestling Federation, Shane Michaels returned to his old persona, revealing that he had adopted the "Sinister" character as part of a ruse to destroy MWF from within, as he had never liked Telfor, which included acting as a weak link to cause tension among all of the members. At Ramapge on November 19, Michaels defeated former World Heavyweight Champion Smithy Wesson to qualify for a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the vacant UECW World Heavyweight Title at Massacre.

Turnaround; Pure Championship; Centennial Match

2011 started well for Michaels, who carried a hot streak into a World Heavyweight Championship match against Flex Johnson at Xtreme Rumble, which he lost after Vincent Palmer helped Johnson retain the title. Shane would go on to have a reversal of fortune until he captured his first Pure Championship from Jack Savage at the March 7th Havok show and kept it for 3 weeks before losing it to Johnny Cage at X-Rated. He competed in a tournament for the vacant No Limits Championship two months later, losing in the quarterfinals to Kaden Kessler.

Going into Unbreakable 2011, he was set to wrestle his 100th match with UECW against Kelly Fury for the Omega Championship. Although he lost to Fury, she, like the fan base at the venue, gave Michaels a standing ovation to celebrate his achievement. He would continue alternating wins and losses going into Rise of the Underground, where he was set to face Kessler and Cage in a triple-threat match for the Pure Championship. The night before his match, he reunited with Rebecca, the valet who had tried to cause friction between him and Sovereign during their tag team run. At ROTU, after Savage Inc. was shown on the tron assaulting Cage's wife, Cage left the ring minutes after the match started, leaving Shane to hit Kessler with a Michaels Bomb for his second reign as Pure Champion, reclaiming the title after 3 months.

Personal life

Shane Michaels was married to former World Heavyweight Champion and former partner Jaci Sovereign, but the two were divorced in 2010. Shane is the son of UECW Owner Mike Nelson and Vanessa Michaels, and has two step-brothers, John Tolly and Jacob Nelson, as well as a step-sister, Brooklyn Nelson. He lives in a penthouse apartment in downtown Nashville.

In wrestling


  • "Stunning Shane"
  • "Stunning"
  • "The UECW Original"
  • "The Future"
  • "Sinister"
  • "The Face of MWF"

Signature Moves

  • Stunner
  • Michaels Bomb (sit-out gutwrench powerbomb)

Finishing Moves

  • Music City Massacre (Jackhammer)
  • Sharpstunner (Sharpshooter)
  • Saturday Night Ride (Razor's Edge/Last Ride combo; used in SHWF/CWF)

Entrance Themes

  • "Cochise" by Audioslave (2008-2010)
  • "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell (2010–present)


  • Jessica Starr
  • Stormy
  • Trish Stratus
  • Seamus Murphy
  • Maria Vyper
  • Claudia Milasaki
  • Jaci Sovereign
  • Rebecca


Super Hardcore Wrestling Federation

  • SHWF Super Hardcore Championship
  • SHWF Tag Team Championship (w/ Big Chuy)

Championship Wrestling Federation

  • CWF Cruiserweight Championship
  • CWF Tag Team Championship (w/ Seamus Murphy)

Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling

  • UECW World Championship
  • UECW Omega Championship (2 times)
  • UECW Tag Team Championship (w/ Jaci Sovereign)
  • UECW Tapout Championship
  • UECW Pure Championship (2 times; current)
  • Second Triple Crown Champion
  • Second Grand Slam Champion
  • First to win five different titles
  • 2008's Most Improved Wrestler
  • 2009's Tag Team of the Year (w/ Jaci Sovereign)
  • 2009's Match of the Year (UECW Championship Ladder Match vs. Austin Trigg)
  • 2010's Stable of the Year (Maximum Wrestling Federation)
  • 2011's Prospect 2012 Award
  • UECW Hall of Fame Class of 2009