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Terry Alvin Koss (born May 20, 1987), better known as Shaker Jones, is a Canadian professional wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Wrestling Corporation (EWC) And performs on their Friday Night Rampage brand. Shaker is known for his hardcore and brawling style of wrestling.

"The Bollocks" Shaker Jones
Image of "The Bollocks" Shaker Jones
Real name Terry Koss
Ring Names Shaker Jones
Height 6'0"
Weight 238lbs
Date of birth May 20, 1987 (age 34)
Place of birth Russell, Manitoba
Date of death -
Place of death -
Resides Boston, Massachusetts
Billed from Boston, Massachusetts
Trainer "The Gypsy King" Ray Hagar
Hiroki Kanata
Johnny Wright
Extreme Wrestling Corporation
Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF)
World Title Wrestling (WTW)
World Global Wrestling Federation (WGWF)
ERA Wrestling
Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW)
Handled by -
Win/Loss Record -
Debut March, 2009
Retired -

Early life

Shaker grew up as a fan of professional wrestling, he watched the WWF, WCW, ECW, and pretty much any wrestling he could.  His favorite wrestler was Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Shaker went to Major Pratt High school, where he graduated in 2006.  After high school, he started training under Canadian wrestling legend "The Gypsy King" Ray Hagar in Winnipeg, MB.  As soon as Ray thought he was ready, he sent Shaker to Japan to wrestle on excursion, and also to train with Hiroki Kanata. After Japan Shaker went to England to train at the Catch Academy where he was trained by Johnny Wright.


Japan and England (2007-2008)

Shaker was soon noticed by talent scouts and he was sent to wrestle in Japan.  While in Japan he trained under Hiroki Kanata.   It was in Japan that Shaker became interested in Hardcore Wrestling.  He soon found himself fighting against the likes of Ray Little, Sonny Cartwright, and the Hardcore legend himself, Carl Martel.  Cartwright and Jones would fight in many barbed wire and inferno matches.  It was in these fierce bouts that Shaker was dubbed "The Hardcore Hero". 

After Japan, Shaker used his own money to go train in England at The famous Catch Academy where he was trained by British wrestling legend Johnny Wright. He he learned the many submission holds and counters he knows today

It was in Japan that the UWF became interested in Shaker, and he signed soon afterwards.

Universal Wrestling Federation (2009-2012, 2013)


Shaker debuted in the UWF on March 29, 2009.  He wrestled his debut match on Underground against the very unorthodox Vlad Savage.  Shaker was able to win the first match with a roll up.  But then it started going downhill, Shaker was defeated by Vlad and CF Schulze.  Shaker then defeated Savage to go to the Stairway to Heaven Match at Wrestlefest 2009. Although Shaker did not win, the fans took notice of him.

Shaker Jones as UWF X-Treme Champion

X-Treme Champion

Shaker soon put himself in the hunt for the X-treme title.  He has defeated many man such as The Bearded Avenger, Johnny "The Chosen One" and Def Sevenfold.  Shaker was able to win the X-Treme title a record 10 times.  It was through this that management took notice.

Matt McNerney

Shaker then soon caught the eye of then Heritage Champion Matt McNerney,  Shaker had defeated Met Mistro in a match, and the stipulation was that if he beat Mistro, he would be in a Heritage title match.  Chairman Dean James denied this, but after a while ,Shaker soon got in the hunt for the heritage title.  Soon there was a bit of a rivalry between Shaker and McNerney.  It all came to a head during a tag match on Underground that saw Mcnerney pick up the win for his team after shaker had laid out The Met Mistro.  Soon after that Shaker was chosen to captain a team at Saturday Night Revenge in a War Games Elimination Match.  Shaker's team consisted of Matt McNerney, Mike Lindemann, Def Sevenfold, and Jay West.  Shaker's team was not victorious, however, due to the interference of Adam Militia.

Search and Destroy Inc.

Soon shaker found himself aligned with Def Sevenfold.  The two were teamed together in match on underground, and the chemistry clicked.  The two formed a team known as Search and Destroy Inc.  They feuded with the likes of Adam Miltia and Rick O'Shea.  They got their first win as a team, teaming with Bailey Almindo against Nick Hunter, Adam Militia, and Rick O'Shea.  Soon they found themselves in the tag team title hunt.  They had a 3 team ladder match at SummerBash, against Johnny Sanchez and Patrick Poison, and Sean Mendez and Danny Misun.  Although they were unsuccessful, S and D Inc. kept climbing the ladder of success. They did finally win the tag team titles. They lost them a few months later to the New Age Saints (Matt Mcnerney and Tommy Vice). After the defeat, Def Sevenfold left the UWF.

The House of Pain/Heritage Champion

After losing the tag team titles to The New Age Saints, Shaker left the UWF for a while. When he returned he was partnered with Rick O'Shea, and won the tag team titles. They went by the name, The House of Pain. A few days later, Shaker captured the X-Treme title for a record 15th time, by defeating The Bearded Avenger. But lost it soon after. At Revenge III, Shaker won

Shaker's new look in 2010

Shaker as Heritage Champion

a three way match involving Sinn Savage and Rick O'Shea to win his first Heritage Championship. The House of Pain then feuded with the Greatest Tag Team Alive.

At The Ultimate Showdown, The House of Pain defeated The Greatest Tag Team Alive (Johnny O Bom and Jonny Venom) to retain their UWF Tag Team Championships. On the next Underground, The House of Pain teamed with Velvet Love in a win against O Bom, Venom, and Princess Jasmine. On the July 19 edition of Underground The House of Pain was on commentary for a match tag team match between TGTTA and Kaze Urusai and Mr. Gates where they interfered and the match was thrown out. During the fight between the three teams, Shaker Jones hit Rick O'Shea with a Shakermaker. At Seven Deadly Sins, Shaker lost the Heritage Title to Jonny Venom, who won a Hangman's Asylum Match for the Heritage Championship over Jones, O Bom, and O'Shea. At Rock The Vote, Jones was voted into a tournament to determine a new number one contender for the UWF World Championship. His first round opponent will be his tag team partner Rick O'Shea. On Underground Shaker defeated Johnny Venom to retain his Heritage title. On that same Underground Jones and most of the UWF locker room were beat up by four hooded men. The 4 men were identified as The Swarm. The House of Pain then entered into a feud with the Rock N Cock Revolution. On the September 13 edition of Underground, The House of Pain faced their new number one contenders, The Rock And Cock Revolution (Johnny Vodka and Stan Stardust). The match went to a no-contest when The Swarm attacked all four participants. The House of Pain and The Rock N Cock Revolution teamed together to fight them at Clash of The Titans, they beat them by DQ, also at Clash of the Titans Shaker lost a quarter-final match in the Kings of Wrestling tournament to The Bearded Avenger when he was disqualified for hitting him with a chair. Once the feud started with the Revolution, Shaker changed his image. On the October 4 Underground, Vodka and Stardust defeated O'Shea and Jones in a rematch to win the UWF Tag Team Championships. On the October 25th edition of Underground, Shaker went on a quest for the UWF No Limits title, thereby ending the team.

No Limits/Going Solo Again

On the October 25th edition of Underground, Shaker challenged The Bearded Avenger for his UWF No Limits Championship. The Greatest Tag Team Alive accepted on his behalf. At Summerbash, Shaker faced Jamie O'Hara and The Bearded Avenger in a triple threat match for the No Limits Title. Shaker was unsuccessful in winning the No Limits title. After Summerbash Shaker took some time off to deal with some personal issues. He returned on the December 13th edition of Underground to team with Shawn Mendez and a mystery partner to take on The Greatest Tag Team Alive & The Bearded Avenger. Unfortunately this went to a no contest. After the match, GM Mick Harrolds announced that at No Remorse there would be a triple threat match for the Heritage Title between Shaker Jones, Johnny Venom, and a mystery opponent. Shaker lost the 3 -ay match to a returning Daniel Stone. On the Jan 17 edition of Underground, The House of Pain lost to The Rock N Cock Revolution for a chance to be named best team of the year. On February 2nd, Shaker beat Chris Powers to win the X-Treme Title. But he lost the title soon after.

Feud With Anthony Hawk

On March 14, Shaker lost to the debuting Anthony Hawk in the Brawl for it All Qualifying Match to advance on the CrossRoads card. At CrossRoads, Anthony Hawk defeated Shaker Jones to participate in the Triple Threat Match for the Heritage Championship. On the June 20th edition of Underground Shaker Jones defeated Johnny O Bom and Venom in a triple threat match to advance to the Stairway To Heaven match at The Ultimate Showdown.

At The Ultimate Showdown, Shaker competed in his 2nd Stairway to Heaven match and won the match guaranteeing him a match against the world champion anytime within the next year

On the 25th of July edition of Underground, Shaker defeated Anthony Hawk for the first time in their rivalry. Shaker Jones and Jeff Turner were defeated by Anthony Hawk and Chris Power when Power pinned Shaker Jones on the September 1st edition of Underground. At the 7 Deadly Sins pay per view Shaker lost to Anthony by DQ in a match to determine the new number one contender for the Heritage Championship. On the October 17 edition of Underground The reunited House of Pain (Shaker Jones and Rick O'Shea) defeated Anthony Hawk and the UWF heritage Champion Venom. On October 18, Shaker Jones defeated Chris Power to win the UWF X-Treme Title for anthe8th time.

A New Year

In January Shaker's briefcase was stolen by the returning CF Schulze. The next week on Underground, after agreeing to Schulze's demands, the breifcase was returned to Shaker. On the January 20th edition of

Shaker's new look in 2012

Underground, Shaker was defeated in a Beat The Clock match by Boris Neshkabov, after Shaker was distracted by CF Schulze standing on the ramp. On the February 12th edition of Underground Shaker will face Richard Garcia in a Beat The Clock match.

Feud with CF Schulze

On the February 12th edition on Underground, Shaker's case was stolen by Schulze again. Schulze's appearance on the ramp distracted Jones enough for Garcia to roll him up and get the pin. At the New Year's Retribution PPV, Shaker lost to Schulze in a Hardcore match. Shaker then regained possession of the Stairway to Heaven case when Schulze dropped the case on Shaker's chest.

Pursuit of The World Title

On the next Edition of Underground Shaker and Richard Garcia were defeated in a Tag Team match, following a distraction by CF Schulze. During the match Jones was checking on the injured Richard Garcia and was rolled up. Jones was upset and took out his anger on Garcia. He then told Garcia to watch himself as he may cash in his Stairway To Heaven Briefcase on him, f he wins the world title at Cross Roads. Jones cashed in his briefcase at Cross Roads, ut was unsuccessful at winning the title. On the next edition of Underground Jones interfered in the World Title Match. This earned him a spot in the 4 way match for the world title at the Ultimate Showdown. Jones, unfortunately, did not win the match. On the next edition of Underground, Shaker will face off against newcomer Vespertine. On September 6, Shaker defeated current X-Treme Champion Jeff Turner to become the new UWF X-Treme Champion. He lost the title back to Turner the same day. On the September 10th edition of Underground, Shaker lost to new UWF newcomer Vespertine. On October 29 Shaker defeated Jamie O'Hara to win the X-Treme Title.  In December 2012, the UWF went on Hiatus

New Beginning

Early in 2013, The UWF announced it was back from hiatus.  Several UWF Stars got on Twitter to announce the return.  Shaker Jones will be in involved in the 4 man tournament for the UWF World Championship. Shaker will face "The One" Zach Dunn in the first round.  Jones and Dunn, have traded heated words on twitter, in anticipation of their matchup. In 2013 The UWF went on hiatus.

World Title Wrestling (2010)

In early 2010, Shaker joined World Title Wrestling, while also wrestling with the UWF. Shaker won the WTW X-Treme title, but soon had to vacate it, when it was announced that WTW would go on Hiatus.

World Global Wrestling Federation (2013)

In May 2013, Shaker Joined the World Global Wrestling Federation.  Shaker has his first match in the WGWF, with "The Icon" Terry Borden, but came up short.  Shaker was also defeated in his second ever match in the company by The Sentinel.  At the Summer Madness 2013 Pay Per View, Jones defeated The Sentinel in a dark match to get his first win in the WGWF.  On the next edition of Monday Night Brawl, Jones and The Sentinel were defeated by the returning James Raven in a 2 on 1 Handicap match.  Jones left the WGWF fairly soon after

ERA Wrestling (2015)

Shaker's new look in 2015


In 2015 Shaker joined ERA Wrestling. Shaker made his wrestling debut at WrestleMadness, where he defeated Jason Williams. On The May 4th, 2015 Edition on Monday Night Savage, Shaker won his second match which was a triple threat match which also involved Ronnie Styles and Jake Orton. In 2015 ERA wrestling ceased operations.

Elite Answers Wrestling (2017-2020)


After almost a year of inactivity, Shaker joined Elite Answers Wrestling in 2017 where competed on their Dynasty Brand. Jones made his debut on Dynasty as he teamed with JLM in a losing effort to The Knights of The Dawning (Finnegan Wakefield and Kelly Hackenschmidt). On the February 10th, Jones lost his second match to Ross Vegas. After some time off Jones returned May 26th, where he got his first win defeating Eric Steele. On June 2nd, Jones lost a -our way match won by Anthony Leonhart. The next week he lost to Anthony Leonhart. Jones made his EAW Pay Per View debut at Pain For Pride X where he competed for the 24/7 contract, which he lost. During the 2017 EAW draft Jones was drafted to Voltage. His first match on Voltage was a first-round match in the tournament to determine a new EAW Interwire champion, which he lost Harvey Yorke. The next week lost to Cody Marshall. On July 23rd, Finnegan Wakefield defeated Shaker Jones by submission. The next week he lost to Anthony Leonhart. On the August 20th edition of voltage Jones lost a match to Apocalypse. Jones will debut on the NEO brand on September 5th facing The Woogieman. On September 5th Shaker won his debut on NEO by defeating the Woogieman. On the September 10th edition of Voltage Shaker defeated J.D. Damon after piledriving him on the ring apron. At the Pay Per View Ground Zero, Shaker lost to the returning Nathan Fiora. On the October 8th edition of Voltage, Shaker lost to Mongoose McQueen. On the October 15th, episode of Voltage Shaker lost by submission to Carlos Rosso.

Country Strong

On the September 3rd edition of Voltage, Shaker entered the Tag Team Grand Prix tournament with partner Cody Marshall as Country Strong. They lost in their first round match to The Sanitorium (Eclipse Diemos and Alexis Diemos).

Punk Rock Country Boy

On the October 15th episode of Voltage Shaker stated that the 'Hardcore Hero' moniker would go on the shelf for a while. He introduced his new nickname 'The Punk Rock Country Boy. On the October 22nd, episode of Voltage Shaker beat Badru Jamba in less than 5 minutes. In his third pay per view match at Shock Value Shaker was the second person eliminated in a 8 Man Electric Gauntlet match to determine the #1 contender to the EAW New Breed Championship. On Voltage Jones lost a nopn challenge match for the EAW Interwire Championship against Carlos Rosso.

Shaker's new look in 2018.

In 2018 Shaker Jones changed his look. This was a different Jones as he was taller and more muscular. He also started to display some heel tendencies. In 2018 Jones was drafted to Friday Night Dynasty as part of the Shake Up. On his first match in Dynasty Shaker Jones lost to Stark, gaining some respect from Stark after the match. In his next match, he lost to The Pizza Boy. Jones lost his next few matchups.

Big Bhaker Bhampion

Shaker Jones as Big Bhaker Bhampion.

At Reckless Wiring 2018 Jones was selected by the audience to wrestle The Woogieman for the Big Bhris Bhampionship. Jones defeated Woogieman and won his first title in EAW. On the March 8th edition of Dynasty Shaker lost a Gold Rush qualifying match to Darkane. On the next episode of Dynasty Shaker lost a 3 way match. At the EAW Pain for Pride Festival (2018), Shaker lost the Big Bhaker Bhampionship to The Woogieman.

Summer of 2018

On the July 13th edition of Dynasty Shaker lost to Mark Michaels. At EAW: Revolution Shaker lost a Fatal 4-Way match for the number one contender ship to the EAW Answers World Championship. On the August 8th edition of Dynasty Shaker and Ashton Thomas lost a triple threat match to Andy Lush. On the September 7th edition of Dynasty, Shaker beat Mark Michaels. Shaker and Ryan Wilson scored a tag team win. On the October 26th edition of Dynasty Shaker beat Ben Black.

The Score

In October of 2018 Shaker Jones joined up with Ryan Wilson and Jason McKormick to form The Score. On the November 9th edition of Dynasty Shaker defeated former Openweight Champion Kevin Hunter. On the November 16th edition of Dynasty Shaker lost to Donovan Cross. On the November 30th edition of Dynasty The Score, represented by Jason McCormick and Shaker Jones, defeated APOCALYPSE and Lucas Johnson by disqualification. On the January 11th episode of Dynasty Shaker defeated Kevin Hunter. The group then set their sights on the 1%. On the February 15th edition of Dynasty Shaker Jones and Ryan Wilson were defeated in their first effort against the 1% (Theron Nikolas and Mr. DEDEDE). On the March 8th edition of Dynasty Shaker lost to Erebus Jennings. At the Ides of March free-per-view T he Score (Ryan Wilson and Shaker Jones) lost to The Queens Court (Amber Keys & Cleopatra).

Going Solo Again

On the march 22nd edition of Dynasty Shaker defeated Rojo Muerte. Shaker's score teammates came to the ring to congratulate him, but then Ryan Wilson turned on him and Jason McCormick, effectively ending The Score. On the March 29th edition of Dynasty Shaker will face Ryan in a Pure championship number one contender's match. On the March 29th edition of Dynasty Shaker defeated Ryan Wilson to become the number one contender to the EAW Pure Championship. On the April 5th edition of Dynasty Shaker, Donovan Cross and Ms. Extreme lost to the team of Ryan Wilson and The Queens Court (Cleopatra and Amber Keys) in a six-person tag team match. At Grand Rampage 2019 Shaker will face Ms. Extreme for the EAW Pure Championship. At Grand Rampage 2019 Shaker lost to Ms. Extreme. On the April 26th edition of Dynasty Shaker defeated Ronan Malosi. On the May 3rd edition of Dynasty Shaker defeated Kevin Hunter. On May 18th Shaker will be in a five-way match at Gateway To Glory in a Cash In The Vault Qualifying match. Shaker lost the match. Shaker was challenged by and will meet Ryan Wilson in a match at Pain For Pride XII. Shaker lost to Ryan at Pain For Pride XII after a distraction from Sylvain Primeau and Tony ''Brujah'' St-Michel.

Shaker's new look after the draft


During the 2019 EAW Draft, Shaker was drafted to the Showdown brand. In his first match on Showdown, Shaker lost a triple threat match. The next week, he and Io Ishimori lost a tag match to the Mechanical Animals. At Midsummer Massacre Shaker will take part in an 8 man elimination match for a Special Opportunity. Shaker would lose to Shane Gates on the August 24th edition of Showdown. On the September 7th edition of Showdown Shaker got his first victory of the season when him and Ryan Wilson defeated Lance Blackfyre and Santo Muerte in a tag team match.

The Canadian Wolf

In early September debuted a new gimmick that of "The Canadian Wolf". On the September 14th edition of Showdown, Shaker lost to Shane Gates. On the September 28th edition of Showdown Shaker defeated Sonny Saxton and Ray Cole in a triple threat match. On the October 5th edition of Showdown Shaker and Sonny Saxton lost to the team of Heavenly Hell (Constance Blevins & Minerva). On the October 19th edition of Showdown, Shaker lost to Mr. DEDEDE. At Reasonable Doubt, Shaker will face Harlow Richert, Shane Gates, and Ryan Wilson in a Fatal-4-Way Match with the winner becoming the number one contender to the EAW Answers World Championship. Shaker lost the match. On the November 15th edition of Showdown Shaker defeated Petey Asdee.  On the January 4th edition of Showdown Shaker and "Retro" Rico Reeves were defeated by Dray Fontana and Harper Lee. Shaker later defeated Liam O'Sullivan. On the January 18th edition of Showdown, Shaker was handed a proposition to join the Bozo Victims Unit by Chris Elite. On the January 25th edition of Showdown Shaker lost a Pure Championship Open Invitational match to the champion Harlow Reichert.

Bozo Victims Unit

In early January Shaker had been approached by Chris Elite and Ahren Forunier of the Illionaires to join their Bozo Victims Unit group. Shaker was silent for a few weeks and on February 21st on Shaker joined the Bozo Victims Unit. On the February 22nd edition of Showdown Shaker defeated newcomer Tobias Drakkenson. At Reckless Wiring 2020, both Shaker and Chris Elite Showed up to beat down Cage. On Shaker was named as the Head Detective of the Bozo Victims Unit. On March 28th Shaker lost to Bronson Daniels. On April 4th, Shaker lost to EAW Answers World Champion Cameron Ella Ava. On the April 11th episode of Showdown, Shaker got the biggest win of his EAW career when he pinned Mr. DEDEDE in a six-man tag team match with Cameron Ella Ava and Xander Payne and his partner TNT. On April 14th Shaker was given the BVU Award for Wrestler of the Month for April 2020. At Grand Rampage 2020, Shaker was the first person eliminated after coming in at number 4, and quickly being tossed out. On the May 2nd edition of Showdown Shaker lost to the returning Jamie O'Hara. At EAW Odyessey 2020, Shaker lost a Streetfight to Ryan Wilson to end their feud. After the match, Wilson was going to put himself in the main event but Chris Elite used his Gawd contract to get Shaker into the main event. In the main event in a No Way Out match to determine the #1 contender for the EAW Answers World Championship at Pain for Pride, Shaker had quite a good showing and nearly won the match, but was pinned by the winner Jamie O'Hara. On the June 5th edition of Showdown Shaker defeated "The Black Mamba" James Ranger. On the June 19th, episode of Showdown Shaker lost to Alexis Chambers. At Pain For Pride XIII Shaker was eliminated from the 24/7 contract battle royal.

Season 14

Shaker was placed on a leave of absence in July 2020. Later in the year it was reported that Shaker Jones had left EAW.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation (2020-Present)

Shaker's new look in Extreme Wrestling Corporation

In December 2020, Shaker signed with Extreme Wrestling Corporation. He was drafted to their Friday Night Rampage roster. Shaker will make his debut on EWC Gambit where he will face EL GRAN AZUL. Shaker defeated EL GRAN AZUL, and on Friday Night Rampage on Feb 26th, Shaker defeated "The Animal" Samuel Mcpherson. On the April 9th edition of Friday Night Rampage, Shaker will face Melody Malone in his first Rampage Main Event in a BORT B Block match, that is also for the EWC United States Championship.

Shaker Jones is now 2-9 in EWC. He now refers to himself as "The Bollocks"

Shaker's new look in 2021.


  • Shaker Jones is the only wrestler in UWF history to hold 3 titles at the same time (Heritage, Tag Team, and X-Treme)
  • Shaker Jones maintained friendships with many people in the UWF locker room.
  • Shaker's wrestling heroes growing up were "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Terry Funk, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page.
  • In Japan, Shaker wrestled against the likes of The Great Pira, "The Dragon" Eddie Taguchi, Sonny Cartwright, and Carl Martel.
  • Shaker has competed in many dangerous matches in his career such as barbed wire matches, flaming tables matches, and thumbtack matches among others.
  • While wrestling in Japan, Shaker earned the nickname the Hardcore Hero, because of his ability to withstand pain in his many hardcore matches.
  • As The Punk Rock Country Boy, Shaker went for a new look. A jacket with punk, rock, and pop culture patches on it. He quotes famous songs in his promos.
  • Shaker spits Orange Mist. A trick that was passed on to him by Hiroki Kanata.

Notable Feuds

Other Media

Shaker in EAW 2K19

Jones made his video game debut in  EAW 2K18. As part of the NEO DLC Pack, and has since appeared as a playable character in EAW 2K19.



Year Title Role Notes
2017 EAW Network: Homecoming Himself

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • The Bangarang (Lifting Spinning DDT)
    • The Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper (The Phenomenal Forearm)
    • The '87  (Jumping cutter, sometimes used at an elevated position or as a sudden counter to an opponent, with theatrics)
    • Cowabunga (Front Flip piledriver)
    • Mr. Jones's Wild Ride (Top Rope Stunner)
    • Casey Jones (Anaconda Vice)
  • Signature Moves
    • TMNT (The Brutalizer)
    • Shakermaker (fireman's carry cutter)
    • Give 'Em The Boot (Bicycle Kick)
    • The Whipsmash (Clothesline from Hell)
    • Gonzo Bomb (The Last Ride Powerbomb)
    • Fulton Reed (Pop Up European Uppercut)
    • Switchin' To Glide (Diving splash)
    • Sledge-O-Matic (Powerbomb followed by an elbow drop to the groin)
    • Sidewinder (Gutwrench Powerbomb)
    • Supa Dupa Kick (Springboard Kick)
    • Texas Cloverleaf
    • German Suplex
    • Flying Forearm Smash
    • Tidal Wave
    • Dragon Sleeper
    • Handspring Back Elbow
  • With Def Sevenfold
    • Finishing moves
      • Total Elimination (Spinning Leg Sweep (Sevenfold) / Spinning Wheel Kick (Jones) Combination)
    • Signature moves
      • German suplex by Shaker followed by a neckbraker by Sevenfold

With Rick O'Shea

  • Finishing moves
    • Pain City (Missile Dropkick/Powerbomb Combination)
  • Signature moves
    • German suplex by Shaker followed by a neckbraker by O'Shea
  • Catchphrases
    • I am coming, to Search and Destroy
    • Welcome to Pain City, Population...You!!!
    • The Hunt is On!
  • Nicknames
    • "The Man of The Hour"
    • "The Hardcore Hero"
    • "The One Man Riot Squad"
    • "The Punk Rock Country Boy"
    • "The Canadian Wolf"
    • "The Head Detective"
    • "The Punk Rock Rebel"
    • "The Bollocks"
  • Entrance Music
    • Search and Destroy by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Butch Vig Mix) by The House of Pain
    • Kick Out The Jams (Live) by Blue Öyster Cult
    • Make Some Noise (Tropic Thunder Intro) - Beastie Boys
    • It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC
    • Mama Said Knock You Out by Street Sweeper Social Club
    • Funk 50 by Joe Walsh
    • Alive and Amplified by The Mooney Suzuki
    • Timebomb (Train, Train Intro) by Blackfoot and Rancid
    • I Love It Loud by Kiss
    • I Love It Loud (Wolf Howl Intro) by Kiss
    • Rudie Can't Fail by The Clash (EWC)
    • Locked and Loaded by Jackyl (EWC)

Championships and Accomplishments

World Title Wrestling

  • WTW X-Treme Champion

Universal Wrestling Federation

Elite Answers Wrestling

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