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[[Image:|px|Image of Sevrena]]
Real name unknown
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Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs.
Date of birth September 11th, 1983
Place of birth New York, NY
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Fearless Championship Wrestling
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Debut 2006
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Sevrena (August 11th, 1983) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling in FcW and is the FCW Women's World Champion. She is currently in a relationship with Deamon Cohln and is also a member of The Coalition. She primarily wrestles against men due to her extreme hatred of women.


Hardcore Wrestling Association

Sevrena originally came to HWA after being referred by an unknown source (rumored to be Lenny Kreyshawn). She was immediately hit on by Lenny Kreyshawn backstage, but She spurned him off, instead, seeming to latch onto Deamon Cohln. She then became a singles wrestler winning many matches before getting a shot the HWA National Title, the only problem was it was against Deamon COhln. She beat him and became the new National Champion. Later, she and Deamon teamed up to defeat the teams of John Cena/Rose and the Badd Boys to win her first and only HWA Tag Team Championship. Later, the fed seemed to cease to exist, still she remains the National and Tag Champion.

Revolutionary Championship Wrestling

Deamon then brought his group into Jeff Vicious's RCW. They quickly dominated the scene with Deamon winning the World Championship and Sevrena quickly defeating Corey Bayne for the RCW Revolutionary Championship. She kept the title until RCW Stars and Stripes where she lost it to Rooster in a Battle Royal. RCW shut down soon after.

Fearless Championship Wrestling

Sevrena, along with many other RCW wrestlers, moved onto a fed called Fearless Championship Wrestling. she became a part of Deamon COhln's stable of students called The Syndicate. She quickly became one of the top dogs on the roster by winnign a Battle Royal for the FcW Television Championship. She later lost it to Colt 45. Recently at FcW Dearly Departed She won the FcW World Women's Championship and is currently still reigning champion.

Title History


  • HWA National Championship
  • HWA Tag Team Championship w/ Deamon Cohln


  • RCW Revolutionary Championship



  • Finishers
    • Sevrena Star Press
      • Shooting star press from the top rope



  • The Second Trifecta w/ Deamon Cohln & Daniel Cash Kennedy


  • The Syndicate w/ Hayden Cain, Deamon Cohln and Kindred
  • The Coalition w/ John Cavanagh, Drake Styles, Orion, Caz Armour, Terry Williams & Nikki Law

Theme Music

  • "Bring Me To Life" Evenesance