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Sean Reigns
Real Name Sean Kennedy Reigns
Ring NamesBrandon Reid
Sean Reigns
NicknamesThe Prodigy
Billed height6 ft 3 in
Billed weight242 lbs
BornJuly 7, 1980
HometownToronto, Canada
Character Reps.Randy Orton
Chris Sabin

Sean Kennedy Reigns (born July 7, 1980) is a Canadian professional wrestler who is currently on out of action due to a severe back injury.


Sean is a 2nd generation superstar wrestling out of Toronto, Canada. His father, Bartholomew "Bart" Reigns dominated the Canadian independent circuit winning numerous titles. Although Bart was a big name on the independent scene, he was never given an opportunity with a big name promotion due to his lack of size. Bart showed Sean the ways of wrestling as a young boy but always tried to steer him away from the business. Not only was Bart a successful wrestler, but also a brilliant business man. When Bart realized his wrestling career wasn't going to take off, he went back to school at the age of 25 and graduated from the University of Toronto with more business degrees then the Toronto Maple Leafs have Cups. Bartholomew started up Reigns Incorporated, a Canadian business firm that would leave his mark in Canadian history forever. Reigns Inc. dominated the Toronto business sector from the mid 1960's to late '90s, but after Bart's sudden passing in 2001 the company fell apart and closed its doors for good in 2002. Sean, distraught from his fathers passing and his inability to carry on the family business, dropped out of school, quit his job and turned to the world of wrestling to find guidance in life and try to make his father proud. Sean began wrestling in late 2003 at the age of 23. He wrestled in the local independent circuits for roughly 2 years before being offered a contract with the FWA, Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Sean signed on the dotted line and hoped to start a legacy of his own. Wrestling under the name "The Prodigy" Brandon Reid, Sean's career took off and the rest was history.

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

Sean's path began back in the early days of Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Sean was wrestling under the name "The Prodigy" Brandon Reid. Sean started out as a singles competitor and slowly rose to stardom in the tag team division. Although loosing his first singles match, Sean rebounded to win his next 2 singles matches before teaming up with 2 long time friends, T.I.S. and Iron Mike, forming an alliance by the name of "Prime Objective." The three dominated the FWA Tag Team divsion and were finally rewarded with a title shot. Prime Objective went up against the top tag team in FWA at the time, Empire X (Sean Moore & Anthony Jackson). Prime Objective and Empire X met at the October PPV, Betrayal. The match was one for the ages as the upper hand bounced back and forth throughout the match. Finally T.I.S. was able to hit the Death Drop on Sean Moore and cover him for the 3 count and capture the FWA Tag Team gold. After successfully defending the tag team titles on 2 seperate occassions, Prime Objective finally lost the titles in a rematch with Empire X, which resulted in Sean leaving the ring in a rage and was never to be seen again in an FWA ring. Rumour has it that Sean was infact released from FWA due to a positive test for HGH steroids. However, to this day Sean has denied the claims.

Legends of Wrestling

Still wrestling under the name "The Prodigy",Sean didnt know what to expect when he first signed on with LOW but as the weeks rolled on and his win columned dramatically increasing, Sean had realized that he was a threat to everyone in the back. Sean started off at an amazing 4-0 before teaming up with fellow superstar Montel Vontanious Porter. The two formed "The New Revolution" and reeked havoc in the LOW Tag Team divsion. In a mere 3 weeks after joining forces, TNR successfully won the gold in a 5 way tag team title match. TNR went on to hold the gold for 2 more months before Sean was brutally assaulted by Mr. Kennedy and put out of action. With Sean gone, MVP was forced to defend the titles on his own. MVP went up against The Rock & Wolf at the december PPV, Winter Wasteland. MVP put up a hell of a fight but the numbers game came into play and MVP was defeated. With Sean's injury and MVP wanting to compete in the singles divsion, TNR collapsed. TNR was argueably one of the most dominant Tag Teams in Legends of Wrestling History.

Fanatics Wrestling Federation

When Fanatics Wrestling Federation came knocking and wanted Sean to return to the ring, Sean accepted in a heartbeat and decided that FWF would bring a fresh start to his wrestling career. With that fresh start came a fresh, familiar name. Sean began wrestling in FWF under his real name, Sean Reigns. Although competing in only 3 matches, Sean made a solid impact. In his debut he joined side with two other men to compete for a title shot against the Shockwave Champion (the winning team woudl face off in a triple threat match for the Shockwave title). His team won easily and later went on to fight for the gold. Sean shocked the world when in only his third match in FWF, he won the Shockwave Gold defeating 2 other men. But after the hostoric victory, FWF announced that they were closing there doors for good as the Owner and GM of the company had decided to leave the wrestling business and pursue other buisness ventures.

Full Throttle Wrestling

With FWF in the books and Sean looking for work, Sean signed on with Full Throttle Wrestling in hopes of pursuing his career and continuing his legacy. Sean won his debut match against one of the top stars in the company, Ravi Moon. After defeating Ravi Moon, Sean went on a cold streak losing 2 of his next 3 matches. But Sean, being the fighter he is rebounded with 3 straight victories. On the verge of a February PPV, Sean won himself a #1 contenders spot for the Paramount title but sadly, Sean was in a serious motorcycle accident which brought back his nagging back problems. Sean Forfeited the #1 Contenders spot and was later released from the company when he revealed that he would not be returning.

Personal Life

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Sean is a huge hockey fan and avid fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. In an interview with Pro Wrestling Magazine, Sean stated that whether he's at home or on the road, he's always following his beloved Leafs. Sean began wrestling at the age of 23, hoping to one day build a legacy that would make his father proud. Dean "Deano" Snider, was a close friend of Sean's father. Dean helped Bart train to become a professional wrestling and when Sean wanted to learn the ways of the ring, Sean turned to his fathers long time friend. Deano taught Sean everything he needed to know about wrestling. He told him times would be tough, but when he makes it big, it will all be worth it. Sean trained with Dean for a year or so before signing on with FWA. Sean has tattoos on both forearms and a tattoo going across his back. He has also stated that he is a big fan of motorcycles and rides whenever he has the chance. Sean also started up his own clothing line, shortly after his disappearance from the wrestling ring, by the name of "Prodigy Clothing." The company produces t-shirts, hats and sweaters for wrestling and MMA fans. The current where abouts of Sean Reigns is unknown. It is said that his estate is located somewhere off the coast of Long Beach, California. No one really knows what Mr. Reigns is doing to pass time these days. However, Sean has been seen numerous times training with UFC fighter Georges St. Pierre in Georges' Montreal Gym. Could a wrestling comeback be on the horizion? Or is Sean thinking of expanding his talents into the world of Mixed Martial Arts? As of right now, the answer to both questions are uncertain.

In Wrestling

  • Finishers
  • Mercy Drive (Diamond Cutter)
  • The Transplant (Rock Bottom)
  • Signature Moves
  • Running STO
  • Superman Punch
  • Leap of Faith
  • Dropkick
  • Side Effect
  • Overkill (Inverted Backbreaker)
  • Sharpshooter
  • Inverted DDT
  • Running knee to the head
  • Edgecution
  • European Uppercut
  • Jumping knee drop
  • Wrestling Themes
  • "Rise From The Ashes" by Quietdrive
  • "Error Operator" by Taking Back Sunday (Current)
  • "My Hero by The Foo Fighters

Championships & Accomplishments

  • Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
  • World Tag Team Champion w. Prime Objective (1x)
  • Legends of Wrestling
  • LOW Tag Team Champion w. MVP (1x)
  • Fanatics Wrestling Federation
  • Shockwave Champion (1x)

Factions/Tag Teams

  • Legends of Wrestling
  • The New Revolution w. MVP
  • Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
  • Prime Objective w. T.I.S. & Iron Mike