Scott Diamond
Scott Diamond at an event for the EAW 2K12
video game.
Birth name Scott Joseph Diamond
Born January 26, 1984 (age 33)
Huntington, New York, U.S.
Resides Huntington, New York, U.S.
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Scott Diamond
Billed height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Billed weight 265 lbs (120.2 kg; 18.9 st)
Billed from Long Island, New York
Trained by Notorious Xtreme
Simply Edgehead
Bloo Voodoo King
Debut November 2009

Scott Joseph Diamond (born January 26, 1984) is a semi-retired American professional wrestler, director and screenwriter. He is best known for his work in Elite Answers Wrestling where he holds numerous accomplishments including being a former Answers World Champion.

Starting his career in small independent federations in the latter half of 2009, he quickly gained notoriety and by the following Spring he had become one of the most recognizable independent wrestlers in the world, most notably for his work in the U.K. based promotion Really eXtreme Wrestling. In addition to that he also held many other championships across many promotions in the U.K. and North America. In November 2010 he signed a deal with EAW during what was described by many as a youth movement for the company. In a six month period starting in the late Summer of 2010, he along with the likes of Devan Dubian, Dark Demon, Kawajai, and The Prince of Phenomenal would join EAW and shape the company for years to come.

Though very accomplished and generally well respected by his peers, his career has not been without some controversy. Most notably a major backstage argument with Dark Demon in February of 2014 that has led Diamond to have a pretty strained relationship with the company in more recent years. Although the exact details of the argument are only known by a select few, he's described the situation publicly as, "Being disrespected by the most disrespectful man in the world". As a result of this strained relationship he's become notorious for his "short burst" stints where he rejoins EAW for a couple of months, usually during the Summer which plays host to EAW's marquee events and then leaving shortly afterwards. When asked why he does this in an interview with TMZ in 2016, he answered in kayfabe stating, "I do what I want, when I want to. And no one dares question me because if they do, they'll be on the floor." However, backstage the brief stints have become somewhat of a light-hearted running gag. With fellow elitist Y2Impact once saying that people take bets on when he'll return and when he'll leave. Then going on to say, "It really makes up for the Pain For Pride bonuses if they're not what they're supposed to be. So thanks Scott, hopefully I'll be seeing you in April, and then hopefully not in September".

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